REVIEW | Fonesalesman MusiQi: 3-in-1 of great quality!


Until today we tended to consider Bluetooth speakers and charging bases as two different types of products. Fone Salesman has reversed this trend and presented Musiqi trying to group multiple categories into one device. How are you? Let's find out together in this new complete review.

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The sales package looks like a brown cardboard cylinder. Inside we find:

  • Musiqi;
  • a small travel case;
  • user manual in English.


Design and materials:

MusiQi looks like a baby aluminum cylinder which immediately highlights the excellent construction quality of the product. The design is very clean and essential, with clear and geometric lines.

The front of the device only sees the presence of a LED that signals the connection with the smartphone and a microphone for hands-free calls. At the top we find the silicone pad for wireless charging while on the bottom side there are the keys to raise / lower the volume, pause a song or to answer a call.

The port for charging the device is located on the back and is of type micro-USB.

The peculiar characteristic, which I really appreciated by MusiQi, is the possibility of rotating the upper part to your liking, in order to get the ideal angle of use of the smartphone. The mechanism gives back a feeling of solidity and excellent quality.


The louvers of the loudspeaker, however, are located in the junction between upper and lower part of the device and let us see the cash box.


Pairing with your smartphone is really simple and intuitiveIn fact, it will be enough to turn on your MusiQi and activate Bluetooth on your device. By accessing the relevant screen, it will only be necessary to select the speaker as the source and the game will be done.


MusiQi is a trivalent product: it can be used simply as one stand for your smartphone, like one wireless charging base (if your device is supported) or again as one Bluetooth speaker.

Avoiding to dwell too much on the first aspect that, clearly, does not return any kind of problem, it is good to analyze the operation of the wireless charging.

Using a Galaxy S7 Edge as reference device, I never had any problems during the test and, once I put the smartphone on the adhesive surface, it always loaded the device without problems. Attention that fast charging is not supported (the maximum output is from 1A), so it may take a few hours for a full charge (in my case approx 3 hours and minutes 30). In addition, to be able to charge your phone the MusiQi must be connected via the rear micro-USB port.

Very scenic, however, the Circular blue LED that turns on whenever we go to charge our smartphone.

Excellent also the quality of the integrated microphone at the front of the device that, for everyday use, always manages to give a very high and faithful sound to the interlocutor.


The only criticism concerns the surface of attack of the smartphone that, after a few weeks use, will turn out to be less adhesive. The solution is to go to humidify the pad with water and let it dry for a few minutes.



Regarding the operation of the chest from 5W, we must highlight its strengths and weaknesses: in general the volume is really very high and it will succeed without problems to cover rooms of large surfaces. The sound quality is more than good, with a presence of well-balanced highs. The same can not be said for the low tones that, at least from my point of view, I am too much accentuated.
Judging it on the whole, however, it is very small criticism that will not affect your use. 


The function keys are really very comfortable and make it much easier to use: by making a single pressure on the “-“ key, it will be possible to go and replay the desired track or, through a long tap, it will be possible to lower the volume. The same goes for the “+” key where, with a single tap, it will be possible to skip the track while, with a long press, you can go to raise the volume of the same.



The house declares an autonomy of approx 4 hours of continuous use in streaming audio, in line with what was found during my test. The charging is done via the micro-USB port at the back of the device and will be required about two hours for a full charge.

Conclusions and price:

In conclusion, MusiQi is a product that has convinced me from all points of view.
Clearly it is not a problem-free product (see slow charge and an audio department not at the top), but certainly has the merit of being able to revolutionize a market saturated with similar products, too similar to each other.


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