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Bluboo S1

A poco less than a year of the surprising launch of the Xiaomi Mi MIX, the panorama of the "clones" of this smartphone is getting more and more crowded, filling price ranges in which only a few months ago it was really difficult to find phones of this type. We have, in fact, many phones below the 200 € and some that are even below the 100. In the first of these two bands we also find the new one Bluboo S1. Let's see how he behaved in our trial.

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The sales box of this Bluboo S1 it's that of great occasions, at least apparently. In fact, we are faced with a particularly large sales box in black with golden and silver lettering. Internally though, we find some accessories like one silicone cover (of not excellent quality) and one Tempered glass film but they lack, for example, headphones. In particular:

  • Bluboo S1;
  • silicone cover;
  • charger with European socket from 5V / 2A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • pin for the extraction of the dual SIM / micro SD slot;
  • USB Type-C cable / mini-jack from 3,5 mm;
  • quick manuals (even in a rather bizarre Italian), guarantee and message from the CEO of Bluboo.

Bluboo S1

Design and construction quality

On the contrary, for example, of the Dogee Mix, which we had been able to praise in terms of constructive quality, with this Bluboo the choice of is obvious less valuable materials. The phone is made with a shell in material plastic and also the back and front part return one feed very plastic, causing doubts about the presence of glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4 announced by the company, as well as theoleofobicità it's not particularly exciting. The phone is also thicker than reported, with claimed dimensions of 148,6 x 74,3 x 7,9 mm (although the phone looks decidedly thicker than the Doogee Mix which is often 8 mm), while the weight is of 175 grams.

Bluboo S1

Among the positive notes we can certainly put the fact that the posterior photographic sector, with dual chamber, both in this case flush with the body (or rather, feel the touch of the edge of the board, but the phone rests on the floors without creating any leap) and present a dual LED dual tone flash, as well as the implementation of a USB Type-C connector. Instead, the exit is missing mini-jack from 3,5 mm. Also in this case the Notification LED.

Bluboo S1

At the front we find the borderless display, which however has frames not properly contained, with the upper side slightly thicker due to the presence of the ear capsule. On the other hand, we find a non-clickable physical key with fingerprint reader integrated, not always fast and, above all, not too precise. While giving the ability to not insert buttons on the screen, however, this button Home it can be used to integrate only the function of the key back (with a single pressure) as well as the classic one to return to the main screen. You will then need to use the on-screen keys to access the multitasking. Still on the front, at the bottom right, we find the front camera.


Il implemented in this Bluboo it's a IPS da 5.5 inches and with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. There brightness è good and, in principle, the panel does not disappoint, even under direct sunlight, naturally not presenting the deep blacks of an AMOLED but resulting overall more than discrete. Much less interesting, however, the touch screen, which sometimes seems a bit slow, probably also because of the "plastic" sensation of the display. Present the classic settings Miravision of MediaTek, with 3 image profiles with which to calibrate contrast, saturation, sharpness and color temperatures, in addition to being able to activate the Dynamic Contrast options and Blue light filter.

Bluboo S1


A bit like most of these "clones" We MIX, this also Bluboo mounts a SoC MediaTek Helio P25, a decacore with Cortex-A53 and with clock speeds up to 2,39 GHz. The GPU is an ARM Mali-T880 MP2 da 900 MHz, able to run all the titles, even if heated strongly on the back.

Side memories we have 4 GB di LPDDR4X RAM dual channel, an excellent solution that, however, does not reach the performance of similar memories of more famous brands. Internal storage is from 64 GB, expandable through micro SD. In spite of a technical record, however, of a reasonable level, however, I have sometimes experimented with some slowdowns and all applications of Benchmarking or heavier games are crashati at the first start, even if they then worked without problems.


Il photo gallery of this Bluboo S1 see one dual rear camera with sensor from 13 mega-pixel SONY IMX135 (interpolated a 16 mega-pixels) with opening f / 2.0 and with second sensor from 3 mega-pixels. Present a dual flash dual-tone LED flash. Photos taken with this phone they do not shine absolutely, being sufficient only with good light conditions and in the macro but have photographic noise even in situations of more than decent brightness. It goes without saying that, in low light conditions, the shots become totally insufficient, although the flash works discreetly. The second sensorinstead, it is absolutely useless, so much so that even the effect bokeh, of absolutely quality insufficient, is clearly given by a software effect that blurs (badly and indistinctly) everything that is not at the center of the image.

It is absolutely not better for i video, with maximum resolution from 1080p a 30 fps, noisy, jerky and not at all stabilized. The front camera, with sensor GalaxyCore GC5025 da 5 mega-pixels interpolated a 8 mega-pixels, does not allow qualitatively better shots, resulting particularly insufficient in low light conditions. Also in this case it will be necessary to rotate the phone to take pictures (as suggested by the application too.

Audio quality

As well as for the other "clones" of We MIX, on this smartphone we find one headset capsule of type traditional, reason why the upper edge is slightly thicker than the sides. THE'audio in capsule, though not very high, is sufficient and even the microphones turn out to be good, having not experienced any problems in the call. The speakeron the other hand, it has an audio that is not really high or even particularly round but can be considered in the medium. Too bad for the lack output mini-jack from 3,5 mm, even if the USB Type-C / mini-jack adapter is present. Also in headset the audio turns out to be particularly dish and it does not even help the software equalizer in the music application, which lowers the overall volume with any setting and noticeably.


This Bluboo S1 offers support Dual SIM and has a modem LTE Cat.6, with all le European bands unlocked. Reception is decent, but a little below average compared to the top of the range. No problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Present FM Radio and HotKnot. Free of burrs satellite navigation with GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, thanks also to the presence of the compass.


To move this Bluboo S1 are Android 7.0 Nougat with interface halfway between that stock di MediaTek (for general settings and software) and one Customization, evidenced above all by the owner launcher, clearly marked Oriental (without drawer), with the possibility to select different themes but, in substance, unripe and not really snappy. Also present a page in style "Shelf" with the most used applications, local services and a feed collector that could impact the sensitivity of someone or make you look bad for the presence, among others, of the category "Hot Women", not deselectable. Present proprietary apps for backup, a system manager, FM radio, recorder, a weather app and a browser. Which also creates several duplicates given the presence of the pre-installed Google Apps and the lack of possibility to eliminate one or the other. Of note the arrival of an update during the test period, in the hope that this is not episodic.


Among not really optimal notes we can also insert the battery, only from 3.500 mAh despite a thickness far from content. With more use soft I managed to reach too 1 days e 10 hours di autonomy, with just 3 hours and poco more than screen on. With a use much more intenseinstead, I barely reached le 15 hours with less than 4 hours of screen lit.. Just the it appears particularly energivorous, a sign that obviously there is still something to be optimized.

Bluboo S1 - Conclusions

Il Bluboo S1 fits into that category of Economic "clones" of We MIX which, however, if it could make a minimum of sensation from the distance, already to the touch suggests its essence of cheap phone. Thin but present edges, improvable software, insufficient autonomy and photographic compartment not really brilliant (to put it mildly), could make it appealing only to those who really want a cheap device of this type. Between strengths a screen more than discrete (but energivorous) and usability, however, not compromised even with heavier applications.

In case you are interested you can find it on GearBest a 125,05 €.

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