Nubia M2 the (almost) perfect balance | REVIEW

Nubia, a company booming on our national territory, brings this new device to the market: it's called Nubia M2 and, according to us, it really is well balanced in every department.

Nubia M2

In the 2016 the company has succeeded in inserting excellent products, from the top of the range always appreciated Z11 to smartphone of much lower range like N1 Lite, trying to satisfy a good circle of users; with the new line-up we highlight the interest in design and performance, adding an eye for multimedia, especially in photography.

REVIEW - Nubia M2 the balance (almost) perfect


In the Nubia M2 package we can find:

  • Nubia M2;
  • power pack wall;
  • User Manual;
  • warranty leaflet;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • lapel pin to remove the SIM.

Design and Construction

Nubia offers, with its new M2, a balanced design, obtained by entering a front button with his inside the characteristic symbol of the company, the red circle. A choice that at first glance might seem bizarre.

Nubia M2 2

With everyday use, however, having a front sensor is certainly comfortable, even because the reader is very fast and accurate, and also after a moment of adaptation also the logo inserted inside it begins to be appreciated. Perhaps, therefore, it is about a right choice, Which can to recognize the brand in a fairly anonymous and linear front.

Nubia M2 4

The coloration in our possession is the Black / Gold, a color that we could really appreciate on Z11, which is renewed in this new version, much more "gold". In fact, you will not go unnoticed with him in your hand; the satin black part, then, is really very elegant.

Nubia M2 4

Along the frame you can see the attention of the company: the plastic inserts of the antennas, placed on the back of the smartphone, are visible only after having made the eye, the black color and the opaque back cover try to hide the inserts themselves with a really interesting result.

A positive note also for the dual chamber, surrounded by a red frame and just protruding: this is elegant but not flashy or without identity, as we have seen on other smartphones.

Nubia M2 is built really well, maximum precision along the entire frame, no uncertainty in the materials even if we try to make strength on the sides: the quality can be seen and heard.

The device is often alone 7 mm, one of its main characteristics is this: to be able to insert a battery from 3600 mAh in a body really reduced to the bone. At the bottom, we find the exit mini-jack from 3.5 mm, USB Type C port and speaker; on the left side there is space i volume keys, separated from each other.

Nubia M2 5

Superiorly resides the according to microphone for the removal of hiss and ambient noise; on the right side there is the power button, and the compartment for the two SIM cards (both in nano format) and the micro SD (if we renounce a SIM).

Nubia M2

The back reveals one dual chamber, with sensors Sony IMX258 a RGB and the other monochrome with resolution of 13 mega pixel, opening f / 2.2, tech PDAF + CAF e very fast focusing; a few mm later, we find a dual flash LEDs and finally, the company logo in the heart of the back cover.

Frontally, the display from 5.5 inch is AMOLED type, from 401 ppi and with resolution Full HD and protected by a glass with curl 2.5D; The front camera it is from ben 16 mega pixel, with focal opening f / 2.0. Of course, i do not miss them brightness and proximity sensors.

Reception and telephone part

Nubia has always stood up to the competition and also on this M2 the telephone department is level. The band 20 is present, the reception is very good and we have not noticed signal drops, the call quality is always constant and even the interlocutor hears us well. Good speaker and speakerphone during the conversation; even Wi-Fi is very stable, we could use a connection Dual Band 2.4 and 5 Ghz a / b / g / n. The smartphone is dual SIM, both in format Nano, and the various settings of the same can be consulted through the contextual menu, available through the Settings. To close everything, we find the Bluetooth 4.1: we have done various tests on it, headphones and earphones that use this protocol have not given problems.

Hardware and Performance

Many times the best trick is to stand still and observe, the 2016 / 2017 market has highlighted how you do not need to spend expensive figures to bring home a good phone, Qualcomm has managed to offer, with his Snapdragon 625, for an reliable processor, Quick and especially from reduced consumption.

Nubia intelligently relies on this SoC, equipped with a Adreno GPU 506, 4 GB of RAM of type LPDD3, 64 GB of internal memory EMMC 5.1 Expandable through Micro SD to 200 GB. To close the whole one biometric sensor placed on the front of the phone, fast and accurate in every situation.

In these days of testing we tried to put M2 on the whip; during our classic tests of Benchmark the phone did not heat up excessively, temperatures have never exceeded 34%.


The classical reference Benchmarks have totaled:

  • Antutu: 62782
  • Single Core Geekbench: 854
  • Geekbench Multi Core: 4254
  • BasemarkOS overall: 1265

M2 is also suitable for one very demanding public, play with this smartphone it was satisfying, no frame loss, no drastic battery drop, if you are looking for stability here is the right phone.

