Zidoo X7 review: cute TV Box but how many problems…

Zidoo X7

Not too long ago, more precisely last June, Zidoo announced the new one Zidoo X7, an interesting TV Box due to the presence of Android 7.1 Nougat with ZUIU and support for HDR technology. In the last days we have had the opportunity to try it and test it thoroughly: how will this product behave? Let's find out together in the full review.

Lo Zidoo X7 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 60 € with shipping from China.

Zidoo X7

Packaging and accessories

The sales package is made of white cardboard, on which we find little information about the product and limited to some technical specifications. Inside, however, in addition to the TV Box there are thepower pack with Chinese and European taking, remote control, for an HDMI cable about a meter and a short user manual in English.


The installed processor is the RockChip RK3328, quad-core Cortex A53 with one maximum frequency of 2.0 GHz. The installed GPU is the Mali-450MP2 and is able to support the resolution 4K a 60 FPS with codecs H.265 also to 10 bitin addition toHDR.

We find, then, 2 GB of memory RAM DDR3 e 8GB internal storage eMMC, expandable through microSD. Connectivity is guaranteed by the Wi-Fi Dual Band a / b / g / n / ac, a door Fast Ethernet, two 2.0 USB ports full-size ed a USB 3.0. An Optical Audio output is not missing (SPDIF), an IR receiver and the Bluetooth 4.0.

The dimensions of the box, square in shape, are 109 x 109 x 20 mm, while the weight is around 200 grams. Finally, we find a connector for the mini-jack from 3.5 mm AV, a door HDMI 2.0 and the operating system Android 7.1 Nougat with a graphical interface ZUIU.

Construction and design

As a design we are faced with the classic square shape and about two centimeters thick. Nothing special then. However, the construction is quite solid and the slits in the back let the air pass well on the motherboard, favoring its ventilation. On the left profile we find the 3.0 USB port, on the right we find the two 2.0 USB ports. In the back there is the exit HDMI, the audio one, the catch for thesupply, the door RJ45 Fast Ethernet. Finally, at the front we find the IR receiver for the remote control, while in the lower one there is a label with some data on the device and the ventilation slots.

Simple thepower pack, which has a Chinese plug that can be converted to European and boasts an 5 Volt output to 2A.


Le performance offers allow you to run the proprietary GUI, or the ZUIU, in a fairly fluid way and without uncertainties, even if with more than one demanding application in the background you notice the first slowdowns. The SoC is certainly not a high-end solution, the benchmark results in fact place it in the medium-low range on a par with the solutions in this price range.

Despite this, for some light games and for media player use, the performances proved to be more than adequate. Of note, unfortunately, I could not perform many of the usual tests due to several crashes, which forced me to limit the suite of applications tested. Really a pity!

Multimedia and video playback

Fortunately, the video industry has shown no problems, except the usual trouble and quality limits of the streaming imposed by Netflix (maximum 480P). In the video playback tests, using the integrated player, had no problem, either in 4K and Full HD, with H.265 and H.264 codecs also a 60 FPS and with high bitrates. There were some uncertainties, however, with the videos a 10-bit while i HDR they were reproduced without problems.


Here comes the part both painful and interesting. Let's start with the interesting one. The launcher and thegraphic interface they have been completely revised compared to the classic TV Boxes and compared to a pure Android version. In fact, we find a GUI called ZUIU, which is easily combined and used with the bundled remote control.

Nice and pleasant, easy to use even if some menu did not seem too intuitive to use. The sore part, however, concerns the multitude of BUG and problems encountered. In addition to the aforementioned some benchmarks crash (3dMark, Antutu, GFXBench etc), some test apps I downloaded presented a non-optimized layout for this device, which made me realize that some basic optimization in the system is missing.

I tried to also look for any updates and firmware updates but I did not find anything. I do not say that the device is unusable, but as soon as you go out of the field of video playback you risk incurring bugs, crashes and various runes. I hope that a future update can fix these problems of youth, given that the software with that ZUIU completely redesigned amazed me a lot, at least initially. For now on this front is certainly rejected.

Android, as already mentioned, is updated to the latest version Android 7.1 Nougat.


Nice and valid as a video player but no more, at least with this firmware. Too bad, it could be a product a bit 'different from the usual but falls right in what sets it apart: the software. Oh my dirty job, but the problems could be around the corner and also be easily solved with new updates, as long as the company updates.

No promotion, therefore, but a suspended judgment pending any September repair exams.

Zidoo X7

Lo Zidoo X7 is available on GearBest at a price of approx 60 € with shipping from China.

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