Choetech BH-003: race-proof bluetooth earphones! | Review


Choetec is a company founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of battery chargers (wired and wireless) for both Android and Apple devices. Like many other young companies (Anker, Aukey, TaoTronics and so on), however, over the years it has begun to "explore" other sectors of technology, diving to full in the chaos of the dozens of young companies "handyman" present today in the tech scene.

Today we will talk about the Choetech BH-003, bluetooth earphones designed primarily for jogging lovers without however renouncing one audio rendering really convincing, both for the price range (you can buy the product on a 23,99 €) and for the implementation of the Aptx codec.

Choetech BH-003


Choetech relies on a simple one packaged in recycled cardboard contained in a slide (still in cardboard) white on which we find a picture of the earphones and, on the back, some basic parameters.

Choetech BH-003

Once the box is opened, we will immediately find ourselves in front of the headphones, housed in a special mold under which the remaining equipment is placed:

- 4 pairs of earbuds additional in different sizes;
- 2 pairs of ear-hooks reserve, of different size;
- A small clip to which to fix the free part of the cable between the earphones, to further limit their movements during the race;
- A microUSB cable for recharging;
- A little User Manual, completely in English.

Choetech BH-003

A detail on which I want to dwell (usually it is precisely on the small things that differentiate the products of this price range, so I think it is important to make you notice) is that the stock earbuds are of two types. The white ones are made specifically for listening to music, slightly larger than the others, to ensure better insulation.

The other type, on the other hand, is designed differently, with a "double layer"(From the photos you will understand better) to make them adhere better to the ears to ensure (along with the ear-hooks) a greater adherence to our ear during the race.

Design and Materials

The earphones Choetech BH-003 they are built entirely in hard plastic, connection cable apart, which is instead in TPE.

As for the design, however, the earphones have one pleasant rounded shape, having a silver finish on the outside, which contains the company logo.

Il headset line è inclined (we do not know precisely how much, but we can suppose of the "classics" 45 °), a factor now considered important by almost all producers to ensure greater grip and comfort.

Choetech BH-003

We find one around the capsule groove with a small plastic clip on which we could lodge and hook our own ear-hooks.

A few centimeters poco further down from the right earpiece we will find the three-button controller, on which we will also find the led to 2 colors (blue and red) that will briefly show the battery status and the microUSB port for charging.

Choetech BH-003

In the user manual that you will find in the package there will be all the necessary information on the various controls, which we could use both as a controller for music and to answer / reject calls.

Technical Specifications

The specifications of the Choetech BH-003 they partly reflect the slice of the market to which they belong, though presenting some small details that, combined with a more than discrete sound quality, allow the earphones to position themselves a step higher than some competitors.

I'm talking about the Aptx codecand certificazione sweatproof IPX4, the discreet charging speed, aexcellent running and the possibility of connect to two devices at the same time.

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz;
  • Battery capacity: 74 mAh / 3.7V;
  • Charging time: About 2 hours;
  • Play time: up to 5 hours (estimate more than truthful)
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1;
  • Maximum distance from the device: 10 meters;
  • Bluetooth protocols: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, APTX;
  • Stand-by time: 155 hours;
  • Microphone: -42 ± 3 dB
  • IPX4 certification
  • External noise suppression using CVC 6.0 Eco technology.

Finally, but not for this less important, I would like to add that the telephone performance of these earphones is average, the audio of the call in the headphones is good, and in most cases our interlocutor will hear us clearly, with some minor difficulties in the case of crowded streets.

Choetech BH-003

The sound

Here we are at the focal point of each review on products related to audio: the sound performance.

The tests carried out with earphones involved songs borrowed from different musical genres (in particular Pop, Dubstep, Electronics, Metal and Jazz) with .mp3 extension at 320 kbit / s and .flac at 16 and 24 bit with frequencies from 44 to 192 KHz.

Furthermore, to test the real quality of the earphones, we carried out our tests using two different smartphones (LeEco Le 2 and LG G3), in this way we could appreciate the best real benefits of the Aptx codec.

Without Aptx

Let's start from the surrender without Aptx, overall well balanced on all frequencies, the basse are deep but not too intrusive, with a light bleeding (not annoying). Even the medium are discrete while the old (as indeed in almost all products in this price range) are lexcessively subdued.

The effect soundstage and the spatiality are the two characteristics that, in my opinion, forgiveness di più without Aptx. The sound it results, therefore, in conclusion well balanced ma a bit ' "dish".

With Aptx

In use with device with codec APTX, it seems appropriate to say, the music changes completely.

Above all in listening to the flacin fact, these earphones have pleasantly surprised.

The entire frequency range is reproduced in a fine manner, with an excellent balance. Also spatiality and soundstage are definitely at good levels (we always talk about a bluetooth headset from 23,99 euro!).

Le low frequencies are deepvery definite e and they balance perfectly with the medium and high, managing to give a listen (especially in Pop songs, such as Up & Up by Coldplay) of excellent level on every occasion.

The overall volume is fairly high and thanks to the suppression of external noise CVC 6.0 Eco, we will be able to isolate ourselves completely even in very crowded situations (the usual metro test crowded at the 8 in the morning was in fact outgrown).

Choetech BH-003


And so, at the end of the fair, we liked these Choetech BH-003? Do you recommend them?

Our opinion remains more or less the same: since this is a "low-end" product, there are many competitors, so choosing between these or other earphones would be more or less indifferent. But Choetech did a really good job on this product, implementing the Aptx codec in a masterly way.

If you are, therefore, owners of a device with Aptx integrated, take seriously the purchase of the BH-003, because for 23,99 € (shipped from Amazon with Prime) will bring home earphones that are worth a little something more!

And you? Have you already had the chance to try them or plan to buy them? Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

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