REVIEW - Nomu S30 | Rugged Phone with Helio P10 and 4GB of RAM

Rent S30

Lo smartphone that we are going to examine today belongs to the family nomu. The company is now making space in the field of rugged phone, proposing his latest creation: Rent S30. Equipped with one IP68 certification is one of the most offering performance in this panorama, mounting a good hardware. But without revealing anything else, let's discover all its characteristics within ours Full review!

REVIEW - Nomu S30 | Rugged Phone with Helio P10 and 4GB of RAM

Nomu S30 - Sales package

Il sales box comes in a wood-like coloring, with the company logo on the front. All 'internal we find:

  • Nomu S30;
  • cable USB / micro-USB;
  • brief manual of instructions in language English;
  • loader wall with quick charging and support to PE.

Nomu S30 - Materials

At the level aesthetic this Nomu S30 is enough anonymous. The lines are very similar to those of other rugged phones on the market, differentiating themselves a lot poco. dimensions generals are from 162 x 83 x 13.35 mm thick. The weight is very high: let's talk about almost 280 grams which are felt in everyday use.

Il device was designed to withstand the most adverse conditions, such as falls and bumps, and for this very reason it presents side frames in satin metal, enclosed in one outer shell completely made of plastic. The corners they are softer, almost Wheeled, while at the back of the carbon fiber texture returns a pleasant sensation to the touch, even if personally the quality of this plastic seemed to me below average.

Nomu S30 - Design

In rear body a recess will allow us to lift one flap, on which the company logo is printed, below which the compartment for the micro SD and of two rooms for micro SIM cards.

Rent S30

Above this part are the space microphone for crack suppression, la rear camera and single flash led.

Rent S30

Il right frame hosts the Power button and volume balance, as well as three screws at sight. The same number of screws recur on the left side, where Nomu decided to also enter a button for theSOS.

In bass, protected by its flap, there is the door micro-USB and system speaker. In high, centrally located, we finally find the entrance mini jack for headphones.

Nomu S30 - Display

Frontally the device comes with a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. frames around the display are very large, hosting below i three soft touch home, back and multitasking keys also backlit. 

In high we find the headset capsule, front camera and of proximity and brightness sensors.

Rent S30

Il proximity sensor does not behave at best, because during the phone calls it happened that do not turn off the screen bringing me involuntary typing of any menu, while that of brightness it's enough reactive ma poco accurate in the calibration of the right brightness of the panel. The it is a unit of matrix IPS produced by Sharp. The resolution and of 1920 × 1080 pixels on a diagonal di 5.5 inches.

Rent S30

- viewing angles are good but as for the color rendering there would be something to perfect. THE colors they are well reproduced with Bianchi abbastanza faithful ma absolutely insufficient blacks, tending to gray already with slight inclinations. The touch a 5 touches instead it is excellent, not presenting no jamming even in the most excited writing phases. In Outdoor however the device is quite visible, despite a non-excellent oleophobic treatment.

Nomu S30 - Hardware

From the point of view hardware we are facing one of the Rugged phone better equipped. This device, in fact, mounts one SoC MediaTek Helio P10, a processor octa-core with maximum clock frequency at 2GHz. All this is supported by one RAM LPDDR3 dual-channel from well 4GB and a internal memory from 64GB (expandable with further 32GB) of type eMMC5.1.

The device behaves well in everyday use, revealing one fair speed in 'opening of applications. Although particularly placed under stress it never heats up excessively, remaining on acceptable temperatures. It also convinces the RAM management, that only on rare occasions it tends to eliminate the latest apps very quickly used, reloading them to a new opening.

Going into the gaming department, this smartphone is equipped with a Mali T-860 MP2 GPU to 700MHz that is quite satisfactory. You will not have no problem is with simpler games that with more performing titles like Real Racing 3, enjoying a good frame-rate.

Rent S30

Nomu S30 - Web Browsing

The experience of web browsing it's enough satisfactory with the browser ma definitely better on Google Chrome.

Rent S30

La loading speed it's almost unchanged su both browsers but operations like it scrolling and pinch-to-zoom they are slightly more reactive su Chrome.

Nomu S30 - Benchmark

Nomu S30 - Software

On the software Nomu wanted to keep a low profile, giving back to its users theAndroid stock experience. On board, in fact, we find installed Android Marshmallow 6.0, with security patches dating back to July 5 2016. The company's choice seems to repay thedaily experience with this terminal, resulting very fluid and fast, without bugs or clashes.

