Huawei P10 Plus: when the power is not everything! | REVIEW

Finally we could get our hands on the new top of the range Huawei P10 Plus, a Smartphone definitely interesting, at the top for so many features and that has us convinced but not completely; presented together with P10 during the MWC in Barcelona, has arrived on the Italian market in recent weeks. With level hardware with very high performance and a collaboration with Leica which also continues in this new series.

Huawei P10 Plus: when the power is not everything! | REVIEW

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Huawei P10 Plus 6

The sales box shows up identical to what was seen with P10, a white hardcover that opens on the front like a casket, inside it we can find:

  • Huawei P10 Plus;
  • un wall charger with support for quick charging;
  • a rigid plastic case;
  • earphones Huawei classics;
  • pine to remove the SIM cart;
  • USB / USB-C cable;
  • manuals varies.

Design and Materials

Huawei P10 Plus 1

Needless to turn around, the design of this P10 Plus is very anonymous, a generational change quite marked by the manufacturer with the biometric sensor that moves on the front (a choice that may or may not like), the company brand that disappears totally from the front; one of the main symbols of the company, therefore, fails to make room for a linear front and at the same time lacking in personality.

Huawei P10 Plus 8

Le dimensions of the smartphone are from 153,5 x 74,2 x 7 mm thick and, thanks to this and the weight contained in only 165 grams, the phone offers us excellent sensations: it is a pleasure to hold it in your hand; there battery it's good 3750 mAh, a quantity theoretically sufficient to cover the day.

At the bottom we can find the speaker, the first microphone and the door USB Type-C; on the left side the trolley is placed of the SIM and micro SD cards (in the European variant, in the Chinese one we have, we have 2 SIM Nano or as an alternative a Nano SIM and a micro SD); the top features the according to microphone to mitigate noises and rustles, flanked by the infrared port, which will allow us to use our smartphone as a remote control thanks to dedicated applications; ls right side, finally, presents the volume keys and power button, characterized by a coloration red, as we had already seen on P9 Plus.

On the front we find the display from 5.5 inches, biometric sensor to unlock the phone via Fingerprint, really fast and that, if necessary can be used as multi-function button. This, with a light pressure, allows you to go back, with a long press it brings you back to the home, with a swipe to the left or right opens the multitasking, replicating functions that we have already seen on other phones of other brands but always very appreciated; above it finds space there camera from 8 mega pixels, the loudspeaker grid with inside also the second cashier, the various sensors and Notification LEDs.

Huawei P10 Plus 7

On the back of Huawei P10 Plus we have one of the main features of the phone, the dual camera license plate Leica, which has a double sensor with 4 hybrid autofocus in 1 and double LED flash, in the center, then, we find the company logo.

P10 Plus is built really well, no uncertainty throughout the frame, the bodies they are well assembled and even putting pressure on the 4 corners there is no creaking and imprecision; the quality is seen and felt on this top of the range.

Reception and telephone part

We could skip this part, because Huawei has always offered certainties to its customers in this area: the phone, in fact, it takes well but most of all, it takes everywhere. The reception of this smartphone is really crazy, even next to the Galaxy S8 + there is no match, in a classic parking lot of a shopping center on the -2 floor, P10 Plus managed to navigate easily, while S8 + was without any kind of signal; connectivity is truly complete, with LTE up to 450 Mbps, dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, infrared port, GPS with GLONASSin short, nothing is missing from the appeal.

Very good too call quality, both in speakerphone that through capsule the interlocutor hears us very well. To signal an audio during the call almost from fixed telephony, with a very good isolation that allows us to hear the call in a very clear way. Moreover, even with a dancer signal, the conversation never falls.

Hardware and Performance

Did you look for a quick and snappy device? Get comfortable. Huawei does not contradict and, of course, even on P10 Plus we find the "classic" octa-core Kirin HiSilicon 960  with a maximum clock of 2.4 GHz, a GPU Mali G71MP8, 6 GB di RAM and an internal memory from well 128 GB, expandable through micro SD.

P10 Plus is fluid, indeed, more it's a sliver, by memory I do not remember a smartphone of the Chinese company so fast: the maturation of its chipset, the software optimization, and the speed of the transitions have led to a satisfying user experience, without giving up anything.

The playful side is a hoot, Real Reacing 3 and all the classic reference games posnson be enjoyed optimally, with no loss of frames, no micro lag, no uncertainty; even if you put the smartphone under stress he is not afraid of rivals, no abnormal heating in the back, with phone temperatures hovering around 33 / 34 degrees when put under pressure.

The memory is of type UFS 2.1, thanks to which we will be able to move large files without any problem; the same will also allow us to use apps dedicated to post production of photos and videos, without having to put up with infinite expectations.


  • Antutu 141429
  • Geekbench Single Core 1865
  • Geekbench Multicore 6406
  • BasemarkOS 2629 in Overall


We come to the EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0 Nougat: code name "maturity", A very complete software, very few things are missing to the appeal, in our unit, being of Chinese import, we found some applications not suitable for our country (quietly uninstallable) and moreover we had to install the Google Play Store (in a very simple way) through HiApp.

L'Huawei interface, over time, it has become very light, fluid in every department but above all Assessment; the various pre-installed apps are also useful in everyday use, excellent possibility of let the user choose if you keep active theapp drawer of applications or not.

Within the settings we can choose a lot of customizations: interesting the possibility of showing us the display data consumption, network speed and set i navigation keys. We can choose indeed, if using the front button (as we have already described above) or the on-screen keys.

