REVIEW - UMi Z | Top of the range, with some deburring

UMi Z is the last top of the range company that now faces the market with a new name, UMIDIGI. At the launch, the past top of the range of UMi offered slightly lower prices than that proposed for this latest model, but this is accompanied by a better quality and greater attention to detail. The innovations introduced are not few, so do not waste time and let's discover them together, inside ours Full review!

REVIEW - UMi Z | Top of the range, with some deburring

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UMi Z - Sales package

Il box of sale reveals a soul of a product premium, with the stitching of the UMi logo in gold color. Inside we find:

  • UMi Z;
  • cable USB / Type-C in red coloring;
  • loader wall with Italian outlet and support to PE di MediaTek;
  • brief manual of instructions also in Italian;
  • lapel pin for the removal of the SIM slot.

UMi Z - Design and Materials

The shell is made with a single body in metal satin, which slips easily from the hands. The dimensions generals are from 156 x 76 x 8.2 mm thick weight, well distributed, of 175 grams.

L'assembly it is good but not one of the best, because the upper part, in some parts, is not well pasted to the body, doing a little play.

Le bands rear for the reception of the antennas they are in champagne coloring and appear to be well integrate in general design. The milling, which run along the entire perimeter, are of ottima qualità.

The back of the smartphone is characterized by the presence of a slide which contains the camera and the system of laser focusing. This is accompanied by a flash, formed by well 4 LEDs, and the microphone for the suppression of the hiss, integrated into the plastic band.

On the side right the space is found Power button and volume balance while on that one left has been integrated SIM slot. In bass, UMi decided to place the main microphone, USB / Type-C connector and system speaker. The frame high instead, it hosts the entrance mini jack from 3.5 mm for headphones.

From the front the design recalls that of terminals already on the market, also due to the shape of the central button, not at all original. These, by the way, is slightly built-in in the front glass but it is not clickable, simply by acting as a button soft touch. Below the surface contains a biometric sensor, precise but not fast. On the sides, even if not reported, are hidden back button and menu key.

In high they find space front camera, headset capsule, the proximity and brightness sensors, un RGB LED and Selfie Softlight, a front LED used for the flash function.

UMi Z - Display

The display is a panel produced by Sharp, of matrix IPS, from 5.5 diagonal inches with resolution Full HD a 401ppi. This unit, as stated by the manufacturer should guarantee one saturation of colors greater and in fact the result is discreet. The chromatic range is well reproduced, with Bianchi also good ma neri which tend, as usual, to veer too much towards the Grey.

However, the settings offer the possibility to change the color calibration via Miravision, always full of features.

The front glass, a Dragontrail resistant to shock e scratch, is equipped with a curvature 2.5D. The capacitive touch è reactive although, personally, I would have expected a slightly higher fluidity. THE reflexes, although present in the use under the sun, do not affect too much on the experience of use, despite the panel retain many fingerprints.

UMi Z - Hardware and Performance

Il processor mounted on this UMi Z is the new Helio X27 of MediaTek a 64-bit, for an deca-core characterized by the presence, among others, of two cores ARM Cortez-A72 from 2.6 GHZ. To this is added one RAM by well 4 GB and one storage internal di 32 GB, with memories eMMC5.1. It is also possible to expand the memory using micro SD, Up to 64 GB.

La CPU it has proven itself fast in daily use and even below stress does not present critical issues. Access to uses it is not lightning but, immediately after theaperture of the same, it is possible to navigate without no lag. Also the RAM è promoted, keeping enough apps in memory. There GPUfinally, it is one Mali T-880 MP4 to 875 MHz. In the gaming sector, the speed of loading are excellent and, regarding the gameplay, the smartphone offers discreet fluidity, with a very satisfactory level of detail.

UMi Z - Benchmark

UMi Z - Software and Browser

Il work it's fast and fluid also thanks to the presence of software almost devoid of customizations. On board we find installed, in fact, Android Marshmallow 6.0 in version stock, with security patches updated to the 5 January 2017. A few days ago arrived updating that did not, in fact, modified the final experience, waiting for the company to release soon nougat.