In daily use we have not felt the lack of power, multitasking can manage about twenty applications in the background, i 4 GB of RAM will help you keep your smartphone responsive. Sporadically, we noticed a slight delay in the opening of Multitasking, surely a software update will improve it all.


The battery mounted on this M2 is good 3600 mAh, with support for quick charging. A battery so large, combined with a processor poco energivorous, can only bring us to a conclusion: autonomy is one of the main points in favor of the phone. We managed to get safely to 6 hours of active display, the day is exceeded abundantly with classic use. 


Through the settings menu, you will be offered the possibility di manage battery consumption through two entries: by default we will find the "active"Smart energy saving", Which will automatically balance hardware and consumption; while activating the "Low consumption mode"The volume will turn off and the frequency of the signal search will decrease.

Overall autonomy is absolutely to be taken into consideration during the purchase phase, M2 will guarantee you an excellent autonomy without compromising.


The display mounted on this M2 is from 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, of type AMOLED, a pixel density of 401 ppi, protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass with curvature 2.5.

M2 display

Nubia chooses a display for this new model AMOLED: the choice is absolutely appreciated, i colors are deep and well calibrated, the very high contrasts. Moreover, through the settings menu, it will be possible to further calibrate the color as we wish, changing the hue of the display so that it is warmer or colder, depending on our tastes.

Under direct sunlight It is clear, maximum brightness late at night to arrive and under the summer sun we could make it slightly difficult to read our contents. Even at this juncture, a small software trick could help, our unit is obviously a journalistic sample and therefore many things could be different at launch, especially on the software side.


The real weak point, to date, of the company. Yes, that's right, the software still needs improvement in some respects. The interface is obviously the Nubia UI 4.0 based on Android 6.0.1we do not therefore have the latest version based on nougat, currently not available on any model. Translations are not perfect yet: looking carefully at the various menus, you can find some words translated badly. In addition, some notifications (Gmail, for example) are cut once opened in the appropriate drop-down. After months and months, this aspect honestly starts to be annoying.

In terms of usability there are no particular problems, the phone obviously has lto Italian language, Play Store and we note the fact that it was designed for consumer use on the European market. The Smartphone it's usable out of the box quietly, the interface, even with some flaws, runs well. Nubia offers a very solid foundation, a settings menu full of advanced options and features (one on all the various Edge Gestures) the possibility of swipe to close or switch from one app to another, complete management of the dual SIM card, to date, a good 90% of users can buy this phone without remorse.


Nubia M2 11

One of the departments that most impressed us is this, the Nubia M2 dual camera works really well. We have two sensors Sony IMX258 a RGB and the other monochrome, both with resolution of 13 mega-pixels, the focal opening is f / 2.2, we can take advantage of a PDAF Autofocus and a Dual LED Flash very powerful. 

Nubia M2 12

A sensor is located at the front 16 mega-pixels with focal opening f / 2.0, a camera without compromises, the resolution is very high and thanks to the focal we can enjoy clear and well-defined photos: if you like selfies here is your smartphone.

Videos can be recorded in 4K is 30 fps, we can get the 60 fps se let's go down to the Full HD resolution; in general also the video quality is good, you can enjoy our demo samples in the full video review.

Here are some shots taken with M2:

Through the dual chamber, we would have the opportunity to take pictures in portrait mode, thanks to this menu you can get a effect bokeh very interesting. If you love photography, this mode can give you unique shots, obviously recreated thanks to the software management of the camera itself.

Nubia M2 14

Here are some shots taken via this mode:

The photographic shots really dream of "Top of the range", no uncertainty even when it has to balance in poor lighting conditions, M2 has character as well as its Dual Camera, we have "for fun" compared the dual chamber di M2 against dual camera of Huawei P10 Plus, result is really surprising.

Nubia M2 in obviously automatic mode he manages to give us high quality shots. P10 Plus tends very much to yellow, failing in any way to better balance the exposure. Huawei P10 Plus has an obvious noise and annoying, the photos are really scarce, surprising us in negative, given the caliber of the product in question.

Price and Conclusions

They serve 399 € to take home this Nubia M2 (further removable from the 4% thanks to the exclusive discount code GIZCHINA), buying it from the official Italian store, with Italian warranty of 2 years. It is not free from defects: the software is not the best for the most attentive and faithful, the lack of some translations and the usual bugs that Nubia has been carrying out for months in the long run they can get tired.

The price is without a doubt in line with the competition, it has excellent hardware, it is well balanced, and has one dual camera to envy even the most famous top of the range. Finally a balanced phone, with a beautiful AMOLED display. 

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