Meizu: Li Nan unveils future plans for the Blue Charm division

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In a recent interview released a DGtle, known Chinese technology web portal, Li Nan, vice president of Meizu, reveals future plans for the division Blue Charm.

Meizu: Li Nan unveils future plans for the Blue Charm division

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Meizu, through his spin off Blue Charm, Has da poco launched the new Meizu M6 Notes. Many have wondered how things will evolve now that the division has actually become operational. Fortunately, the answer was not long in coming. Li Nan, president of Blue Charm and engaged in the brand development and in sales direction and marketing, gave an interview to the portal DGtle in which he illustrated the future projects related to his division.

Meizu: Li Nan announces four new series for Blue Charm

According to the statement, four series of devices will be introduced, each with its specific characteristics:

  • Series Blue Charm X it will represent the high end and will include all future ones flagship of the Chinese company;
  • Blue Charm Einstead, it will be dedicated to the medium range and will have a youth target, with a price around 1000 yuan, about a quarter 128 €. The Meizu E2 falls, for example, in this category.
  • Blue Charm Note, will be the main line of the company, with a price that is around the 1000 yuan (About 128 € at the current exchange rate);
  • finally, the series Blue Charm Mini will include all other phones Meizu, like the series U or M; these will be devices with a display from 5 inches or at most from 5.2 inches.

In short, we are faced with a well-defined program and a clear vision. As for the hardware features of the series X, given the implementation of a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 aboard the newcomer, it is likely that the future high-end division will adopt chipsets Snapdragon 660 or even the next one 670.

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