REVIEW - Wavefun X-Buds Lite | Wireless headsets promoted!

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

There are many shop online that propose wireless earphones at reasonable prices. Often there is no trust in these products, mainly due to excessively low prices that do not hope for anything good. We have had the opportunity to try one of these audio devices, in particular the Wavefun X-Buds Lite. In this review we will tell you how they work and whether or not it is worth thinking about buying them, given the small price.

REVIEW - Wavefun X-Buds Lite | Wireless headsets promoted!

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Sale Pack

Il sales box it is compact and well done, revealing inside different accessories. On rear all are indicated main features of the product while frontally there are the company logo and the name of the product, shown in the background. All 'internal of the package we find:

  • Wavefun X-Buds Lite;
  • 6 pairs of grommets red and black in different sizes (S / M / L);
  • handbag black for travel;
  • USB / micro-USB cable for recharging;
  • brief instruction manual in English.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Design and Materials

The two earphones I am entirely made of plastic, including the arches for the ears which are slightly rubberized. The measures are not excessive and once worn you do not feel the weight. There plastic that covers them it is not of great quality but more than enough for the use to which they are intended. The target of this device is, in fact, the sports.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

I two earphones are joined by a flat lanyard to be stored behind the neck. In this way the possibility of losing them as a result of sudden movements of the head is avoided.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

Internally, the sides from which they are to be worn are indicated later have the company logo e two slits that reveal the plot that protects the components. That right commands the entire management of the audio, thanks to three multi-function physical keys placed at the top.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

Sul external side are located microphone and the led indicator. In bass on the other hand, there is space for the door that hides the micro-USB port for charging.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Technical Features

Le X-Buds Lite they are equipped with a CSR8635 audio chip, which overall offers good performance. The earphones are equipped with the IPX5 certification, resisting light jets of water as well as sweat. There connectivity is ensured by the Bluetooth 4.1 that allows you to make a pairing with the smartphone practically immediate. Once connected you can manage your songs on Spotify or any other music player.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

Control songs remotely, through the right earphone, it's very simple:

  • il "+" key It allows increase the volume with a click or go to the next track with a long press;
  • il "-" button It allows lower the volume with a click or go to the previous track with a long press;
  • il Power button central allows pause the song with one click, of turn on with a long press the earphones or activate "Ok Google" on our smartphone with a pressure of about 2 seconds.

These Wavefun X-Buds Lite also own a integrated microphone with whom you can converse during the callswithout the need to use the smartphone.

Il weight of the earphones is just 19 grams el 'impedance is 32 Ω.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Audio

La sound quality va compared to the sale price, currently close to the 20 euro. To be a Bluetooth device it does not sound bad, returning only the gods in the complex toni poco balanced and bass too poco full-bodied.

These considerations change slightly if using the equalizer, taking care to modify the parameters relevant to each type of song. In this case it is possible to appreciate, in fact, one better quality both as regards the depth of sound that with regard to i low, slightly more full-bodied.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

During 'physical activity it will be possible dive completely in the sound of these earphones thanks to technology CVC6.0 is preferably used for reduction of environmental noise. This technology, combined with the insulation offered by the in-ear, offers great satisfaction even in the noisiest environments such as buses.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Autonomy

As far as the 'autonomy these X-Buds Lite come with one internal battery which allows reaching about 6 hours of actual use, more or less in line with what was declared by the company itself. Using them discontinuously they led me to conclude too 4 days of use without problems.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite

La recharge, by cable USB / micro-USB, it happens in about 2 hours and at the conclusion of this the status led will light blue, confirming the effective completion of the operation.

Wavefun X-Buds Lite - Conclusions

For the price at which these earphones are sold you can not ask for more. Always keeping in mind that the quality is to be related to other wireless audio products. For those who like to listen to different genres, it may be annoying to lose quality in some situations, but even without always playing with the equalizer can give good satisfaction.

Le Wavefun X-Buds Lite they are available for purchase at a price of 19.89 €.

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