REVIEW - Maze Blade | Good first!

Maze is the name of the new Chinese manufacturer trying to get a tense leg on the smartphone market. It presents its first two products, Alpha and Blade, arousing greater interest in the first of these, implicit clone of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

What we will talk about today, however, is the second of the two Maze Blade. The device is proposed at attractive price of 100 euro, trying to conquer the low-cost market. It will really be able to stand comparison with the other brands in this price range? Let's find out in ours Full review!

REVIEW - Maze Blade | Good first!

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Maze Blade - Sales box

Il sales box is represented by a black cardboard box, with the product name printed on the front and some characteristics summarized on the back. All 'internal we find:

  • Maze Blade;
  • cable USB / micro-USB;
  • wall charger with Italian socket and output to 5V and 1.5A;
  • short manual in several languages, includingEnglish;
  • lapel pin for the SIM slot.

Maze Blade - Design and Materials

If we put aside for a moment slight resemblance with the series Sony Xperia, this smartphone offers a beautiful design. The elongated shapes and care in the realization of the side frames they make the view pleasant, as well as the effect created by the rear window. This cover is interrupted from the presence of one camera, secondary microphone and two-tone dual-LED flash.

Maze Blade

Il right frame is embellished by the presence of the volume balance, Power button and programmable key, lower place.

A left there is only one double micro-SIM slot or alternatively for one micro-SIM and a micro SD. In highinstead, there is thejack input from 3.5mm for headphones.

In lower part they have been positioned two holes for attaching a string, the system speaker, micro-USB port and main microphone.

Maze Blade

From the front is present central button clickable, with integrated biometric sensor, as well as two soft touch keys backlit that act as back and multitasking. In high we find, instead, the front camera, for an notification led, headset capsule and of proximity and brightness sensors.

I BORDI are quite sharp, especially in the back, and this facilitates the grip in daily use. The general dimensions I'm from 158.5 x 77 x 8 mm thick weight supported almost 190 grams, well distributed. Only I reserve it to the physical keys, as it is they move excessively within its headquarters e clash a little with the general quality.

Maze Blade - Display

Il present on this terminal is a unit of matrix IPS from 5.5 diagonal inches e 1080 resolution x 1920 pixels, with 441ppi. The front glass, Furthermore, does not have any kind of curvature. 

Maze Blade

Once the i device is turned on colors they seem immediately clear and poco vivid. Calibration via Miravision It allows partially improve this calibration, albeit in a limited way. The most interesting are the functions and they help our sight in conditions of poor lighting, automatically calibrating the temperature of the screen according to the hours of the day. Of default, however, i whites turn slightly towards gray, As well as neri that are poco deep.

Maze Blade

In Outdoor il brightness sensor behaves however discreetly, although visibility is limited under direct sunlight. The oleophobic treatment is practically absent and this slightly affects the everyday use experience. The touch convince, always responding well to the commands and also in a rather reactive, even in the most hectic stages of writing.

Maze Blade

Maze Blade - Hardware and Performance

L'hardware This smartphone is equipped with one CPU MediaTek MT6753, for an octa-core processor with maximum clock to 1.3GHz. The RAM and from 3GB for the environment, and the internal memory is attested on 32GB, expandable via micro SD up to 64GB.

Le applications kept in the background are good at the numerical level. When they are loaded the system has no problem managing them, just as it has no problems with the execution of heavier contents. Less laudable are the operating temperatures slightly old, especially when the smartphone is not particularly stressed, warming more in the high back.

For the Gaming this smartphone relies on one Mali-T720 MP3 to 450MHz that behaves very well. Real Racing 3 manages to shoot with a fair frame-rate and a level of details low, anyway better compared to that offered by other slightly more expensive entry-level devices. There are titles with which he does more fatigue, such as the new one PES 2017, but it's definitely not the video game sector its strong point.

Maze Blade

Maze Blade - Benchmark

Maze Blade - Software

The device mounts the penultimate version of Android, Or the 6.0, with security patches updated to 1 Maggio 2017. Graphically, the personalization is zero.