Rent S30

In the menu settingsUnder the heading Smart Assistant, some have been inserted gesture and personalization of the physical keys. These functions they are all quite useful, especially the ones that allow you to facilitate the unlocking of the phone and with a hand. By clicking on the key present in the left frame you can directly access the menu relative to the key SOS, thanks to which we can set up quick numbers to call in case of need.

Rent S30

Among other things are present Miravision, useful for modifying the color rendering of the panel, the menu related to the optimization of the sound for different sources and some profiles for the energy saving.

Nomu S30 - Camera

On this terminal Nomu decided to install a Sony IMX214 sensor from 13 mega-pixels, digitally interpolated up to XMUMX mega-pixel. THE'aperture is a f / 2.0 andoptical mounts lenses to 6 elements. The quality of the shots is good, with a fair reproduction of the chromatic range. THE'HDR it is not invasive but, in my opinion, it does not always handle brightness very well.

Il single flash ledInstead, he behaves very well succeeding balance in a manner enough all the colors. In night the quality is lowered greatly, with higher photographic noise and a not very good lighting management.

Il front sensor from 8 mega-pixel instead, it returns photos very noisy e poco balanced from the chromatic point of view. In poor light conditions they are just enough for social use.

I videofinally, they are turned to one maximum resolution of Full HD to 30fps. They are not stabilized and have no function for autofocus.

In general, however, the This sector's yield is very good if we consider the type of product we are talking about, not primarily designed for this type of activity.

Nomu S30 - Connectivity

for connectivity let's talk about a form 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n Dual Band that offers a good coverage e more than satisfactory performance. THE'LTE is of the 6 category, with speed of download up to 300Mbps and upload to 50Mbps. The device also supports the 20 band. The 4G by Fastweb I managed to exploit it but I noticed a problem: switch between the 3G and the maximum speed often is slow, forcing me to a disconnection and subsequent manual re-activation of the data.

On the side of the notifications others are found problems. The device, in fact, does not notify alerts in good time, whether it be messages or anything else. Often it is necessary to enter the app to view all the notifications related to it.

Il Bluetooth 4.0 he remained constantly connected to an 2 Mi Band. Then there are theNFC, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS very reliable and accurate and SOS button to make quick calls to selected numbers.

Rent S30

Nomu S30 - Resistance Test

I resistance test they brought to good results, remembering that the device has the IP68 certification. Structurally the smartphone has held up to any kind of fall, reporting i greater damage along the thin plastic edge that separates the front glass from the body. The screen has not suffered any damage, demonstrating the good reputation of Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Even in test in the water behaved well even if after a few hours it speaker still lost a few drops and the chest crackled heavily. The problem came back after a few minutes.

Rent S30

After all the tests the smartphone has continued to operate regularly, without any damage to sensors or receivers mounted on it.

Nomu S30 - Audio

La sound quality is guaranteed by a NXP independent Smart PA chip, which certainly offers a very high volume sinning unfortunately in the bass performance. The sound turns out poco full-bodied. There situation improves sensibly with the use of own earphones, thanks also to the menu related to the optimization of the sound present in the settings.

Rent S30

A telephone level I have not found any problems, finding a lot comfortable calls in capsule. Even the loudspeaker feels good, proposing a clear and audible voice even at a fair distance.

Nomu S30 - Autonomy

Nomu S30 is equipped with a battery produced by LG from well 5000 mAh. The autonomy guaranteed by this amperage allows one to conclude one medium-intense day with approximately 13 total hours of use6 hours on screen turned on. If used more safely it can also cover approx 17-18 power-on hours, hardly managing to exceed the total 24 hours. There full recharge . poco more than two hours, thanks also to the charger included with support to MediaTek Pump Express, coming out up to 12V to 1.25A.

Nomu S30 - Conclusions

Ultimately this device is a rugged phone with something more. performance that offers they are above the average of their competitors, despite sinning in some key sectors. First of all the weight is really excessive and not indifferent in everyday use. The second one is the notifications because it is really penalizing the way in which they are managed or, better said, they are not managed. With some updating, However, it could really become one of the best rugged phones at the level of resistance and performance.

Il Rent S30 is available for purchase on GearBest at a price of 209 €.

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