REVIEW - Leagoo Talk Band | A smartband really ... Smart!

many smartband today they use the same concept of design, a simple bracelet with a display set, but when theelegance marry the features here is what comes out of it Leagoo Talk Band.

Leagoo Talk Band - Sales Box

La box with which the Talk Band it is sold surprisingly clean.

L'casket opening it is very reminiscent of a precious clock.

Inside we find:

  • The Talk Band;
  • Usb-MicroUsb cable;
  • Information booklet;

Just the minimum indispensable.

Leagoo Talk Band - Materials and Construction

La Talk Band di Leagoo it presents itself in elegant clothes, clean in the smallest details and with materials very respectable.

Il strap is made like leather and both feedback and good feedback.

The accommodation for the small display presents a brushed aluminum pleasing to the eye.
Il instead, it is totally built in plastic.

Plastic that captures several reflexesin fact, outdoors or with strong lights visibility results difficulty, under normal light, however, no problem.

But where is the particularity of this smartband?

Through two buttons placed on the bracelet we can extract the and turn it into a real one earphone, equipped with double microphone.

Leagoo Talk Band - Functionality

La Talk Band by Leagoo it is equipped with technology Bluetooth 4.0 and also of vibration.

Through the UI on the Talk Band you can view:

  • Basic info;
  • Counting steps;
  • Calories burned;
  • Stopwatch function;

It's possible slide among the functions on the Talk band through the touch display or by moving the bracelet in the desired direction.

However it is not possible to turn it on simply by touching it, you will have to use the dedicated button.

Another way to be able turn on the display is that of carry out un movement natural to bring it to the eye.

Detaching the from home during one call we will immediately succeed in reply.

La quality some microphones it's good but not excellent, instead the audio from the capsule integrated is really of excellent quality.

The Talk band can hold the Bluetooth signal up to 3 meters as the crow flies, after which it warns us of the disconnection.

Leagoo Talk Band - Companion App

As with many smartphones in this category, Leagoo has equipped the package insert of a QR code which allows us to download theWhatsapp very easily.

L'application comes with a design minimal, simple and pleasant to use.

Upon first opening, you will be asked to log in using your ID or with a Google account.

Later he will ask us ours extracted data and goals we want to reach.

In main home we will meet again statistics basis of the day, you can also see them in one graphic detailed simply tapping.

In the left hand curtain we will find the various ones settings and the basic info of the Talk Band.

The possibility of being very appreciated regular la brightness of .

The only lack real is that relating to statistics dedicated to sonno, however it is a function that could come with software updates.

Leagoo Talk Band - Autonomy

Leagoo has equipped his Talk Band of a battery da 100mah.

Unfortunately, perhaps because of the 4.0 bluetooth, autonomy is not his workhorse.

We will manage to cover the day without worries but we will not go any further; at the end of the evening, in fact, we will have to reload for the next day.

Despite all the recharge it's enough fast, we will then find the Talk band carica in about 45 minutes.

Leagoo Talk Band - Conclusions

La Talk Band di Leagoo it's a pretty product particolare proposed at a price of approx 70 € su Banggood.

It might please those looking for a refined design ed elegance while not giving up smart functionality.

The possibility of becoming a bluetooth headset it is definitely its strong point.

With sleep statistics and better autonomy it would certainly have been much more complete than it already is.

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