Review - Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Elegance also in a powerbank

Anchor, over time, a noteworthy name has been built, now considered synonymous with quality as regards accessories in general and these powerbanks PowerCore 5000 e 10400 I'm not far behind.

Review - Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Elegance also in a powerbank

Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Sales Box

Both packs I'm really a lot cured, both from the aesthetic point of view and the packaging.

Inside each package we find:

  • La Powerbank;
  • un sacchettinor for transportation;
  • un USB / Micro-USB cable;
  • a short one User Manual;
  • un ticket which invites us to release feedback on the product.

Without doubt, even if we do not find a particularly rich endowment, nothing strictly necessary is missing.

Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Materials and Construction

The two PowerCore they are built entirely in plastic, of excellent workmanship.

La construction results solid and there are no signs of sagging or creaking, even if the plastics hold several fingerprints.

Squeezing the PowerCore 5000, you have the feeling of holding a small ingot, leaving really a good feeling.

Il weight of the PowerCore 5000 is just 136 grams.

Anchor worked well on this and, in fact, the small powerbank does not even roll on itself, thanks to an excellent weight balance.

La PowerCore 10400instead, it is bigger and bigger heavy, in hand seems almost to keep a brick, but the feeling is pleasant.

Despite its capacity, it is however quite contained both as regards the  dimensions in that weight, comparing it to similar powerbank: we speak in fact of only 240 grams.

Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Functionality

As can also be seen from the name, the PowerCore 5000 is equipped with 5000 mAh and PowerCore 10400 is therefore equipped with 10400 mAh.

I times effective to recharge the powerbank with a 2A charger (starting from the completely discharged device) are:

  • PowerCore 5000 - 3 hours;
  • PowerCore 10400 - 6 hours and 30 minutes;

According to the tests carried out, the estimated charge real is respectively of 4000 mAh e 9800 mAh, however, not bad.

Both powerbanks are equipped with IQ chip, which allows you to top up to 2A the connected devices, adjusting according to the needs of the loaded devices. We need to make a small note, though: technology IQ it does not support fast charging Qualcomm.

The PowerCore 5000 is equipped with a single input USB Type-A for charging devices.

The PowerCore 10400, unlike its younger sister, is equipped with a doppio input USB Type-A.

Both have an input Micro-USB which allows you to recharge them.

On every powerbank we also find a button, when pressed the i LED  that will show us the residual charge. When this is almost exhausted, the last LED  remained lit will start to blink, indicating the need for a new refill in a simple but, at the same time, clear.

Anker PowerCore 5000 and 10400 - Conclusions

Anchor he did without any doubt a good job with these two PowerCore. Support for technology would have been welcome too Quick Charge di Qualcomm, but this could be a non-transcendental problem especially for those who do not have devices compatible with this technology.

Furthermore, if the Plastics they had held back less fingerprints it would have been really ideal but we are still talking about finesses that do not negatively affect the performance of the power banks.

So it is advised the purchase? Absolutely! You can find these two devices for sale on Amazon respectively 13,99 €, in the case of Anker PowerCore 5000,  20,99 € in the case of Anker PowerCore 10400.

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