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dodocool hi-res earphones

In the last weeks we have had the chance to try the earphones dodocool Hi-Res, let's find out how it went in our review!

Earphones dodocool Hi-Res

We open the "package"

To define "minimal" the packaging proposed by dodocool is to say the least poco an understatement.

We are talking, in fact, about one small zippered case in which we will find i spare tires, a little instruction booklet and, obviously, i earphones.

Earphones dodocool Hi-Res

Materials & Design

The two earbuds they are assembled with one aluminum alloy, mixed with parts in thermoplastic material, which guarantees a feeling of extreme solidity.

Aesthetically the earphones dodocool they will not be the maximum of originality but, thanks to the red / black contrast, they are very pleasing to the eye.

Two details to report: i inclined products for a better "wearability" inside the ear canal and the two earhook slightly larger of normal.

Personally I appreciated the particolarme fit goals. of earhook because they donate one exceptional stabilityinside the ear without compromising comfort.

Earphones dodocool Hi-Res

Technical Sheet

Unlike other brands, I have to congratulate dodocool for providing a complete product data sheet, which is not always taken for granted.

Click here for the technical data sheet!

Materials: Aluminum alloy + ABS + PC + TPE
CertificationsHi-Res Audio, FCC, CE, RoHS
Thickness of the Mylar: Titanium diaphragm, 6μ
Driver diameter: 9 mm (dynamic)
Impedance: 16 Ohm
SPL output: 100 ± 4dB
Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 45 kHz
Noise Isolation: -23 dB
Microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 4dB
Cable length: Approx. 1.2 m
Weight/size: Approx. 17 g

Earphones dodocool Hi-Res

The Hi-Res brand - The audio

Il brand Hi-Res is granted by Japan Audio Society only to those devices that respect certain requirements and exceed one "Listening Evaluation".

Starting from this premise it is expected at least that the product we are going to try is a span above the main ones competitors. Well, i earphones dodocool Hi-Res do not disappoint expectations.

From a "technical" point of view the earphones they have all passed our stress tests, holding up optimally each frequency over the entire range proposed by the specifications and resulting well balanced.

The basses are full-bodied, well definedpunchy, with poco effect bleeding. Same to you excellent is the yield of medium and high, almost always well distinguishable in the high definition files used in our tests.

wanting make a comparison, I can say that the earphones proposed by dodocool they are seconds, for now, only at new Hybrid of Xiaomi which, thanks to an even more accurate equalization can make better the high (do not forget, however, that the latter are tri-drivers).

If we add one to this excellent sound insulation, for an really "overbearing" volume and a "telephone" sector that has never given me communication problems, I would say that these Hi-Res earphones area of dodocool are promoted in full!

Earphones dodocool Hi-Res


There is nothing to say, dodocool he did a really good job with these earphones, whose strengths are definitely theexceptional fit, sound quality and price.

Currently, in fact, we can buy them on Amazon a 22,99 €, for an really cheap price for some earphones that they could easily cost more.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that they are periodically discounted by 50% it's at 11,99 €, they are really gifts!

Recommended to ...

... Who loves to listen high quality music during the sessions of jogging, they would be perfect for you, they certainly would not fall for you and you would have no problem.

To those who do not intend to run but he does not want to spend a blunder for a pair of headphones, well, le dodocool they are for you!

And you? Did you try them? If you own them or are willing to buy them leave us a feedback in the comments! See you next review!

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