Android 7.0 Nougat he definitely has influenced this change, the transitions are fast, the notification bar is one of the most beautiful, graphically speaking, of the whole Android panorama.


Huawei P10 Plus 07

Huawei P10 Plus has a very interesting photographic section from her, with one double camera in the back of the device. There are two sensors, one from 12 mega-pixel RGB, the other from Mega-pixel 20 in black and white, for both we have lenses 27 mm with focal opening f / 1.8 stabilized and marked LEICA SUMMILUX.

On the front we find a sensor from 8 mega-pixels, with f / 1.9 focal aperture and autofocus.

Il software which manages these rooms is really complete that, in addition to the sensors themselves, it is the basis of quality guaranteed. Through some swipes we can have access to the various settings menus, the same ones we will need to structure our photograph. The modality is interesting Pro, thanks to which it will be possible to shoot manually, choosing ISO, opening and anything else that can be expected from this mode.

Here are some shots taken with Huawei P10 Plus

Although for many it might seem useless shoot in black and white, as there are software that allow us a fast post production, but Huawei instead aims a lot on this aspect.

Already at a first approach, in fact, the shot monochrome to 20 mega-pixel it's from effect WOW: good exposure, excellent contrasts, but what is striking is the quality. Also going to make a crop, the image does not suffer from obvious noise.

As for the sensor RGB, they are 12 i mega-pixels, excellent function of refocus image and, thanks to this double cam, you can also zoom in 2X without losing quality, a very useful function if we want to shoot, for example, a portrait.

The photos are good, quality can be seen in many areas, even if it is not all gold that glitters; di notteIn fact, the shots are not at the same level and a top of the range, to define itself as such, should guarantee more. The new Samsung have raised the bar even in poor light conditions, where P10 Plus fa a lot of effort and the photos are just enough, presenting a lot of noise, really a pity.

Huawei P10 Plus 13

La front camera works well, 8 mega-pixels they are largely sufficient to satisfy users, autofocus guarantees us great photos even when the lights are lowered, trying to avoid unpleasant blurring.

As regards the video they can be registered in 4K to 30 fps, or Full HD to 60 fps. In both definitions la quality is improvable, L 'autofocus it is not soft and fluid during a quick change, the optical image stabilization leaves too many flickers during recording.


La battery is 3750 mAh, a really excellent capacity when compared to the thickness: in just 7 mm we have the possibility to find a capacious battery. In reality, however, autonomy proves to be very fluctuating and, with our usual use of stress, we almost always stopped just under the 5 hours of active display, with two active SIMs.

A lot of power and a high resolution display are not easy to tame and, even if through the software there is the possibility to activate the various energy saving modesobviously we should inevitably compromise. We hope that with some updates it will also improve battery stability.

Display and Multimedia

The display mounted on this P10 Plus is of the IPS LCD type, has a diagonal from 5.5 inches, a resolution QHD, and a density of pixel equal to 534 ppi. The whole is, then, protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

You can see well under direct sunlight, every content is usable without any problem, the proximity sensor acts smoothly at every change of light; in short, if you are looking for a good one IPS LCD, this it could theoretically be right for you.

Huawei P10 Plus 11

Theoretically: we did not choose this term at random. This is because the oleophobic treatment on this panel is to be reviewed (it is not certain that the treatment is due only to the Chinese version in our possession, being different from the international one). Huawei must necessarily run for cover: the display is continuously dirty, the fingerprints are on the order of the second rather than the day. In short, the images speak for themselves: if on the one hand the display like for image quality and depth, on the other there disappoints and not poco for oleophobicity. On an absolute top of the range like this, such a thing is not tolerable.

The department is really great multimedia thanks to the double speaker: the audio is level, the stereo effect allows us to enjoy our multimedia contents without compromise. In short, a good movie or video on YouTube will present a strong, clear and full-bodied audio.


Huawei P10 Plus iscertainly a good phone. The telephone part is excellent, excellent materials but most of all, is a device balanced in many departments.

Huawei P10 Plus 1

If on one side Samsung, with its release systems, has been criticized, Huawei with its lightning-fast sensor it has only to teach. In everyday life, being able to unlock your phone at this speed makes the difference in the workplace. Thanks to the central button you can enjoy the entire surface of the panel by eliminating the keys on the screen, excellent implementation. The camera needs some small software updates, and certainly over the months will be updated, so as to eliminate those small uncertainties that are present today.

Huawei P10 excels where perhaps it was not expected: we talk and have talked a lot about Snapdragon 835, of its incredible computing power, but this HiSilicon Kirin 960, produced directly by Huawei, with i 6 GB of RAM I'm a security, showing speed and fluidity in every situation.

In choosing a top of the range, however, the play a fundamental role, and the Huawei P10 Plus does not have a display at the height of the competition. Not so much for the quality, possessing IPS LCD with very deep and well-calibrated colors, but for having to constantly clean and clean the panel, which is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Il design, as such, it is subjective, the front perhaps too anonymous has taken away something of the company: it must be said that the precious materials that satisfy us in everyday use.

In short, this is currently a smartphone not for everyone seen also the very high price at the moment. If you are looking for a phone Android balanced and concrete, being able go down to some compromise by price and display, then this Huawei P10 Plus can really do it for you.

You find it, in Asian version with double SIM card, starting from 860 € on Multistore of the Zazza.

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