Maze Blade

The company has decided, however, to introduce some interesting features. The first is that relating to programmable physical button which allows, after a prolonged pressure, of activate any application quickly you want. The camera will be set by default, which can be activated by a quick double-click on the central button. Secondly, you can use your own fingerprints to block all applications that we want to protect. Then there are the menu relating to the most classic gesture and that forone-handed use of the smartphone.

Maze Blade

Il biometric sensor, mentioned several times, has a 'really good reliability, unlocking the 9 device sometimes on 10. There reactivity is not the best, with discrete response times.

L'Application opening is not very slow and the terminal, even in the most critical phases, does not have never showed sudden blockages or blocks.

Maze Blade - Web browsing

La web browsing is entrusted solely to Google Chrome. THE page loads are fast enough, having a slight latency manifested in the vicinity of many multimedia contents.

Maze Blade

Inolte there is a certain delay between our touch and the actual movement on screen, which in 90% of cases are not so penalizing.

Maze Blade - Camera

The Maze Blade comes with one rear camera da Mega-pixel 13. The sensor is a Sony IMX214 with aperture f / 2.0. The diurnal shots are not bad if we think of the cost of the smartphone but are absolutely suffering from high noise and a definition of bad contours, almost in watercolor style. THE'HDR works quite well in the dark areas but sometimes I found it a bit too invasive, returning among other colors not too faithful to reality. In night il photographic noise grows and we lose so much definition, with lights not well managed. The double flash led fails to manage the brightness discretely.

From the frontinstead, a Sony IMX179 sensor da 8 mega-pixels that offers a discreet quality for social use, having the possibility to use theHDR and the flash function, a technique identical to that seen on the iPhone as well as on other Android smartphones. Offers a viewing angle di 84%, really very good for selfie with more involved people.

I video they are turned to one maximum resolution of Full HD to 30fps. They do not offer good stabilization e there is no type of autofocus. The quality is low, tending to overexpose slightly too much.

Maze Blade - Connectivity

La connectivity it is guaranteed first of all by a form 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n From good performance, with a reasonable range of action. THE'Fastweb LTE he always allowed me to travel at maximum speed with a few switches to the 3G. The 20 band, Furthermore, is supported. The other components are a Bluetooth 4.0remained constantly connected to an 2 Mi Band and to several pairs of wireless headphones, and the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS and it does not have a reactive satellite fix but once hooked it is fast and reliable.

Maze Blade

Maze Blade - Audio

THEaudio on this unit it is not tall, and the quality returned quite low. Are privileged medium frequencies and the vision of videos on Youtube, in slightly noisy environments, it will be problematic, because it is really hard to distinguish the words in the dialogues.

Maze Blade

- earphones, also in this case, they improve the situation in a convincing way, while not obviously solving the problem of low volume. In capsulefinally theaudio is good and conversations with our interlocutor will be clear and without any kind of disturbance, even after several tens of minutes.

Is present also there FM radio.

Maze Blade - Autonomy

Maze Blade comes with one battery integrated by 3000mAh which guarantees less autonomy than hoped for. The amperage would allow to reach at least 4 hours of active screen in all conditions but there are several variables that affect the performance of the battery itself. That said, with a medium-intensive use, more under Wi-Fi network and with all active sensors, I have not passed the 8 hours and a half of total use with approximately 3 half hour active screen. If you were to spend a large part of the day out of the house, with 4G active, you would need one socket already in the early afternoon.

An full recharge it happens, however, in about 2 one and a quarter hours.

Maze Blade - Conclusions

In conclusion we are facing one of the best products in the low-cost range of the market. Obviously it is not a perfect smartphone and his defects mainly concern theautonomy, on which you could do something more and some other constructive imperfections, however forgivable for now. If these are the premises with which Maze wants to be known, we're on the right path to see something good even in the future!

Il Maze Blade is available for purchase on GearBest at a price of 100 euro approximately.

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