REVIEW - ZUK Edge with GizROM in Italian!

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the new YOU Edge, which should have been the direct competitor of the beautiful Xiaomi Mi MIX.

The thing that unites these two smartphones is the high percentage of screen-to-body ratio and, in fact, despite it YOU Edge it is not edge-less, its dimensions have been incredibly optimized.

Let's not lose ourselves in chatter and let's discover this device in our full review!

ZUK Edge - The full review of

Sales package

The smartphone is sold in aelegant packaging in black hardcover, on which the name of the device is printed. Inside the following equipment is present:

  • YOU Edge;
  • transparent cover soft plastic;
  • wall charger with Chinese plug and output a 5.3V / 2.5A;
  • cable USB - USB Type-C;
  • manual for quick instructions;
  • pin for the SIM slot.

Design and materials

The design of the new YOU Edge takes up the line of previous models, especially that of the ZUK Z2 Pro, but in this case we find some dimensions definitely more compact.

The thing that immediately catches the eye at first glance are certainly the proportions of the display compared to the body of the smartphone.

In fact, the device has the measures of 142.9 x 74.5 x 7.68 millimeters for a total weight of 160 grams.

So you can guess the excellent work done by the company regarding the extreme optimization of the frames and general spaces.

YOU Edge

The device is very compact and characterized by excellent maneuverability. We could say that we are in the presence of a smartphone from 5.5 inches in the body of one from 5.2 inches.

Lo YOU Edge it has a body made with a thin layer of glass and a side frame made of metal, which give it a pleasant appearance.

La construction it is well made and very compact, but maybe you could do something more with regard to the material used for the back cover, which is poco oleophobic e poco premium.

Looking more closely at the smartphone, on the right profile we can find the volume rocker and the power button with a knurled weft, while on the left we find only the dual Nano SIM slot.

The second microphone is positioned on the top, useful for reducing environmental noise, unlike the lower part on which the mini-jack input, the main microphone, the USB Type-C input and, finally, the system speaker are located. .

On the front there are the RGB notification LED, the brightness and proximity sensor, the ear capsule and the front camera. In the lower part, under the display glass, there is the ultrasonic fingerprint reader which replaces the classic physical key.

The latter also integrates the technology U-Touch, which is a unique soft touch key through which you can manage the various functions such as multitasking, the back button and the home button.

Finally, on the back cover there is the rear camera, accompanied by the single LED flash, and the sensor useful for the detection of heart beats.


The display on board the YOU Edge is a TDDI unit from 5.5 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels e PPI 403, with a slight curvature 2.5D on the 4 sides and Corning protection Gorilla Glass.

YOU Edge

The detail that has caused many users to discuss in the previous weeks, concerns the fact that the display of the YOU Edge is produced by Tianma, that is a company much less emblazoned compared to Samsung, Sharp e JDI.

I wanted to make this premise because the quality does not reflect the characteristics of true top of the range. Indeed, i colors turn out to be poco saturated and the difference with other smartphones (like Xiaomi Mi MIX e Universal Z11) I see.

The viewing angles are good, except for whites that tend to gray and blacks that are a bit 'too bright.

Obviously, in the settings there is a menu dedicated to the hue of the display, where you can set the color temperature to your liking.

Overall, it must be said that the dimensions of the frames were optimized in an excellent way to guarantee a high percentage of screen-to-body ratio. In this way we will feel like we are totally involved in the scene.

YOU Edge

The producer states that the relationship between screen and body is of the 86.4%, but it should actually be around the 78%. We make this consideration because it Xiaomi Mi MIX (Edge-less device) has a percentage close to83%.

Good and responsive touch screen that can detect up to 10 touches.

Hardware and Performance

Lo YOU Edge mount a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, including a CPU quad-core with 2 clusters set to 2.35 GHz and 2 cluster overclocked a 2.19 GHz.

To conclude the hardware equipment we find a GPU Adreno 530 a 653 MHz, 6 GB di LPDDR4 RAM-1866 dual channel e 64 GB di internal memory UFS 2.0, not expandable via Micro SD.

The smartphone is very reactive, fluid, lending and free from lag or various stoppages.

The app is opened quickly, multitasking is managed perfectly and does not present problems even in the use of applications left in the background.

As regards the Gaming, thanks to the top graphics processor, we can enjoy excellent performance. The frame rate is high and constant and, moreover, we have not encountered any problems even when opening more demanding games such as Asphalt 8 o Real Racing 3.

No problem as for the video playback, with support for files in 4K and regarding the web browsing with with Google Chrome.


Photographic quality

Il photo gallery the YOU Edge not one of the best in comparison to the various competitors and, in fact, I was not completely satisfied.

Posteriorly we find a sensor Samsung S5K2M8 ISOCELL da 13 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.2, autofocus PDAF + CAF, digital type stabilizer ICE CREAM, Auto HDR e function single LED flash.

