AmazFit BIP Review with ROM in Italian: the best buy of Chinese smartwatches

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Xiaomi is now one of the world leaders in the creation of gadgets and technological devices with dizzying sales in China and growing in the rest of the world. One of the products that has most convinced in recent months both in terms of sales and appreciation is certainly the Xiaomi AmazFit BIP, the smartband made by Huami (the same manufacturer of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and dell 'AmazFit Peace.

Today we offer our opinions on the device of which we have recently proposed a guide for the installation of the Italian language developed by the team of GizROM and eddi developer.

No more talk and let's start with the review!

AmazFit BIP Review with ROM in Italian: the perfect evolution of the 2 Mi Band

Packaging and accessories

L'AmazFit BIP arrives in a cardboard box inside which we find:

  • the device;
  • a charging base with magnetic pins and a built-in micro USB cable;
  • an instruction manual in Chinese.

Design and materials

L'AmazFit BIP looks like a small square smartwatch with hardware and software solutions halfway between the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 el 'AmazFit Peace.

The dimensions of the smartwatch are of 195 x 35 x 8 mm for a total weight of approx 38 grams. The shell is made of polycarbonate while the strap in silicone da 22 mm with a quick release system which, in our tests, did not cause allergies and annoyances during the approx 2 months of use.


The color touchscreen display is located on the front profile 1.28 inches of diagonal with curl 2.5D, resolution 176 176 pixels x and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (during our test we detected some micro scratches due to daily use). The panel uses the technology transflective that, as already seen onAmazFit Peace, allows you to take advantage of the sunlight to improve the viewing of the reproduced contents. In this sense, when the smartwatch is placed directly under the sunlight, visibility is optimal while in the twilight areas, at sunset or totally in the dark, it is necessary to use the backlight activated via wrist rotation or pressure ofonly physical button placed on the right perimeter profile of the device.

I really appreciated this type of display that works always-on as it allows you to save a lot of battery during the day without having to resort to backlighting while offering a user experience that is certainly functional.

Hardware & Connectivity

L'AmazFit BIP it is characterized by certification IP68 which allows you to use the smartwatch in water (gentle) and resist dust. The BIP  It is equipped with the chip GPS e GLONASS a 28 nm produced by Sony which allows you to take advantage of all the fitness features independently without the aid, in these circumstances, of the smartphone. Do not miss the accelerometer, a geomagnetic sensor, the compass, the gyroscope and the barometer.

The connection to the smartwatch is done via the protocol Bluetooth 4.0 and it is very stable and functional both in the reception of notifications and in the maximum communication distance between the device and the smartphone.

Software - Device Functionality

Il BIP is a smartwatch that winks a lot to fitness thanks to the dedicated features accessible directly from the system interface. To move within the menus you must first unlock the device via the power button and then swipe down to display notifications and a swipe lateral left and right to select the various features. With a swipe, on the other hand, you can activate the mode "Do not disturb". To return to the previous menu, however, a swipe to the left will suffice.

The main menus shown in the operating system are:

  • State: a summary of the counted steps, of the kilometers traveled, of the calories burned, of the hours of sedentariness and the real-time measurement of the heartbeat through heart rate monitor placed on the back of the device;
  • Activities: through this entry it is possible to access the section related to fitness activities traceable through the BIP. We are obviously talking about the Race, the Walking, the Race on the carpet and the activities on the bike. All these features offer a "path" of the route at the end of the training. There is a register that shows the exercise sessions carried out with a relative summary of the collected data. Finally, it is possible to set and modify some parameters using the Settings item;
  • weather: by default this feature does not work at its best but thanks to the work of our team and to the application Fit me modified ad hoc you can view the weather forecasts for the Italian locations. Find more info in the thread of our forum below;
  • Wake: from this menu it is possible to activate or deactivate the alarms previously set by Mi Fit;
  • stopwatch: this feature allows, of course, to set the stopwatch or a timer;
  • Settings: this menu allows you to change the watchfaces (currently available only 10), set the command to be performed with the long press of the power button, the brightness of the backlight, view the system info and turn off the device.

Software Functionality - Mi Fit

L'AmazFit BIP it interfaces with the smartphone, as already mentioned, thanks to the application We Fit developed by Xiaomi which allows you to adjust and modify the parameters of use of the device. In particular, it is possible to set:

  • Alarm clocks: with this function it is impossible to set weekly or daily alarms;
  • Notifications: BIP such as Mi Band 2 or Peace allows you to receive notifications by showing their contents on the display. It is therefore possible to choose, with a system permission, which application can send notifications to the device. In this regard, we point out that in messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram the BIP will only show the first received in a conversation. If the application reports more messages these will be grouped in a generic wording "The XX app received 2 messages in 2 applications etc.".
  • Receiving calls: you can notify calls in receipts and answer (obviously not in voice since the microphone is missing);
  • Receiving SMS: you can receive notification of the arrival of the SMS;
  • Goal steps: it is possible to set a goal minimum steps to reach during the day;
  • Sleep monitoring and steps: how on We Band, also the BIP It allows you to monitor the steps (with 80 / 85% reliability) and the kilometers traveled during the day as well as sleep if left on your wrist during the night. The summary of the data obtained is very intuitive and well done.
  • Information to display: with this item you can choose what to display in the interface of BIP  allowing you to remove unused items


L'AmazFit BIP It is characterized by a battery from 190 mAh that combined with the particular display allows a very convincing autonomy. Using the smartwatch with notifications active only during the day, even if you switch it off in the evening you can also get it 25/ 30 days of continuous use (and even more) with a single charge. The estimate drops to 15/20 days with uninterrupted use day e notte. Taking advantage of all the fitness features, the heart rate monitor and therefore using at best all that the terminal has to offer the autonomy falls to 7/10 days which are in any case a result of the first of the class in its price range. Autonomy absolutely promoted!

Conclusions & Price

Il BIP It is available at a variable price between 45 and 55 € su GearBest (follow ours channels e group Telegram to pay less). In this placement, the device inherits the good to see from Pebble (as a conception of the display and autonomy) with the plus of the rich and functional software offered by Xiaomi through the applications We Fit downloadable from Google Play Store. Thanks to our dev dev GizROM Team the Italian language is not a problem and with a simple guide it is possible to install and update it easily. The product is definitely a best-buy in its segment and we advise you without too much hesitation the purchase!

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