ZTE Gigabit Phone shown at the MWC 2017 with Snapdragon 835

ZTE Gigabit Phone MWC 2017

ZTE presented, al Mobile World Congress 2017 di Barcelona, the ZTE Gigabit Phone, name deriving from its ability to reach, in fact, this speed.

In addition to the sprinter primacy, the ZTE Gigabit Phone it is also the first device to integrate the latest processor of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835. This SoC integrates a modem LTE X16, true hub of extremely fast connectivity (more than 10 times higher compared to the LTE connectivity present on the previous devices) reached by the terminal.

ZTE Logo AH8

ZTE Gigabit Phone: the company shows the first smartphone with Snapdragon 835!

Il Gigabit Phone it is also supplied with antenna technology 4 × 4 MIMO and modulation 256 QM, to be able to achieve extraordinary results in terms of download speed. The Chinese company has independently developed its solution Pre5G Giga + MBB and he demonstrated it to visitors at his stand at MWC.

Lo ZTE Gigabit Phone is able to process data three times faster than other LTE terminals. 1 Gb / s Internet speed allows you to access a VR experience in 360 °, instant cloud storage and music and film streaming HQ.

The smartphone is available in preview at the stand of ZTE along with others, including theAxon 7 Max. Unfortunately, we do not know when it will be available, but more information will be released soon.

ZTE logo

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