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Syma X5UW review

Surely, among the products that in recent years have had a real sales boom are the drones. The success is undoubtedly due to the possibility of getting close to these objects without having to spend a fortune, at least to start.

For those who are passionate about this sector, the name Syma it's not new. It is indeed a manufacturer specialized in the drone production, able to offer products low cost but equipped with hardware features that we can find in the high-end ones!
Syma X5UW
Il Syma X5UW is the latest version of a product already marketed in the past that I invite you to discover within our Full review!

SYMA X5UW, the Review of

SYMA X5UW - Unboxing

La package turns out to be decidedly rich and contains:

  • Drone e chamber (removable);
  • 8 propellers (Replacement 4) e 4 paraeliche;
  • remote control with smartphone support;
  • 2 battery;
  • cable with connector USB for charging the batteries;
  • memory card micro SD da 4 GB;
  • adapter micro SD / USB;
  • screwdriver;
  • instructions rapids.

Syma X5UW

SYMA X5UW - Design and construction quality

Il Syma X5UW, as you will have understood, is a FPV drone, more specifically we talk about a quadricottero, medium-sized, rather easy to handle even during transport. 

Syma X5UW

I materials used, however, highlight a character cheap and a qualitative level and assembly in line with the price to which it is proposed. In fact, it is entirely made of plastic material, In a red coloring, having a finish glossy.

Syma X5UW

In upper area we find, in the center, the key of power on, four o'clock propellers in color Bianca and 4 paraeliche (recommended for those who are beginners and useful to protect the drone in case of falls). laterally at the central structure of the quadricopter there is the space to accommodate the Removable battery.

Moving on to lower area we find, first of all, 4 legs, colored White and made of plastic, useful as a support in the phase of take off ed landing. Still below, in the central part of the body, there is the room (removable) from 2 mega-pixels which allows you to record videos and take pictures while in flight and save them on micro SD (which you find, from 4 GB, already included).

Finally, placed on the base and at the ends (under the propellers), there are the four lights signs: the two color Orange e the two color green. These lights are useful, during the driving phases, to have a clear view of the direction in which the quadcopter moves, increasing the visibility of the aircraft when the light falls. Furthermore, the four lights signals, just started the drone, they will flash quickly signaling the initialization of the drone which, when it stops, will be ready for take-off.

Syma X5UW

SYMA X5UW - Performance and Flight

First of all, we can say that the Syma X5UW offers the possibility of being controlled through smartphone with the application Syma Go, Available for Android ed iOS, or via the supplied radio control.

Syma X5UW

There is no possibility to change the flight mode, set in 2 mode. There stabilization of quadricottero is entrusted to a gyroscope a 6 axis, which should guarantee good stability in flight. Being a drone anyway light, I noticed that even in windy conditions not particularly strong, it is necessary to make numerous corrections with the radio control to keep the drone in a stable position. In any case, I found the experience of flying pleasant and simple, once I became familiar with the various commands.

Syma X5UW

Through i two keys, placed in the part high right of the radio control, it will be possible to carry out the takeoff / automatic landing it's a flip a 360%. With two keys instead of places leftwe can take pictures in flight or start and stop the video recording. Through the pressure of the Joystickinstead, it will be possible to activate the functions Altitude ed Headless mode; the latter is able to consider the drone as a material point, no longer caring about the real positioning with respect to us. Finally, by connecting our smartphone with the application Syma Go we can even manage a real one flight plan (Flight Plan).

Syma X5UW

Regarding the use of the drone through the smartphone and the application Syma Go, the latter does nothing but present on the display of the smartphone all same functions already listed and on the radio.

Syma X5UW

SYMA X5UW - Photo and Video compartment

Although the judgment is not positive, regarding the quality put in place by this room, we must remember that everything is proportionate to the selling price. The Syma X5UW try to offer a taste of experience from FPV drone who for the first time begins to approach this type of products. There camera, placed in front of the drone, is not orientable once connected to the drone.

Syma X5UW

An advantage can certainly be found in the fact that, if we do not need to use it, we can avoid connecting it to the drone. The video streaming reaches the resolution 720P with photos of equal quality. However the result both in the videos and in the photos is of poor / mediocre quality.

SYMA X5UW - Autonomy

Regarding the flight autonomy, the produttore guarantees that the built-in battery Li-Po da 500 mAh be able to offer 7 minutes di autonomy. During the flight tests I saw the same data provided by the manufacturer confirmed and moreover, by removing the camera, it will be possible to still gain something in terms of autonomy.

Syma X5UW

Rather long charging times, the battery will put us around 40 minutes a recharge connecting it to a quick wall charger.

SYMA X5UW - Conclusions

Surely, this drone can be considered a good compromise for a first introduction in this sector and to test features normally found on higher-end devices. A praise to Syma for the equipment present in the sales package, also considering the presence of 2 battery.

Finally, although the features of video streaming e aerial photography these are to be considered useful only for practice, absolutely not for any other use even for the sole purpose of hobbies, given the poor quality.

Anyone interested in buying, can do it on TomTop a 84,59 € with free shipping from China, further reducible by 25 dollars thank you to the discount code LQPSYMA25.

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