REVIEW | Orico Ans1: 3.0-in-2 portable 1 USB hub for your laptop

Orico Ans1

In this short review today we will try a nice gadget for your notebook. We are talking aboutOrico Ans1 a small portable 3.0 USB hub that can also be used as a base for notebooks, going to raise the back, favoring the aeration and ergonomics in the writing phase.

L'Orico Ans1 is available on Amazon to 19,99 euro with Prime.

REVIEW | Orico Ans1: 3.0-in-2 portable 1 USB hub for your laptop

Orico Ans1

Orico Ans1: Construction, design and dimensions

The size of theOrico Ans1 they are quite contained, let's talk about two cylinders of about 55 by 55 millimeters, For a height of 23 mm, which overlapped double, or almost, the total height. The weight, however, is of 180 grams, not too much poco but not much, considering the secondary functions.

Inside the package we find only the two cylinders and a 3.0 USB cable with both ends of type A, with a total length of approx 20 cm.

The construction of the body is completely made of aluminum, while the bases, both upper and lower, are covered by one thick rubber layer, able to guarantee an excellent grip even on the most slippery and smooth surfaces. At the top, both present a smooth rubber layer with the brand name, therefore suitable for contact with the feet of the main notebooks.

In the lower part, however, we find a rubber layer characterized by different joints, arranged along the circular surface. Putting the two cylinders against each other just on this end, they fit perfectly, resulting in almost a single product.

One of the two cylinders has four USB ports of the 3.0 type: three are blue and one red. The latter must be used to make the connection with your notebook using the appropriate cable supplied.

Overall, the construction and design are certainly pleasant results both to the eye and to the touch, thanks to the feedback returned by the materials used.

Orico Ans1: Functions

I don't dwell much on the use of the product as a USB 3.0 HUB, also because there is well poco to say. Two words instead on the other two possibilities of use, one consequent to the other.

The purpose of the product is to raise the back of the notebook, keeping the laptop steady thanks to the grip offered by the two rubber layers. Raising it, it is possible to pass the connection cable to the PC under the notebook and thus have access to the other three USB ports. Furthermore, keeping the PC tilted, between the 18 and 20 ° depending on the diagonal of your notebook, you will go to also improve comfort in writing, especially if prolonged.

Orico Ans1

Finally, the third and last aim consists in improve ventilation and therefore dissipation the heat of your laptop, favoring a better flow of air in the lower part of the device, right near the ventilation grids, and therefore fans, of the PC.

Orico Ans1: Conclusions

Here too there is poco to say, except that the product is well made, it is definitely a nice and functional gadget, and also the design is not bad.

Maybe it costs a little 'too much simplicity, however, given the materials used and the compactness / portability, the figure is not so excessive, given that the classic HUBs with at least four doors cost at least ten euros, even if they are perhaps made with cheap plastic or materials poco valuable.

Orico Ans1

L'Orico Ans1 is available on Amazon for 19,99 euros with Prime.

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