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Vernee Mars design

In recent years we have seen how smartphones seem to be, in purely aesthetic terms, more and more identical to each other.

Design differentiation is an important factor that the consumer evaluates during the purchasing phases.

For example, Samsung has decided to take a step forward from Galaxy S6 compared to previous models Galaxy S5, S4 ed S3 using a metal and glass body to arouse interest from consumers.

Vernee Mars design

Vernee Mars: the Chinese company praises the unique design of the smartphone

As for, instead, Apple and its iPhone, many fans would complain that, even if the hardware has been updated, theiPhone 7 it is very similar to its predecessors iPhone 6s e 6.

Moving to China, the OnePlus 3for example, it has a design with features borrowed from different terminals of other companies. The upper part of the front panel resembles the design adopted by OPPO, the physical home button is very reminiscent of the button mBack used by Meizu and so on.

Vernee Mars design

The reason for this is that users now put the first place hardware configuration to succeed as much as possible to buy a device that lasts over time and that offers excellent performances.

And that's where it arrives ments, that with her ments Mars claims to be able to offer its consumers both a original design that a terminal with enviable performances.

Vernee Mars design

6000 series aluminum body and lateral biometric reader

Il ments Mars features a clean and symmetrical front design (both horizontally and vertically) and without physical buttons or logo. The screen has a protective glass of type 2.5D and also boasts of the sides and rounded corners.

Thanks to technology Gel Suspension and thin frames only 1 mm, the screen / body ratio of the Mars it's close to81%. The fingerprint sensor it is on the right side while the back-cover and the frame have been made with thealuminum 6000 series through the use of 18 processes of processing.

The injection molding and the anodic coloring process allowed to create a body of the ments Mars solid and elegant.

The phone also has a thickness of 7.6 mm and a surface treated with lo zircon N ° 220.

In addition to its design, the smartphone is also among the first devices to get the update to Android 7.0 Nougat. This means that it will be possible to experiment with the new features introduced by Google such as multi-window. Finally, it is possible to discover how to win a unit of the ments Mars al following link.

Vernee Mars design