LeEco: frozen assets for 1,2 billion Yuan CEO

Jia Yueting LeEco

The economic scandals of LeEco and its precarious economic situation they return to be the protagonist of new events. It seems that in China was ordered seizure of assets equal to 1,2 billion Yuan for the CEO Jia Yueting.

In fact, on 26 June 2017 the People's Court of Shanghai established the freezing of assets and assets - of the company but largely of the CEO - for 1,2 billion Yuan. The request was made by China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd as a precautionary measure for defaulting payments by the Chinese company thus leading to the failure of 1.236.584.434,07 Yuan Total.

LeEco: frozen assets for 1,2 billion Yuan CEO

The judge also announced that this measure will be canceled once the economic situation has normalized but until then assets and assets will be frozen and put as collateral, should the economic collapse worsen.LeEco Jia Yueting

Well-informed sources, however, see the CEO, Jia Yueting, already informed about this affair, but probably the decision of the judge and the procedure undertaken was completely unavoidable. In fact, most likely the goods will be seized for a period of time that would even go as far as 3 years.

A further document of the 29 June 2017 also reveals that LeEco it would have a continuous and vicious cycle of loans and loans that, if on one hand they allow the company to move forward, on the other hand they do not do well to the more and more depleted company banks.

In all this, the shareholders of LeEco - and of course also those of the various subsidiaries of the company - they did not take the news very well, promising to withdraw their capital from the various businesses of the company that would thus find itself increasingly in difficulty.

All the details, for those wishing to deepen the story and verify its truthfulness, in the source of the well-known Chinese portal Mydrive.

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