Anker Hub USB Type C & USB Type C-HDMI Adapter | Premium accessories with high portability! | REVIEW

The two Anker accessories that we will see in this review are objects premium and refined, for those looking for something more than just functionality and do not want to give up the touch of class. We are talking aboutUSB Type-C hub and dell 'USB Type-C to HDMI adapter.

Anker USB Type-C Hub & USB Type C-HDMI Adapter | The premium accessories with high portability! | REVIEW

Anker Premium Accessories - Sales Box

Both accessories present one package very clean. L'experience di unboxing returns that satisfying feeling that only products of a certain level can give.

Inside the pack ofUSB Type-C hub we find:

  • L'USB hub;
  • a little Pochette;
  • la fast guide;
  • badge Anker.

Instead inside the packaging ofUSB Type C-HDMI adapter we find:

  • USB Type C-HDMI adapter;
  • la fast guide;
  • badge Anker.

In short, there is everything you need.

Anker Premium accessories - Materials and construction

Il strength of these two products is undoubtedly theirs constructive quality.

They are built both entirely in aluminum, from minimal design it's a lot compact. The lines, sharp but sinuous at the same time, wink at the design of the new MacBooks.

I connectors of both accessories Anchor return a sense of longevity thanks to them solid construction in aluminum.

- accessories they were designed to be flanked to un portatile more than a fixed computer, in fact, the cable of both accessories is very short.

Anker Premium Accessories - Functionality

L'USB-C hub has 3 3.0 USB inputs who do their job well, and even under stress they do not show signs of subsidence o strange buzzes due to overload.

Furthermore, there is aUSB Type-C output to be able to load other devices.
Probably a quarter could have been inserted into the body space USB input.

Il connector, as already announced, is of type C, therefore intended for the new type of laptops equipped with this input. THE'HDMI adapterinstead, it comes with a single exit full size HDMI.

Also with connector di type C, intended more for use for Apple products, however other devices with video output via Type-C are supported.

Anker Premium Accessories - Conclusions

In short, without a doubt the two Anker accessories wink to the users of the Apple world who want to make sense of continuity al design of their products.

Anchor, this time too, she managed to do a good job with these two products premium.

In case you are interested in buying, both products are available on The Amazon, With l 'USB Type-C hub at the price of 44,99 € and the adapter USB Type C-HDMI a 19,99 €.

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