nubia Z11: released the GizROM Resurrection Remix Edition 1.0

resurrection remix

A few hours after the release of the Lineage OS Edition dedicated to nubia Z11, GizROM Team has made public a new firmware based on the famous codes Resurrection Remix. Dedicated to the most demanding users on the front of the customizations, this ROM takes up the same basis Android 6 Marshmallow used on the Lineage OS increasing functionality and fluidity.

La GizROM Resurrection Remix Edition 1.0 for nubia Z11 born under the banner of possibility of choice, with an impressive number of options available to the user. Among the most appreciated functions, in particular, we remember the native presence of Kernel Adiutor for the management of system parameters (CPU frequency, governor, Scheduler I / O ...) and of the powerful task manager OmniSwitch.

nubia Z11: released the GizROM Resurrection Remix Edition 1.0

The ROM uses the latest release of the Resurrection Remix code (v5.7.4) and only keeps thecamera app is that remote control from the official nubia firmware. In spite of being in its first version, moreover, this ROM has passed the checks of our test group, which currently has not detected any bugs.

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The official discussion on the nubia Z11 GizROM Resurrection Remix Edition 1.0 is available on our forum, where you can also find the installation guide and any reports or updates. Feedback and suggestions, as always, are welcome.