NO.1 F4 Review: fitness tracker with OLED display

DTNo.1 F4 Smart band

In review today we are going to try an interesting wearable produced by the now well-known company NO.1. We are talking about NO.1 F4, a fitness tracker, cheap but equipped with a OLED display and some interesting features. Let's find out all the details together!

DTNo.1 F4 Smart band

Review NO.1 F4


Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • NO.1 F4;
  • charging cable;
  • manuals in English.


The technical specifications of the NO.1 F4 provide a multitude of sensors, really many to be a smart band. We start from the most obvious, or the pedometer, the detector of the heartbeat and blood pressure, to which are added a UV sensor, the possibility of measuring the blood oxygen rate, thealtimeter and finally the barometer.

Added to these are all the classic software options, including auto-wakeup, sedentary lifestyle control, various fitness tracking options based on the physical activity performed, notifications from the app, calories, stopwatch, alarm clock, sleep control and the ability to control it remote shooting of the camera smartphone. All this is based on hardware with 16 KB of RAM and 256 KB of ROM, a Nordic NRF51822 chipset updated to the standard Bluetooth 4.0 LE and a battery with a capacity of 130 mAh. The sensors, on the other hand, are guaranteed by the MC3413-P chipset, while the cardiac sensor is the BD1668.

Construction and design

The construction of the NO.1 F4 fully remembers several wearables and smart bands already seen in the past, with a 46.2 x 22 x 11.3 mm center body, a weight of 24 g and the detachable strap from 22.2 cm. At the front we find the display OLED da 1 inch which, however, under the sun è practically invisible, resulting correctly usable only in indoor use. At the bottom we have the touch button. With this we can interact between the numerous menus of the band through a short press or a long press.

La shell it's entirely in plastic, while the strap It is completely realized TPU, resulting therefore comfortable and soft to wear without experiencing the slightest discomfort. In the back we find the two pins for charging via the appropriate connector supplied and the heart sensor. There are no keys, doors or other on the left and right profiles.

La construction è solid and even after several falls I have not encountered any problems or damage to the frame. And thanks to certification IP68 also waterproof test hanno dato positive outcomes. However, under moderate jets of water such as in the shower, the touch button goes crazy, starting random measurements or scrolling through the various menus.

Operation, software and sensors

On the software front, the device has a proprietary system which allows good control - with the due limits - of all the main features and options without having to resort to the smartphone. The whole is decidedly more immediate by operating from the OLED display instead of the app.

As already anticipated, there is only one soft-touch button at the bottom of the display: with one rapid pressure we're going to do the action of "Click", with a pressure of 2 seconds we can enter and exit the menuswhile at least 5 seconds we can indietro torture to the homepage.

There are almost all the options and items that you will then find in the mobile application and you can easily start a heart rate measurement with a couple of presses on the wearable. It should be noted that you can also choose one watchfaces between 7 available.

The sore point is the app, which works really badly since it is not possible to start measuring the heart rate from the phone. In addition, I have often encountered crashes or interruptions in the fitness tracking activities with the GPS, which led me to almost total loss of all session data. For the rest, however, we find almost everything that can be controlled from the device.

Two words also for the quality and accuracy of the data measured by the sensors installed. P.cut the beat and blood pressure detector, while I was not able to verify the data relating to blood oxygenation. Steps slightly overestimated, which exceed those measured by the Mi Band by an average of 10%. Good, but not too much,altimeter and barometer, easily influenced by body temperature.

On the autonomy front, however, I must say that with the active notifications on Gmail and Twitter, about 15 / 20 notifications per day, I arrived at exceed 10 days of autonomy with poco more than half charged. A really interesting value, given the presence of the OLED display, which seems to really consume poco even when active. All this was seasoned with about 2/3 daily heart rate measurements.

NO.1 F4 Review - Conclusions

This NO.1 F4 convinced me, as it offers many interesting functions and data, easily obtainable directly from the device without using the smartphone. Excellent construction, just as much excellent autonomy, which really amazed me. The data collected is fairly accurate, especially the heartbeat, while I didn't like the mobile app, still unripe and full of bugs, given the problems encountered. Overall they are anyway more than satisfied of the product and if the company were to release some new updates for the app, solving the current problems, the NO.1 F4 could become one of the best alternatives to Xiaomi's Mi Band 2.

Il NO.1 F4 is available on Gearbest at a price of approx 15,30 €.

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