Meizu Smart Home is Meizu's new Weibo page

Meizu Smart Home

Meizu has created a new profile on the social network Weibo dedicated to its new smart home products suggesting that the company could soon announce a new series of smart gadgets.

On the page of Weibo A range of devices available for purchase are already listed, such as the smartband Meizu Band, a smart protective case for the Meizu MX6, headphones EPX, the floating speaker and so on.

Meizu logo

Meizu Smart Home: the company opens a new page on Weibo for its smart home products

We know that the Chinese company does not sell its products on a site similar to We Home di Xiaomi but rather often relies on third-party websites, such as Jingdong.

The floating speaker, for example, is a crowdfunding project available on Indiegogo. Even if the campaign is over, the Bluetooth speaker It can be purchased via the platform. Other devices, however, are available on the official website Meizu Mall.

Some products posted by the Chinese company on the new page of Weibo they are almost identical to those offered by Xiaomi in the past, such as one smart toothbrush, for an projector it's a air purifier.

Perhaps Meizu wants to adopt a marketing model similar to the one made by Xiaomi with its sub-brand Mijia. The latter brand, in fact, includes a series of products dedicated to the sector smart home.

Meizu logo

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