$ 1 billion loan for Xiaomi: Lei Jun increasingly optimistic

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After the slight decline last year, things seem decidedly better for Xiaomi. Lei Jun had already made known the desire to achieve the desired goal of 100 million smartphones distributed during 2018 - we are talking about shipments, not sales - and the data collected bodes well: in the first half of 2017 there was an increase in shipments of 70%, about 23,16 million units: the highest peak high achieved for seven years to this part.

$ 1 billion loan for Xiaomi: Lei Jun increasingly optimistic

In short, the goal that was set by the Chinese telephony giant does not seem so far away Lei Jun seems very optimistic about it. But to achieve great goals, they are necessary big capital and this Lei Jun knows it well. The mobile phone industry has now become a real one battlefield, companies are increasingly fierce and having adequate capital can make the difference between "life and death", between success and failure.

to Reuters - British news agency - reports of a loan in favor of Xiaomi of almost 1 billion dollars in three years (equal to approximately 6,75 billion yuan) by at least seventeen banks.

Under the terms of the transaction, a portion of the loan includes a portion of 500 million dollars, plus 250 million dollars in the form of revolving credit, with a interest rate significantly higher (260 base points) than that of the LIBOR (215 basis points) - London Interbank Offered Rate, the European reference rate for financial markets calculated daily by British Bankers' Association. In short, with such a capital available we can not but expect big things from the Chinese giant - especially new and amazing devices - and it seems that the optimism of Lei Jun - inherent in the possibility of achieving the announced target - is fully justified.

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