REVIEW - Dodocool DC28 USB Type-C hub with Ethernet adapter

Dodocool DC28

Il Dodocool DC28 it is the device that meets the requirements of the new standard USB Type-C, standard which is now increasingly gaining ground in the world of technology.

Dodocool DC28 - Sales Box

La package presents the classic recycled cardboard that winks at the environment.

Dodocool DC28

Inside of of it we find the minimum neededThese are:

  • Dodocool DC28 USB Hub;
  • instruction manual.

In short, there is what you need but nothing more.

Dodocool DC28 - Materials and construction

Il Dodocool DC28 comes with one construction alone plastic.

Dodocool DC28

La plastic in question returns a feeling "cheap", Inside it seems to be empty and this makes the usb hub poco stable on the plane despite i 4 grommets present in the lower part.

Dodocool DC28

La plastic used is not the best, in fact, retains a lot fingerprints and the dodocool logo seems to go away too easily.

Probably to reduce the costs of such a device have dropped to too many compromise.

Dodocool DC28 - Functionality

Il product in question is a usb hub Partner per PC o Mac with USB inputs Type-C.

L'Hub is equipped with:

  • 1 Usb Type-C Attack;
  • 3 Usb Type-A 3.0 Inputs;
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet input up to 5gbps;
  • 1 Usb Type-C input.

Dodocool DC28

Despite the Hub is a lot small e compact has a very good range of doors.

It also has a door Type-C to reload various devices that support this input.

I problems arise when connecting so many units toHub Dodocoolin fact, when under stress it will start to issue a hum typical from overload.

The door RJ45 Etherneton the other hand, it works well enough, as long as the device is not overloaded with work.

Dodocool DC28

Dodocool DC28 - Conclusions

The device of Dodocool could be ideal for those who want a USB hub with a good supply of doors, as long as you are willing to go down to some compromise.

Dodocool DC28

In short, for those with a MacBook or portatile with USB input Type-C and wants to expand its own range of ports in mobility could find in the Dodocool DC28 a valid choice to more expensive alternatives.