Xiaomi Mi 5C - Android 7.1.1 Nougat and enabled frequencies! | REVIEW

In the past weeks the company of Lei Jun officially presented his latest device, or the brand new Xiaomi Mi 5C, which has the honor of being the first smartphone of the Chinese house to be moved by a product chipset in-house. In fact, we are talking about the octa-core Xiaomi Surge S1.

This device has already been criticized due to the lack of support from some networks of Chinese and non-Chinese operators.

In light of all this, could this new terminal be a good solution for the European market or not?

Let's find out together in our full review!

REVIEW - Xiaomi Mi 5C | Android 7.1.1 Nougat and enabled frequencies!

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Unboxing

The sales package is the classic box in white hardcover of Xiaomi and within it we find the typical "essential" endowment of the Chinese brand, namely:

  • Xiaomi Mi 5C;
  • Power supply with Chinese plug and 5V output = 2.5A / 9V = 2A / 12V = 1.5A;
  • USB data cable - USB Type C;
  • Pin for the SIM trolley;
  • User Manual.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Design and construction quality

On the construction quality nothing to say, Xiaomi has made a great device even if, at times, we could remember one iPhone.

The attention to detail by the brand has been meticulous, characterized by an excellent choice of materials. Indeed, the smartphone is made entirely of satin aluminum with a very fine body u. Only the two glass bands at the ends of the device are an exception.

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5C has the dimensions of 144.38 x 69.68 x 7.09 millimeters for a weight of suns 135 grams. Thanks to the measures contained, the device manages to be very compact, easy to use in one hand and pleasant to the touch, but this is also thanks to the excellent materials and of the slightly rounded shape on the sides.

Xiaomi Mi 5C

Unfortunately, although it is beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, the aluminum satin body holds a bit 'too many fingerprints.

Always staying on the back, there are the main camera, the LED flash and at the bottom, the company logo.

On the right side we find the volume rocker and the power button, unlike the left one on which the trolley for the Dual Nano SIM slot is placed.

At the bottom there is the main microphone, the USB Type-C input and the system speaker grid, while the upper one houses the infrared sensor, the secondary microphone for the reduction of ambient noise and finally, the mini Jack input.

On the front, however, we find the sensor of brightness and proximity, the headset, the secondary camera, the LED notification RGB and finally, the central home key with integrated fingerprint reader, flanked by two soft touch keys.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Display

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5C is equipped with a display IPS da 5.15 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD, density of 428 ppi, 550 nits and curved glass of 2.5D type.

La brightness of this panel is really incredible, the colors I'm very faithful and comparable to those of a display AMOLED.

Xiaomi Mi 5C

Unlike the latter, however, i neri turn out to be a bit too bright and you can see it especially when viewing the unit from extreme angles.

Obviously we could make some minor color changes in the dedicated menu within the settings.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Hardware and performance

As already said in the opening, the Xiaomi Mi 5C is the first device of the Chinese company to mount the new one chipset product in-house, Or the Xiaomi Surge S1.

We are talking about a SoC realized at 28 nm and including a CPU octa-core Cortex-A53 set to a maximum of 2.2 GHz. The graphic part is entrusted to the ARM GPU Mali-T860 MP4, assisted by 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3-933 dual channel e 64 GB XMMUM eMMC memory.

The smartphone is reactive, fluid and app opening happens quickly, but not instantly. On a performance level it can be compared to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or to a MediaTek Helio P20.

Il multitasking it is perfectly managed and does not present problems even in the use of applications left in the background.

During the various tests I have found some microlag and a overheating during charging or during more complex and energy-intensive operations.

As regards the Gaming, the graphics processor behaves well. The frame rate is not at the highest levels, but it is fairly constant and we did not find big problems in opening more challenging games like Asphalt 8 o Real Racing 3.

No problem not even as regards the web browsing with Google Chrome.

Here we leave you all the results obtained in our tests benchmarking.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Photographic quality

On board the Xiaomi Mi 5C we find a rear camera with sensor OmniVision OV12870 da 12 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.2, autofocus PDAF e LED flash.

 The Scatti made are a total good, in conditions of favorable brightness are obviously better, but even in the evening the sensor behaves quite well.

In these cases the background noise can be noticed making a zoom, but we must always report these results to its price range.

