UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport Review

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport

During the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to try the UMi-BTA8, bluetooth sports earphones that combine interesting features at a low price, even if with some minor defect. Let's find out all the details together!

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport


The company's choice regarding the packaging of the products is very peculiar (but not in bad taste, on the contrary). UMi-BTA8. The package, in fact, is an aluminum box comparable to that in which some watches are sold.

Opening it we will find the two earphones stuck in a special housing (just like a clock!) And, in the lower part, an instruction booklet, a cable micro-USB for charging, dei rubbers and to the rubber hooks replacement.

Certainly UMi, with this type of packaging, wants to give its product a certain importance and make us understand that it is not a low-end product. We agree, the packaging is very nice but a note must be made: it really is uncomfortable to open!

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport

Design and materials

The design of the UMi-BTA8 it is simple but well cared for: the gray sound boxes bear the company logo on the outside and some lines which give it aelegant three-dimensionality. The auricular ducts, of black color, are inclined of 45% to guarantee a better "wearability" (1MORE docet).

To the harmonic boxes is connected the cable that unites the two earphones that, in its proximal part (that in contact with the ears, to be clear), manages to guarantee an almost perfect fit thanks to ear-hooks that can be easily molded around the ear.

About 5 cm below the right ear hook there is the in-line controller equipped with three buttons, two for volume control (or traces) and a multifunction, for switching on / off, pairing, play / pause and to answer phone calls.

A small (and comfortable) particular consists of a small plastic housing attached to the cable, which allows you to secure both sides for avoid excessive rocking during the run.

There isn't much to say, however, regarding the construction materials. The earbuds and controller are completely made of plastic and the cable (including ear-hooks) are in Small businesses.

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport


Le UMi-BTA8 they are equipped with a chip CSR 8645 which provides them with a series of Features definitely interesting, among which:

  • Bluetooth 4.1;
  • HFP1.6, A2DP1.2 and AVRCP1.4;
  • AAC-LC, MP3 and SBC decoders;
  • AptX codec;
  • Technology Noise Cancellation 6.0.

In addition, the earphones come with a certification IPX4, which guarantees one protection against splashes of water and sweat, ideal for those who decide to buy these earphones mainly for sports.

Unfortunately we could not find more information on specifications such as, for example, frequency range and sound pressure level.

In fact, if there is a reproach to be made against UMi, it is precisely the lack of such information on its official channels.

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport

The sound

If we could name the sound quality of these UMi-BTA8 would, without a doubt,  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Yes, because the sound produced by the earphones it changes radically depending on whether the codec is present or not aptX in the smartphone to which we connect.

Aided by aptX, these earphones are able to guarantee discreet listening, with low frequencies are not very powerful but decently defined, with poco effect bleeding.

The average frequencies they are probably the ones they are more convincing while listening and which make thepleasant listening and quite warm, even with one spatiality not entirely convincing. The high frequencies, on the other hand, are a little subdued compared to the others but in any case they are not reproduced badly.

By connecting, instead, the UMi-BTA8 to a smartphone without aptX support the speech changes radically. The low frequencies they become inexistent, leaving space almost exclusively at the average frequencies and in a bit of highs. We also forget the meaning of spatiality.

Il sound it results not only dish like a table but also definitely "weak", Without a minimum of mordant.

As for the volume issue, although not having official data but only empirical (the usual test "underground full"), the earphones can give a more than enough yield even in very crowded areas, succeeding in isolating almost totally.

Even with the telephone quality I did not find any particular problem with my interlocutor, thanks also to the placement of the microphone on the in-line controller that is close enough to the mouth.

UMi-BTA8: bluetooth headphones for sport


But, at the end of the fair, we liked these earphones, do we recommend them?

If you are holding one smartphone that supports aptX and you need a pair of bluetooth headphones to use during your training sessions, the answer is definitely yes.

Le UMi-BTA8 they will not be earphones for audiophiles but they can guarantee one quality audio more than dignified and, moreover, during the run they do not create many problems of rocking (thanks also to the small plastic housing) nor are they subject to sudden falls.

If we add to all this that up They are found in 27,99 €I would say that someone could really do it, do not you think?