Review Blackview A9 Pro | Dual camera and few satisfactions

Blackview A9 Pro

One can exist smartphone with dual rear camera from price lower than the 100 euro? The answer is "Yes" and what we are talking about today is just the Blackview A9 Pro. This smartphone also offers thelatest version of Android and some other gems.

But the question we ask is: it really makes sense to mount a double photo sensor on a low-end product? Can quality really benefit from it? Find out in our interior Full review!

REVIEW - Blackview A9 Pro | Dual camera and few satisfactions

Blackview A9 Pro - Sales package

Il sales box it is what characterizes practically all Blackview products. On rear there is some information about the main features of the product, while atinternal we find:

  • Blackview A9 Pro;
  • loader wall with exit a 5V and 1A;
  • cable USB / Type-C;
  • earphones in-ear;
  • brief manuals in English language;
  • film in plastic for the screen;
  • cover transparent in TPU.

Blackview A9 Pro - Materials

Lo smartphone is really well finished, proposing a solid one metal and plastic construction. The aluminum that covers the side frames is well made, showing off on both sides milling practically perfect.

Blackview A9 Pro

La rear It is characterized by one removable plastic body, opaque black, which tends to hold too many imprints. Moreover this is also enough slippery, which is why the company has also supplied one TPU cover. The whole assembly seems good, not presenting crunches or imperfections of sorts. Removing the cover back we can appreciate the rooms for the micro-SIM and the nano SIM, as well as an additional compartment for one micro SD.

Blackview A9 Pro

Blackview A9 Pro - Design

Everlasting later there are i two Samsung photo sensors, assisted by a single flash led.

Blackview A9 Pro

Il left frame is completely clean while on that one right the volume rocker and the Power button. These keys are well assembled and return a good feedback. In high is present themini jack input for headphones while in bass they are found there speaker, the 2.0 Type-C port and the main microphone.

From the front we find one camera from 2 mega-pixel, the notification LED, the headset capsule and the proximity and brightness sensors.

Blackview A9 Pro

Further down the company decided to mount a non-clickable buttonVery similar to that seen on the terminals Meizu, especially for the type of gesture present. In fact, it will be possible to take advantage of some shortcuts very fast: lightly touching it we will return to the previous page and holding it down for longer will be brought directly to the home.

Blackview A9 Pro

Below this button there is a biometric sensor not very reactive but very precise. We can support our impressions in the angle we prefer, thanks to the 360 degree sensor cover.

Blackview A9 Pro - Display

Il it's a unit from 5 diagonal inches with resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. The contrast is very good and sufficient color rendering. Buoni also the viewing angles, while denoting black and white typical of the panels IPS. The front glass it also presents one curl 2.5D.

Blackview A9 Pro

In the settings the calibration can not be changed of colors through Miravision, having to settle for the quality set by default.

Il touch of which this unit is equipped It is very reactive and he loses very few touches, even during the most frenetic writing sessions. The Oleophobic treatment is poor and outdoors it could affect the experience, although the panel manages to light up abbastanza good also in non-optimal light conditions.

Blackview A9 Pro

Blackview A9 Pro - Hardware and Performance

Blackview A9 Pro mounts a SoC MediaTek MT6737, with clock maximum up to 1.3Ghz. This is accompanied by one RAM da 2GB and one internal storage di 16GB, expandable means micro SD not more than 32GB.

This quantity of RAM It allows keep very few apps open and often the system takes a few moments to recharge from multitasking. THE loading times are, with RAM emptied, lenses but in line with a product intended for a segment of the public poco pretentious on the performance side.

Il Gaming is entrusted to one Mali-T720 that fails to offer sufficiently good performance. With i titles more light He has no problem but if subjected to a more performing game like Real Racing 3 shows all its limitations, returning a low frame-rate and minimum details.

Blackview A9 Pro

Blackview A9 Pro - Benchmark

Blackview A9 Pro - Software

Once extracted from the package we will find Android Nugget 7.0, already pre-installed. The type of Customization offer is enough light, proposing theabsence of the application drawer, a minimally revisited interface and more common gesture with the screen off.

