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Ulefone Power 2, the smartphone we will talk about today, has one battery that could crown him like best buy between battery phone currently on the market. The battery is not enough, however, to make any device a best buy.

The whole system must have characteristics such as to justify such a prize, offering reliability and good optimization. Let's find out right away if this smartphone has what it takes to amaze, within our own Full review!

REVIEW - Ulefone Power 2 | 6050 wasted battery mAh!

Ulefone Power 2 - Sales Box

La package in which the smartphone is sold is completely black, with silver and red inserts to contrast. Inside the box we find:

  • Ulefone Power 2;
  • cable USB / micro-USB;
  • loader wall with Italian outlet and output also to 12V and 1.5A;
  • metal ring to hold the device firmly in your hand;
  • film additional for screen;
  • short manual of instructions also in Italian language;
  • for technology OTG;
  • lapel pin for the slot SIMs.;
  • hard cover in plastic with central part in leatherette.

Ulefone Power 2 - Materials

Le lines of this smartphone they are not absolutely original, at least for the front part. In his hand it is quite heavy, with his 210 grams which enclose a very large battery from 6050 mAh. It is not ergonomic in everyday use but the weight remains balanced, with the design of the back that helps the grip to a hand of the device. The general dimensions I'm from 155 x 77.6 x 9.9 mm.

Il body is entirely built in metal, except the two plastic bands for antennas. The general construction is good but inferiorly creaky a lot, above all pressing slightly on the plastic that covers the micro-USB port.

Il satin metal restrains lots fingerprints, while the front panel owns a discrete oleophobic treatment.

Ulefone Power 2 - Design

Later we find a camera from XMUMX mega-pixel and single led flash placed symmetrically poco lower. In high Only themini jack input for headphones while inferiorly find space on main microphone, USB / micro-USB port and system speaker. The left side hosts the trolley for SIM while that right il Power button and the volume rocker.

From the front glass has one curl 2.5D and is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3. The central button, slightly recessed into the structure, it is clickable and incorporates the typical functions of the soft touch keys. Inside it was also included a biometric sensor really satisfactory: it is not very fast in unlocking but recognizes our 10 fingerprint on 10.

In high are present, in addition to proximity and brightness sensors, camera from 8 mega-pixels, a notification LED and headset capsule.

Ulefone Power 2 - Display

Il it is a unit of matrix IPS from 5.5 diagonal inches, with resolution 1080 × 1920 pixels a 401ppi. The quality does not fully meet, because offers poco contrast e poorly vivid colors. I whites turn slightly to gray e blacks are absolutely poco deep, worse than those offered by the competition.

The panel still offers one very good feeling, even during the most stressful writing phases. In external environments, the smartphone is fairly good, but the brightness sensor it is a bit 'too much slow and cumbersome.

There are no options in the menu that are able to change the color rendering of the display, having to be satisfied with the aforementioned features.

Ulefone Power 2 - Hardware and Performance

The Ulefone Power 2 mounts a SoC MediaTek MT6750T, a processor octa-core with maximum clock frequency at 1.5GHz. Complete the hardware equipment one RAM from ben 4GB and a internal memory of 64GB, expandable to 256GB.

At a purely performance level, the smartphone returns one good experience, with application opening times absolutely in the average of the competitors and fairly satisfactory general fluidity. There RAM manages to keep many applications open, helping to make our operations faster. We have also tried the processor installed on this device on other terminals, providing comparable performance.

Il gaming department is entrusted to one Mali T-860 sufficient performance on this unit, on a par with those offered by competitors. The frame rate su Real Racing 3 è discrete and the minimum level of detail. In general, games, even the most performing ones, are enjoyable by most users.

Ulefone Power 2 - Benchmark

Ulefone Power 2 - Software

In the chapter related to the hardware I have not particularly unbalanced on the performance of this phone because I would have been able to do it better at this juncture. The problems come, in fact, when the software interfaces with the hardware equipment. At this point the optimization is fundamental, but Ulefone seems to have not paid too much attention to this aspect.

Before any argumentation it is necessary to say, however, that in this Power 2 resumes Android Nugget 7.0almost without customization. They have been implemented well 4 menu related to the gesture that work well on this smartphone. The system is updated and offers security patches very recent, dating back to the April 5 2017.

The application drawer is present and all system apps call MediaTek's stock interface. With one swipe diagonally, starting from the lower right corner, you can activate a pop-up menu that allows you to see the recent applications, fast actions and the main toggles. Furthermore, a system has been implemented on this system "floating" button thanks to which we can quickly activate a recording of the display, clean up the RAM, lock the screen or enter the game mode.

