Review - Lenovo HW01 Smartband - The lightweight wearable also in the price

Lenovo HW01

La Lenovo HW01 smartband is one of those accessories that, looking at its characteristics and selling price, one immediately thinks of a best buy, but is all that glitters gold?

Let's find out together in our full review.

Review - Lenovo HW01 Smartband - The lightweight wearable also in the price

Lenovo HW01 - Sales box

Lenovo has prepared the sales box in a manner elegance, outside the black box, with the silver company logo, we find a band that recalls the gift packages.

Inside we find, in addition to the Lenovo HW01 and the cable Micro-usb, Also instructions base in English and Chinese.

There is also a small booklet totally in Chinese, probably a certificate of warranty.

Lenovo HW01 - Materials and Construction

The band bracelet is presented made of a rubbery material in silicone, very pleasant and that does not bother in any way, even after many days of use.

Embedded in this, we find the heart of the smartband, equipped a OLED display from 0.91 inches and 128 x 32 pixel resolution.
La visibility under direct sunlight it is quite good, on particularly sunny days, however, we will do some effort to display the various info on the display.

The manufacturer declares it a touchscreen display, but in reality it is not, but there is a button soft-touch that allows you to interact with the smartband.

In the part behind the display we find the sensor cardiofrequenzimentro, which will allow us to keep track of our heart rate, and the flap containing the attack Micro-USB for charging.
The band is fortunately equipped with vibration and certification IP65, being therefore resistant to dust and drops of water but not suitable for diving.

Lenovo HW01 - Features

Lenovo's smartband presents a firmware in its very first versions and this means that several small bugs are still present.

These bugs concern more than anything else the use of the smartband on the wrist. In fact, the first thing that catches the eye is the bad calibration of the sensor dedicated to switching on the display, which will force us to some movement too much to make it light.

A fairly serious bug is the impossibility of using the function stopwatchin fact, once selected in the appropriate menu, the dedicated screen will vanish before being able to activate it.

The last bug is that the remote use of the music player, which hopefully will be resolved with the next updates.

However, we will be able to view:

  • Now;
  • date;
  • autonomy and bluetooth;
  • count count;
  • distance traveled;
  • Kcal burned.

Furthermore, we will be able to activate tick control and search in remote of the connected smartphone.

Lenovo HW01 - Companion App

Lenovo, to the delight of us European users, has included a QR code among the instructions that allows us to download the App very easily.
The App allows you to set your own personal profile, in addition to putting the bracelet in communication with the smartphone through technology Bluetooth 4.2.

At present the App works quite well. The real problem is the translation, really too rough, resulting in a mix between French, English and Italian.

So, even if it is not totally translated, this is however easily understandable, thanks also to theinterface simplified and intuitive.
The application will keep track in a very detailed and in order chronological of the three main functions:

  • Steps;
  • sleep;
  • heart rate.

It will be possible to have an overview of the results obtained over time by means of graphics temporal, very useful and detailed.

You can also set various alarm clocks, which will make the smartband vibrate when activated.

The application gives us the opportunity to find the bracelet, making it vibrate at a distance, useful in case of small household losses.

Extra function always appreciated, also present on other smartband, it is just the photo shoot remotely, convenient in case of self-timer.

Unfortunately, closing the App you will lose the connection with the smartband, even putting the App among the priorities in multitasking.

You are asking for support to notifications? Only calls and SMS are supported, no other third-party application.

Lenovo HW01 - Autonomy

The smartband is equipped with one battery integrated by 85 mAh. To the eye they may seem few but, in reality, they will allow us a full and continuous use of 3 weeks.

La recharge takes place very quickly, given the small battery: in about 60 minutes we will have a full charge.

Lenovo HW01 - Conclusions

Lenovo has developed a smartband economic really well equipped and with a simple but pleasant design.

Without a doubt, the manufacturer must refine, however software, both the smartband and the dedicated application. At present, in fact, we find many small smudges that on the whole could affect the user experience.

However, through the application, the possibility of updating the firmware of the bracelet is indicated with extreme ease and this bodes well for his future.

The smartband can be purchased Lenovo HW01 su GearBest a 23,58 €.

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