Il Flash LED manages to adequately illuminate the scene and is powerful enough.

In situations of good light, i colors I'm faithfully represented and quality of Scatti è very good. I noticed, however, that the focus it is not very reactive and it takes a little too much time to do his duty.

Frontally we find a sensor from 8 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0 e zoom 4x.

Also in this case, i Selfie I'm very good e well detailed. In the evening the quality drops and it is easy to take blurred photos. Furthermore, thanks to the opening f / 2.0 the shots are always quite bright.

Recall also that the beauty mode presents many (perhaps too many) settings to be exploited to the fullest.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Full HD video test

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Audio

The sound reproduced by the lower speaker is good, both as a volume and as a frequency range.

In fact, the latter is reproduced fairly faithfully, although the high frequencies rather than the low ones are preferred. Finally, the sound è clean e defined.

The situation improves while listening to headphones, ensuring more quality, power and a greater balance.

Good audio too headset capsule and in speakerphoneIn fact, we did not find any particular problems with our interlocutors.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Connectivity

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5C supports connectivity LTE Cat. 6 and the Dual SIM dual standby. On this front I have encountered various difficulties. In fact, this smartphone has some problems di connectivity with the Italian networks, As it does not have the 20 band and moreover, even when the device signals us browsing in H in reality it is as if we were sailing in Edge.

So outside the large population centers, where I easily hooked the 4G with Vodafone, I could not use the data network properly.

Also carrying out the unlocking the bands (find the guide on ours official forum) the situation does not change.

After installing the MultiROM (which allows you to enable the frequencies necessary for navigation in 3G) the situation has improved, allowing us to use the device under normal conditions. Despite this, the results were not entirely satisfactory.

As regards the 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac Dual band, the connection is good and is quickly engaged. To complete the connectivity we find the Bluetooth 4.1 and the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS. The satellite navigation it is reliable, characterized by excellent precision thanks to the integrated compass and a reactive signal fix.

Il fingerprint reader it is integrated within the button Home and remember a lot that already seen on the Xiaomi Mi 5. Just like the latter, you will first need to wake up the display and then unlock the device with the footprint.

The sensor is quite fast in unlocking the device and also quite accurate. We can safely say that 8 times on 10 we can unblock it smoothly.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Software

The software with which it originally arrived there Xiaomi Mi 5C is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and customized with the proprietary interface MIUI 8.1 Stable.

La MIUI by now we know it very well, it is very fluid and customizable. At the time of ignition, however, we can only choose the English language (or Chinese) e there is no Play Store. So we should go and install all of them Google services manually.

The only sporadic problem that I continue to find is that related to notifications when the smartphone is in deep sleep. Locking the app in the background the situation improves, but sometimes it may happen that some notification is not reported.

For the rest theinterface è very complete at the level of customizations and, moreover, presents a modality Second Space really excellent. Thanks to it we can create a parallel space to separate work and private life. In this way you will seem to own a second smartphone!

Later we installed the MultiROM, Or a ROM which brought our device ad Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but above all, has enabled the frequencies of the 3G.

On the connectivity side the situation has improved, but we have encountered many difficulties in terms of performance. Indeed, i lag they have become more Frequently, but above all, more than once the smartphone is off suddenly.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Autonomy

Under the body of the new one entered the house Xiaomi we find a battery from 2860 mAh, which is justified by the measures contained on the smartphone.

Unfortunately autonomy is not one of the strengths of this Xiaomi Mi 5C because with an intense use it will be possible to perform at most 2 hours and 30 minutes di active screen.

If used much less intensively we can get an average of 3 hours and minutes 30 di active screen. An autonomy that does not convince very much, also thanks to the new processor of Xiaomi which, perhaps, is still not optimized on this front.

Xiaomi Mi 5C - Conclusions

In conclusion this Xiaomi Mi 5C it's definitely a device well done and from very pleasant design, But that it is not ready for our country yet because of the obvious problems encountered in connectivity.

For the rest we have got to test the first chipset product in-house da Xiaomi and it must be said that as a first attempt the results are average, but obviously there is still a lot to be reviewed, starting from overheating of the device up toautonomy.

You can buy the new one Xiaomi Mi 5C su To2C at the price of 239 €, to which you can apply one discount further by entering the following code: GIZCHINA.