Ulefone Power 2 - Optimization and Bug

The optimization of this smartphone, as already mentioned, is not the best. There are many bugs in the system that do not offer a good experience. THE crash and of reboots of the system they are frequent and they happen even in less stressful moments, even when we are using the phone.

Previously we have appointed the presence of a pop-up menu, with which to quickly manage some options and that would be very useful if it worked continuously. In fact it often happens that our touches on the icons are not received, resulting unusable.

Other annoying bugs, afflicting Youtube and displaying video to 1080p, where the device shows lag and jamming a few seconds after starting the images. At lower resolution the problem does not persist. This error could depend on Youtube itself or on the network connection, which during the tests, however, proved to be reliable with all the other devices.

Inside theapplication , take photographs there is a circle showing the preview of the last shot. By clicking on it and rotating the screen to have the full screen image we will have the possibility to see our latest photos. In the event that we have deactivated the navigation bar, remaining slaves to the central button only, to go back it will be necessary to touch it only once. At this point the key will lose completely of sensitivity, ignoring our actions. The only way to get out of this situation is to click on the central button or activate the navigation bar, so you can go back to the previous pages.

Ulefone Power 2 - Web browsing

Beyond the defects mentioned in the web browsing is good, Both with Chrome that with the system browser. Although the benchmarks declare the advantage of the stock browser, I have to say that I did not notice this difference in the newspaper, traveling both equally. They are not very fast in loading multimedia content and occasionally lose a few touches. Actions such as scrolling and pinch-to-zoom take place quite smoothly and reactively.

Ulefone Power 2 - Camera

Later this Ulefone Power 2 comes with a sensor da 13 mega-pixels, interpolated digitally to Mega-pixel 16. By day i shots are discreet andHDR works very well, making colors more faithful. In night il sensor fatigue to focus and the rphotographic mood is very high. Even the single LED flash can not always return sharp pictures, not balancing the whites well and distorting the color rendering.

Front one is positioned camera from 8 mega-pixels, with interpolation up to 13 mega-pixel. Le photo returned are slightly above sufficiency, even if too much noisy and poco definite.

I video they are turned to one maximum resolution of Full HD to 30fps. Stabilization is better than that offered by many other competitors, with a slow autofocus but fairly effective.

Ulefone Power 2 - Audio

Lo speaker of the system at the bottom is poor in details, with absent bass, generally offering a sound poco full-bodied.

Il volume is not high, croaking slightly at high frequencies. The audio in headset improves the sound quality, offering more enjoyable performance. Even at the telephone level I remained poco satisfied, because the headset capsule from some disorder during calls, which, although slight, remains annoying.

Ulefone Power 2 - Connectivity

At the level of connectivity this device consists of a module 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n, with support to 2.4 / 5GHz. The coverage is good but a couple of times has fallen asleep, interrupting communication with the network while still being under connection. There 20 band for LTE is supported. With the 4G by Fastweb I have not found no network drop or noise. The sensors are completed Bluetooth 4.0 very reliable and a GPS / GLONASS precise and enough fast in hooking up to satellites. The SIM slot can receive two nano SIM or alternatively one micro SD and a Nano SIM.

Finally the device supports theOTG and is equipped with FM radio.

Ulefone Power 2 - Autonomy

Backed by 6050 mAh of battery this smartphone should largely withstand two days of use. But before giving any judgment on its performance we recall a couple of features:

  • da 5.5 diagonal inches with Full HD resolution, with 401ppi;
  • Android Nugget 7.0 installed;
  • CPU with production process a 28 nm.

Taking note of some of the most important features to ensure a certain autonomy I would have expected a better yield at almost 7 hours and 45 minutes of display lit. su 21 total hours of use. Not that they are few, mind you, but even using it in a slightly less stressful way strongly disappoints, failing to complete completely two days of continuous ignition. The single day will end it quietly, but it was legitimate to expect more from 6050 mAh.

Positive note is the full recharge which happens in about 2 hours, thanks to a loader coming out a 9V and 2A, with support to the PE 2.0 by MediaTek.

Ulefone Power 2 - Conclusions

This smartphone can not certainly be ranked as one of the best battery phone of recent times. But if on this side we would also have been able to be satisfied with an autonomy slightly below expectations, on the other it is incomprehensible how we did not take care to better optimize the whole system, returning an unreliable and unstable device.

I would have favourite hotel wait for more nougat and improve the relationship with one of the previous versions of Android, without the frantic rush to reach certain goals. For now it is rejected, hoping that future updates can improve performance and autonomy.

L'Ulefone Power 2 is available for purchase on GearBest about 164 €.

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