The interface offers the application drawer, Google search bar at the top and some additional items within the accessibility menu and settings. The keys can be used home, back and multitasking on the screen or set the soft touch ones, so as to have a wider view of the contents. The Notification LED è customizable, but in a very limited way.

La web browsing it's more than that sufficient, with Chrome that at the level of performance wins a few points on the system browser. I uploads of the pages are veloci, perhaps employing a few moments in the rendering of multimedia contents. Operations like it scrolling, pinch-in e pinch-out they follow our movements faithfully.

UMi Z - Photography

L'interface graphics of the camera was, with great pleasure, modified compared to the stock offered by MediaTek. The main functions are always immediate and easy to reach and there are various options shooting, including the one where you can change many parameters Manually. The sensor photographic back it's a S5K3L8 da 13 mega-pixels, Manufactured by Samsung. The tip and snap offers images from saturated colors and with little grain in the background also in night, where i contours I'm slightly kneaded and shine DON'T burn too much the scene. There speed shooting is a lot good, even with the use ofHDR, which sometimes I found a bit 'too much invasive in color management.

I four LED flashes hinds are sufficient to illuminate a good portion of the scene, discretely balancing the whites.

Il front sensor and the same of the back one and offers the same quality, being also equipped with a Softlight Flash which, however, is almost superfluous on most occasions.

UMi Z - Video

In this area, unfortunately, we are meeting serious problems. Mind you, the smartphone turns to resolution 1080p and at most in 4K but, with this resolution we will run into numerous problems once the video file is sent to PC or Mac. On these platforms, in fact, and exclusively in 4K Video they are not reproducible or rather, some players are able to reproduce them but with the presence of lots of artifacts. Reason for which it was not possible to load the video demo in 4K.

UMi Z - Connectivity

The smartphone analyzed today supports the double nano SIM, with connectivity LTE to 300 Mbps and with 20 band included. The the memory internal is expandable via micro SD, but with this inserted we will have to renounce to the use of the double SIM.

The other modules present are Dual band 802.11 a / b / g / n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 e Integrated GPS. The 4G from Vodafone he did not give no problem, cosím come il Wi-Fi, showing a coverage in medium. notifications they have always been punctual, also on the 2 Mi Band in my possession, thanks to the excellent Bluetooth connection of the smartphone. The GPS, except for some initial indecision due to the reception of the signal, it has been shown reliable on every occasion.

UMi Z - Audio

Lo speaker low place offers a high volume but a quality not excellent, resulting poor in depth and with bassi completely absent. UMi has also equipped its own device with a audio chips dedicated, the NXP-TFA9890.

I vocal tracks they return tones kneaded, which often do not allow the artist's voice to be distinguished from 100%.

from headset capsule the sound is clean and conversations do not suffer from problems related to acoustic quality. Obviously, both are telephone calls that listening to music improve sensibly with own earphones connected. It is also present FM radio.

UMi Z - Autonomy

THEautonomy of UMi Z is guaranteed by one battery da 3780 mAh, produced by Sony. The loader supplied wall allows you to take advantage of the quick charge Pump Express di Mediatek, thanks to'output to 12V ad 1.25A. This allows you to upload from 0 to 100 in about hour and minutes 50. A day on average stressful surpasses it discreetly, arriving at the 8 and half in the evening with an additional 25% of remaining battery, with 5 hours on screen turned on su 11 approximately hours of total use. If used even more intensively, even taking advantage of games for prolonged periods, it is difficult to arrive at dinner time before it is discharged.

After use intenseHowever, this device tends to heat, reaching on some occasions temperatures that feel quite high to the touch.

UMi Z - Conclusions

The smartphone, as already anticipated, has a price slightly more high compared to that of other tops of the UMi range. THE'reliability and quality they are not, however, still at the top and it is really difficult for now to claim that this company has reached other devices in its price range. You can only wait for hope in updating nougat, which UMi promised will arrive also on this smartphone, as long as the work on the software is good especially in terms of optimization.

In case you are interested, it will be possible to buy theUMi Z su GearBest a 219,75 € in the colors Gray e Golden.

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