Review EasyAcc PB10000PT: super compact powerbank from 10000 mAh!

EasyAcc PB10000PT 10000mAh

Even if smartphone makers, especially the oriental ones, are increasingly increasing the capacities of the batteries inserted in the new devices, unfortunately still today it often happens to have to do a recharge on the fly in the late afternoon, but you do not always have an outlet of current. EasyAcc offers us the EasyAcc PB10000PT, a really compact powerbank, as big as a smartphone from 5 about inches, but with a declared capacity of about 10000mAh and fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0.

La EasyAcc PB10000PT is available a 24.99 € su The Amazon. Using the discount code GETONE57 you can save money 5 €.

Review | EasyAcc PB10000PT: super compact powerbank from 10000mAh!

Packaging, specifications and accessories

The sales package is really a lot simple and is made of recycled cardboard, on which we find the main technical characteristics of the product. Inside there are no accessories, except the USB-microUSB cable for charging the powerbank.

EasyAcc PB10000PT 10000mAh

The declared capacity of the installed battery is of 10000 mAh and is enclosed in a plastic shell of the size of 132 × 64.5 × 13.8mm, for a weight of approx 185 grams.

There is only one full-size USB port characterized by a protection system against current overloads, short circuits, overheating and technology Quick Charge 3.0, thus making it able to deliver 2 A to 5 / 9 Volt A 1.5 12 volt, while the micro USB input port boasts a maximum input of A 2 Volt. Finally, one is not missing small double LED flashlight in the front.

Construction and design

As anticipated, to be one powerbank from 10000mAh It is really compact but above all paperback, since it is comparable to a slightly squat 5 inch smartphone. The shell is entirely made of rigid black plastic good quality, which makes it quite resistant to falls and scratches, as well as making it very solid and well made.

On the front profile we find the door Micro USB for charging and that Full-size USB, while on the lower and left profile we do not find keys or doors. Only on the right is the power button, which, if pressed twice, will allow us to turn on the flashlight.

In the front part then, we find, at the bottom, the logo EasyAcc and, above, i four white LEDs indicating the state of charge of the EasyAcc PB10000PT. On the back panel, on the other hand, there are some writings with data on the input and output of the powerbank.

Charging capacity and Quick Charge

Given the size, I immediately thought that the actual capacity was lower, which is why I went to measure in charge the absorbed mAh, which arrived beyond the 9500mAh. Now, estimating that a 10 / 15% will be lost when charging a device for thermal dissipation or simply converting to 9 or 12 Volt for 3.0 Quick Charge, we find ourselves anyway in front of a 8500 / 9000mAh battery, more than enough to load 2 or 3 times today's smartphones.

EasyAcc PB10000PT 10000mAh

Using a device equipped with technology Quick Charge 3.0, we immediately notice the excellent charging times, fully aligned with those declared by Qualcomm, given that in poco more than 30 minutes the battery of the device has recharged almost until 45% despite the capacity next to 3000 mAh.

Excellent and well functioning, therefore, the fast recharge, which however does not allow to recharge the powerbank itself, for which they will be necessary poco more than six hours with a 5 Volt and 2A charger.


The powerbank EasyAcc PB10000PT convinced me fully, both for the construction, for the actual charging capacity, in addition to the implementation of the technology Quick Charge 3.0. I recommend it to those looking for a compact powerbank with an ergonomic and pocket-sized form factor, combined with good capacity and fast charging.

La EasyAcc PB10000PT is available a 24.99 € su The Amazon. Using the discount code GETONE57 you can save money 5 €.

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