REVIEW Xiaomi Mi 6: an important step forward

Xiaomi mi 6

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5 has scored in 2016 the customs clearance by Chinese smartphones of the wording of low-cost products e poco attractive thanks to a refined design, a level software and a competitive hardware sector.

From a few weeks the Chinese company has launched on the market Xiaomi Mi 6, an evolution of the previous flagship that does not change much from the point of view of design but offers a renewed technical data sheet and finally a convincing camera.

Find out what we think of this Xiaomi Mi 6!

Review Xiaomi Mi 6: an important step forward


The sales package of the Xiaomi Mi 6 it is practically identical to that of the other smartphones of the brand and inside it we find the following equipment:

  • Wall power supply with Chinese plug and 5V output = 3A / 9V = 2A / 12V = 1.5A;
  • USB / USB Type-C data cable;
  • USB Type-C / mini jack adapter;
  • Silicone cover;
  • User Manual;
  • pin for the SIM slot.


The design of the Xiaomi Mi 6 takes up many of the aesthetic lines already seen with it Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi Note earlier with a shell made of glass, a metal perimeter profile and a bevel accentuated at the corners.

Xiaomi Mi 6

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 5 it was certainly the burden of suns 138 grams which allowed the device to enjoy excellent ergonomics during use.

Unfortunately, this value has not been taken up with the Xiaomi Mi 6 that raises the weight bar up to 168 grams in a smartphone from 5.15 inches Which size 145.17 x 70.49 x 7.45 mm thick. Let's say immediately that the weight distribution is not optimal and indeed in the long run is a clear and accentuated defect during prolonged use.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Another important novelty introduced by Xiaomi regards the removal, not very justified, of entry mini jack from 3.5 mm for headphones in favor of digital connection via the door USB Type-C at the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi 6

This is certainly a questionable choice accentuated by the failure to certify the device IP67/IP68 because of the same door USB Type-C not in compliance with the standards.

Confirmed the fingerprint reader placed at the front that allows a quick, precise and effective release in 0.1 seconds and with a percentage of 10/10 unlock successfully.

Xiaomi Mi 6

For the rest, on the right side there is the usual configuration, that is the volume rocker and the power button, unlike the opposite part where we find only the SIM slot.

Above is the microphone useful for reducing environmental noise and the infrared sensor, while on the lower profile there is the system speaker, the USB Type-C input and the main microphone.

On the front there is the camera for selfies, the sensors of brightness and proximity, the headset capsule (which also integrates a second speaker) and at the bottom, the fingerprint sensor flanked by two soft touch keys backlit.

Xiaomi Mi 6


The display is a unit IPS da 5.15 diagonal inches covering the 71.68% of the front surface with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel, curl 2.5D, density of pixels of 428 ppi, medical certification CQC3130 , minimum brightness of 1 nit and maximum of 600 nits.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Beyond the technical characteristics the display of the My 6 is very convincing in all areas of use with one faithful color reproduction (also manually adjustable through the appropriate options provided by MIUI), excellent viewing angles it's a brightness well managed by the appropriate sensor.

In this regard, we report the presence of the functionality Sunlight which allows you to increase the contrast of the display under direct sunlight to improve visibility.

Il oleophobic treatmentfinally, it does its job well and prevents the display from being filled with fingerprints during use.

Hardware & Performance

Il My 6 It is moved by the processor octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with maximum clock a 2.45 GHz accompanied by one Adreno GPU 540 with clock a 710 MHz, 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4X dual channel a 1866 MHz e 64 GB UFS 2.1 internal memory that can not be expanded (there is also a version from 128 GB).

During our tests the device always behaved admirably showing one fluidity di excellent level it's a good management of the multitasking also intense use phases.

We report that during the test period with the ROM China Stable the terminal showed some "suffering" during video recording 4K or Gaming with the reporting of overheating, or overheating the device, with advice to terminate the applications in use. With the with which we concluded our two week trial we did not find these problems.



We have properly tested the dual rear camera in a dedicated focus published in recent days on our portal. We therefore invite you to view the article with photographic samples in various conditions of use and comments on the quality of the shots obtained.

Xiaomi Mi 6


Xiaomi has also innovated the audio sector by introducing a second speaker for the reproduction of multimedia contents that guarantees a stereo effect during the listening phase.

The audio presents one good balance di average frequencies e old sinning on the bass and on a not particularly high sound power. In headsetinstead, the audio is really of high quality!

No problem with the headset capsule, which therefore acts as a second speaker, which returns excellent audio in conversation.


The smartphone is moved by MIUI 8.3 based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat that after two weeks is also available in Italian with Google services enabled.

We tested the terminal with both the stable Chinese that with the in order to check for any differences in performance between the out-of-box software and the available personalization that is most suitable for the user who is currently less addicted.

In the case of Chinese ROM we have found some difficulties with Google services to be installed separately with an incompatibility of gmail and some applications in sync and a consequent Battery drain. With the we did not find any problems of this type with one good management of autonomy it's a fluidity always excellent profile.

For the rest the MIUI we already know it well. In fact we are talking about an interface full of customizations like themes, backgrounds, second spaces, applications that can be cloned and much more.

The only defect found is always the usual, or the notifications. Indeed, often for Whatsapp e Telegram the notifications do not arrive, but to solve this problem, just pop the app in the background.

As for the latter, once closed completely we will have available 4 GB of memory RAM free on 6 GB. Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi 6 manages to manage at least 30 app in background without particular slowdowns.


Il My 6 is equipped with a double SIM slot format Nano with support LTE Cat.12 and the now proven absence of the 20 band a 800 MHz. The WiFi supports the standard a/b/g/n/ac a 2.4/5 GHz Dual Band 2 × 2 MU-MiMO which proves to be very valid in the use phase with a quick link and an important range.

Il Bluetooth reaches the standard 5.0 and supports the tested accessories like without problems Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Huawei Watch as well as the Apple AirPods. Localization and satellite navigation are also excellent thanks to a precise and stable fix guaranteed by the protocols GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS e Beidou. Present finally the NFC sensor for file exchange and payments via Pay me (not available outside of China).


The battery is a unit from 3350 mAh with quick charging support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Despite the processor supports the new standard Quick Charge 4.0 therefore in this device we find the run-in QC 3.0.

After installing the ROM l'autonomy it's definitely improved compared to the Chinese building, which could guarantee us only a maximum of 2 hours di SOT. After the installation of the new one ROM we managed to total an average of 5 hours and 30 minutes of active screen with a use Medium-intense distributed in approx 1 day and a half with peaks also of 7 hours with lighter use.

Thanks to the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the smartphone supports fast charging Quick Charge 3.0 and you can fully charge the device in about 1 45 hours and minutes.


Lo Xiaomi Mi 6 is available for purchase on Spemall at a price of 460 € but you can find it in flash bids less on other stores as reported in real time on the channel offers GizDeals. During the purchase phase, the discount code can be used GIZITSPE.

Xiaomi Mi 6


In the first tests we carried out with the Chinese stable ROM we found different problems with this smartphone, starting from overheating, up to incompatibility with some Google services and autonomy poco convincing.

The situation is changed definitely with the installation of the, which has allowed us to obtain excellent results in terms of autonomy and performance.

The hardware sector has undergone an important upgrade that has brought many benefits to this Xiaomi Mi 6, as well as the camera has also been improved.

What penalizes this smartphone, unfortunately, is its weight. In fact, using it for a long time his 168 grams they start to make themselves heard.

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