Review - Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 Mechanical Keyboard - Small but with great qualities

After the advent of numerous mechanical keyboards Chinese low-cost, Xiaomi has decided to say its churning out, for users who love the minimal and modern design, Xiaomi Yuemi MK01.
But let's discover it together in the details.

Review - Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 Mechanical Keyboard - Small but with great qualities

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Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 - Sales Box

within the white hardcover we find the bare minimum, that is:

  • Keyboard;
  • cable USB-Micro USB;
  • brochure totally in Chinese.

Surely it would have been nice to find theextractor for the keys.

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 - Layout and Technical Specifications

The layout of the Yuemi MK01 is of American type from 87 keys, Then Tenkeyless.

Below the technical specifications:

  • Dimensions - 385 x 128 x 31.6 mm
  • Weight - 940 grams
  • Coloration - White
  • Refresh rate - 1000 Hz
  • Response time - 1 ms

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 - Materials and Construction

We need to applaud Xiaomi for making one keyboard that from the constructive point of view does not envy anything to top of the range of other price ranges.

The Yuemi MK01 returns a sense of solidity high, thanks toaluminum of which it is composed, and there are no crunches of sorts, even by exerting pressure on it.

The device interfaces with other devices thanks to a Micro-USB input.

Also the plate in glossy plastic, placed on the front, gives a feeling premium, which is related to price it's really remarkable.

However, the keyboard presents a key layout not linear, this means that, even raising i feet on the back, the writing is too small a pinch towards the top of the keyboard.

This factor obliges you to keep your hands in a position not very comfortable for long writing sessions.

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 - Mechanical keys and switches

The keyboard is equipped with one white backlight, adjustable in intensity thanks to the button FN and at directional darts.

Moreover, only under each function key we find one red backlight.

I keycaps present on the keyboard are manufactured by Xiaomi in ABS by 1,2 mm.

The peculiarity of this keyboard is undoubtedly the presence of the TTC Red switch.

The switches in question have one implementation force of just 45 grams and they are relatively soft and light compared to other switches.

Return one Bump decided and pleasant but to activate them it is not necessary to arrive until the end of the race; the TTC Red they try to mimic switch operation Topre.

A pleasant surprise was found in a type switch Black sotto at space bar, in order to make it "heavier" than the other keys.

Choice without doubt ingenious and apt from Xiaomi.

La writing it's enough noisy and satisfying; many may not like it but this is a factor relatively subjective.

Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 - Conclusions

Xiaomi has undoubtedly done a great job with this Yuemi MK01.
I strengths I'm definitely his design and its construction, together with the presence of excellent Switch.

Al price which is sold, on GearBest you can find it at 71,12 €, will surely delight many passionate users, especially design lovers minimal and elegant.

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