Blackview A9 Pro

Among the most interesting options available we find a floating menu, activated at any time, which allows you to manage some quick functions including the screen lock, the game mode (which inhibits the notification curtain during gaming) and the RAM cleaning. The will also be present Sistem Manager, common to many devices of Chinese origin, through which activate the energy saving, blocking of applications by footprint and much more.

Blackview A9 Pro

In general the system is fluid, while presenting some bugssporadic malfunction. For example, when we will shoot one photo the system will tend, 8 times on 10, turn the image in the wrong direction, forcing us to reposition them manually using the gallery options.

Blackview A9 Pro - Web browsing

With regard to the web browsing the smartphone behaves well, Both with Chrome that with the system browser. difference between the two browsers are minimal and absolutely comparable performance. The uploads of multimedia content are not very fast and with heavier pages it has a little more effort.

Blackview A9 Pro

In general theexperience and in any case more than enough and in line with the product considered.

Blackview A9 Pro - Camera

Il Blackview A9 Pro is equipped, on the back, with one Samsung dual camera da Mega-pixel 8 and mega-pixel 0.3. Technically the two sensors work together to create, when required, thebokeh effect typical of SLRs. Manually it is possible to operate on depth of field and brightness, with poor results. This effect digital it is not well donein fact, and we will hardly get valid shots.

In general the photo returned in optimal conditions of light are satisfactory, however, tending to knead the colors too much. THE'HDR it aims to improve the quality of the image by donating it more brightness, though in some circumstances I found it a little too invasive. With poor lighting must have steady hand to avoid portraying unpleasant blurs. But beyond this the sensor suffers terribly le shine, handling them very badly and offering a very high noise. The single flash led, Unfortunately, he can not improve the situation.

From the front the camera is from 2 mega-pixels but the quality is absolutely insufficient, even during the day. In this case the noise is high and of colors are excessively kneaded.

I video they are turned to one maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. There is a mild stabilization ICE CREAM el 'autofocus, not better specified, it is good, while not always working. The problem in this case is greater because the tap on the screen has no effect, forcing us to entrust our videos to the unreliable autofocus.

Blackview A9 Pro - Connectivity

Blackview A9 Pro comes with a module 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n good performance, albeit the coverage is quite limited. The 20 band for LTE is present and with the 4G by Fastweb I have not found no decline or connection problem. The Bluetooth it's kind of 4.1 and it remained constantly connected to the 2 Mi Band without problems. The GPS it is not always fast and reliable, sometimes losing the exact position even during a walk.

With the notificationsinstead, I never had any problems, resulting absolutely timely.

Blackview A9 Pro - Audio

THEaudio from speaker è quite high ma devoid of depth, with privilege for the high frequencies and total absence of bass.

Blackview A9 Pro

- earphones supplied (already tested on other Blackview smartphones) are of bad quality, strongly batting all the traces. No problem, however, through the headset capsule, where is the sound is clear and clean. All the conversations made were pleasant for both us and our interlocutor.

Blackview A9 Pro - Autonomy

THEautonomy is guaranteed by one battery da 3000 mAh. In general it is good but could certainly give more. With Wi-Fi connection active throughout the dayI reached no more than 4 hours and 40 of active screen on a total of 9 hours of use. Using instead for the80% of the day the 4G I managed to cover around 3 half hour active screen on a basis of 7 hours and a half of total use. If you do not have the possibility to connect to a modem via Wi-Fi all day, you probably will not exceed 3 hours of active screen.

La recharge it's not quick, employing about 3 hours for a complete cycle.

Blackview A9 Pro - Conclusions

To conclude we can not say that they were pleasantly impressed by this smartphone. It offers performances more or less in line with those of its competitors, presenting some sub-sectors slightly subdued. On the market it is easily found less than 100 € and it is immediately ready for use. But currently giants are approaching in the low-cost range, such as smartphones Xiaomi, which offer a much higher overall value for money.

Il Blackview A9 Pro is available for purchase on AliExpress about 82 €.

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