Review - Lumsing accessories - Glory P2 plus and desktop charger

Lumsing is doing a great job in the field of accessories and, in fact, the two main products of this review, the Lumsing Glory P2 plus and Desktop charger of the same company, they prove it.

Review - Lumsing accessories - Glory P2 plus and desktop charger

Lumsing - Glory P2 plus and Desktop Charger - Sales Box

Both packs present a recycled hardcover very simple.
Inside the packaging of the Powerbank Glory P2 Plus we find:

  • La Power Bank;
  • un USB / Micro-USB cable;
  • un USB / Usb Type-C cable;
  • user manual;
  • badges to participate in the Lumsing program.

While inside the packaging of the table charger (model 206-1013-1066) we find:

  • Il loader;
  • un power cord;
  • user manual;
  • badges to participate in the Lumsing program.

Lumsing - Glory P2 plus and Desktop Charger - Materials and Construction

La Powerbank It is built with aexcellent plastic which gives a good sense of solidity, in fact, there are no crunches or strange games.

The plastic in question has only one defect, it holds a lot of footprints.

La Glory P2 plus it is a powerbank from important weightin fact we are talking about 500 grams net that are struggling to stay in your pocket also because of the generous dimensions.

Il table charger instead it presents itself with one rubberized surface which makes sure that it does not slip on smooth surfaces.

The small charging station, unlike the powerbank, has one construction poco cleanin fact, at the touch returns one feeling "Cheap".

Thanks, however, to the small size it will be possible to install it on the desk without excessive bulk.

Both products are in this case of black coloring, with a design poco flashy.

Lumsing - Glory P2 plus and Desktop Charger - Functionality

La Powerbank Glory P2 plus has a capacity of 15.000 mAh and is equipped with well 4 USB inputs of different types, namely:

  • An input Micro-USB;
  • an input / output USB Type-C;
  • an output USB QC 2.0 / 3.0;
  • an output USB Smart.

The first two inputs, that is Micro-USB and that Type-C, are used to recharge the Power Bank.

The entrance Type-Cmoreover, it can recharge other devices. These inputs can then be used at the same time in "combo" to be able to reduce charging times, no doubt approved choice.

The entrance QC, instead, it fits perfectly with the Soc Qualcomm and will allow one optimized charge management.

Finally, the entrance USB of type Smart, which is able to adapt the energy delivered according to the connected device.

On the right side of the powerbank we find a on / off button, once pressed will turn on i 4 LEDs present on the front that will also indicate the residual charge.

With regard to table charger it's really there very poco to say seen its very simple function.

The small box is equipped with 5 USB inputs all of a kind Smart, with an output up to 5V to 8.0A.

Lumsing - Glory P2 plus and Desktop Charger - Conclusions

The powerbank was able to charge a smartphone with a battery from 4.500 mAh for well- 3 times higherwe can therefore estimate an effective capacity of approx 13.000 mAh.

A data very close to what was declared from the manufacturer, which is good.

Il table chargerinstead, without infamy and without praise He does his job, resulting in no uncertainties in the supply of current to multiple devices.

You can buy both devices on The Amazon: the powerbank Lumsing Glory P2 plus a 29,99 € while the table charger a 12,99 €.