YOU Edge

The shots made in good light conditions are good, but not up to its price range. In fact, by making a zoom on the photographs, it is possible to notice the background noise, which increases dramatically in low light conditions, where the colors are mixed.

However, under favorable conditions the colors are reproduced faithfully.

- Scatti made at night they cannot be sufficiently detailed and, as previously mentioned, they tend to mix colors.

Frontally we find a sensor from 8 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.2, which has the same defects as the rear camera.

L'interface it is very simple and intuitive and offers the possibility to take pictures with different filters. There is also a manual mode and automatic HDR.

In conclusion, the photographic sector left me a bit 'bitter taste, as it can not do justice to the top of the house range ZUK, who remains step back compared to his competitors current.

4K and Full HD video tests

Videos can be recorded in 4K a 30 fps and 1080p with support of the digital type stabilizer ICE CREAM. Furthermore, it will be possible to create videos in the mode slow-motion until well 960 fps.

Audio quality

The sound reproduced by the lower speaker is good, both as a volume and as a frequency range.

In fact, the latter is reproduced fairly faithfully, although the low frequencies are slightly subdued compared to the high ones. Finally, the sound è clean e defined.

The situation improves even more when listening to headphones, guaranteeing more quality and a greater balance, with a more pronounced bass presence.

Good audio too headset capsule and in speakerphoneIn fact, we did not find any particular problems with our interlocutors.


The excellent news is that the new one YOU Edge presents the support Dual SIM Dual Stand-by with support to 4G LTE Cat.6 with Volta and support for band da 800 MHz.

So we will not have problems with all Italian mobile operators in the connection of national networks.

Reception is good and also the browsing speed; of course, we are not at the levels of Universal Z11, but overall I was satisfied.

As regards the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac Dual band, the connection is very good and gets hooked up quickly. The switch between Wi-Fi and data network is almost instantaneous.

To complete the connectivity we find the Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS. The satellite navigation It is very reliable, characterized by excellent precision thanks to the integrated compass and a reactive signal fix.

Il fingerprint sensor has been implemented, with one ultrasound technology, under the display glass and has no step to locate the central button.

On the aesthetic level it offers an innovative design but, in everyday use, sometimes the reader can not be precisely identified, especially in the absence of light.

However, the sensor is Quick e accurate and manages to unlock the device at least 9 times on 10.

Furthermore, it also incorporates the key U-Touch, through which the back, home, multitasking and control center functions are integrated.


Il software the YOU Edge is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, managed by the proprietary interface ZUI 2.3.079.

At the presentation event we talked about the presence of the most recent Android 7.0 Nougat with ZUI 2.5, but we have not received any updates yet.

Since the ROM stock It is completely in Chinese or English, we installed the new one GizROM dedicated to YOU Edge which will be released in the coming days.

In this way we will have a software translated into Italian and Google Play Store already installed.

Il firmware it has been cleaned of all the applications dedicated exclusively to Asian users, giving it a western imprint.

Thanks to the large panel dedicated to notifications, we can manage them at our convenience. Furthermore, the ZUI is rich in settings e customizations related to the launcher and the Fonts, Themes and Wallpaper, which can be downloaded from the store ZUK.

Another peculiarity of this software is definitely the key U-Touch, which is customizable and useful to perform various functions within the proprietary interface.

Unfortunately with the ROM stock this smartphone it is not a ready-to-use product, but it will be necessary to work a little on it to make it usable even by less experienced users.

However, the GizROM, which will be released soon,  will facilitate the daily use of the device, starting from the insertion of the Italian language and Google Play Store.


Lo YOU Edge is equipped with a non-removable battery from 3100 mAh, which manages to guarantee some good performance.

In fact, with an intense use it is possible to make an average of 4 hours and minutes 30 di active screen.

Furthermore, using only the connection Wi-FiI managed to get to 5 hours and minutes 50 di Screen-on Time.

The power supply included in the delivery it does not support QuickCharge 3.0 quick charge (5.3V / 2.5A) which is not supported by the same YOU Edge. In fact, the complete recharge takes place in approx 2 hours.


In conclusion it YOU Edge it's definitely a very interesting device on the front performance ed aesthetic, as it presents a 5.5 inch display in a compact body, characterized by the excellent optimization of the frames and the upper edges.

Il hardware compartment it's definitely convincing, because it can guarantee excellent fluidity and always very high performances.

This does not mean that the quality of the and camera they left me a bit perplexed, because we certainly expected something more, given the current ones competitors.

Il software is another reason why this smartphone may not be suitable for everyone's needs, as it is not a ready device out of the box, but there will be a need to go and fix several settings.

This aspect, however, does not raise particular concerns, as we will release ours in the coming days GizROM dedicated exclusively to the new YOU Edge!

You can buy this smartphone on TopResellerStore a 499 €, removable from 3% thanks to our exclusive discount code GIZCHINA, in the version from 6 GB di RAM e 64 GB di internal memory.

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