elePhone shows us the animation of the recharge of its next ELE UI!

elehone ELEUI ELE UI

As is also happening for other Chinese producers, elephone has decided to abandon the interface, almost completely overlapping ad Android stock, installed on its devices to move to one Proprietary UICalled ELE UI.

elePhone shows us the animation of the reload of his next ELE UI!

Today, to show us that i jobs on this ROM I am in full swing, is the same company to show us some short frames dell 'recharge animation, which slightly resembles what we can find on the latest Huawei. Moreover, thanks to these images, we can also give a look what will be the lock screen of the elePhone user interface.

ELEUIL'animation appears to be simple, but colorful and pleasant, the same is very simple lock screen. We therefore hope that this is only one good starting point a functional and pleasant user interface to use.

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