REVIEW - Ulefone Armor | (Almost) Indestructible - Video

Ulefone Armor looks like a set of viti and well-assembled plastic. The device understands immediately that it has one purpose very precise and was created for resist condizioni more adverse, climatic and not.

We have tested and stressed it from every point of view but I will not reveal it immediately if we have succeeded or not destroy it. To know everything about this smartphone stay tuned on ours Full review!

REVIEW - Ulefone Armor | (Almost) Indestructible - Video

Ulefone Armor - Unboxing

Il sales box is characterized by a design that incorporates the fiber of carbon, inside which there are:

  • Ulefone Armor;
  • wall charger with Italian socket and outlet 5V 1A;
  • USB micro-USB cable;
  • small screwdriver;
  • adapter for the mini jack;
  • brevi instruction manuals in several languages, includingEnglish.

Ulefone Armor - Design and build quality

The device presents frames very generous and a cover integrated of plastic e TPU that make it great for taking but poco ergonomic in one-handed use. The weight really supported, let's talk about a device from 195 grams, which we can justify given the type of construction of which it is characterized.

The general dimensions are of 148.9 x 75.8 x 12.5 mm.

Posteriorly the shell è reinforced with a total of 14 screws, of which only the two they will be easily extractable, through the appropriate screwdriver supplied, in order to remove the plate and insert two micro SIM plus an additional one micro SD.

The other visible components are the camera, the single LED flash, the microphone and the speaker of system. They are all components absolutely resistant to water, as certifies the writing on the back IP68.

On the side left i are present volume keys while on that one right we find a button for theSOS, which if pressed for a long time will call automatically a pre-selected number, and the key to activate the camera.

In bass the company has decided to insert an insert into metal which probably acts as rinforzo for the structure. At the top, in addition to the button Power, one is present flap below which the micro-USB port and mini jack for headphones. These two are quite deep and Ulefone for this reason was forced to provide a 'extension of the mini jack cable, as well as a cable USB micro-USB with the end slightly more long, so as to arrive without problems inside the cavity.

Frontally the keys soft touch they have not been replaced by 3 physical keys, as they are present in the black band below the display, even if physically there is nothing that suggests their presence. This ensures that, in the event of any damage of the physical keys, the user is still able to interact with the phone.

At the top, then, there are the front camera, headset capsule and of proximity and brightness sensors.

Ulefone Armor - Display

The display is a matrix unit IPS da 4.7 inches diagonal with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels, with pixel density of PPI 313, protected by a Corning glass Gorilla Glass 3.

La color rendering it follows the IPS nature of the panel, with Bianchi tending to Grey e neri really poco deep.

Il touch he satisfied me as he was always shown reactive and precise, also in the writing phase.

In the outdoor I had no problem with reflectivity, even if the treatment oleophobic particolarmente poor it does not help.

Ulefone Armor - Hardware

The hardware of theUlefone Armor consists of a MediaTek SoC MT6753, with CPU octa-core ad 1.3 GHz, with 3 GB of LPDDR3-666 single channel RAM e 32 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 128 GB.

La GPU is a Small T-720 MP3 da 450 MHz, satisfactory for occasional use, offering a valid experience even with titles such as Real Racing 3, without details at most but with a frame rate bass.

In summary we are talking about a common device present in the low end of the market, which at the level of performance present an RAM discreet, managing to keep open a number of uses sufficient.

Ulefone Armor - Software

Android 6.0 Marshmallow guide the whole system and the level of Customization introduced by Ulefone is poor, limited to a few details.

Le icon of system are Custom but once open we will find ourselves in the same interfacing that we already know.

The interface allows you to move between menu in fluency, without jamming but with some crash that very rarely has affected common applications, such as Whatsapp o Facebook.

I uploads I'm anyway veloci but certainly not lightning.

Also there web browsing it's more than satisfying for a device in this price range. Both with the browser of system that with Chrome I felt good, because the performances are the same.

I uploads of the pages are good and the system responds only with a moment of delay to such operations pinch to zoom e scrolling.

Ulefone Armor - Benchmark

Ulefone Armor - Camera

The rear camera, from 13 mega-pixels with 5 lenses, does not exceed sufficiency. In daytime hours, in any condition, it is difficult to manage the light andHDR, while returning more real colors, does not remedy this defect.

In night il noise è high and the very kneaded colors; in total darkness conditions the LED flash fa fatigue to focus on the subjects, blurring the image.

The front sensor from 5 mega-pixels è average, taking pictures that are ideal for instant sharing.

Ulefone Armor - Video

The videos are shot at a maximum resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels, without no autofocus or system of stabilization.

Ulefone Armor - Audio

THEaudio of the speaker, positioned at the rear, is very low and quality under the sufficiency. There is a total predilection for the high frequencies and at maximum volume it tends to croak slightly.

To use your own headphones we will have to use the special extension cord supplied, and in this case the audio improves significantly.

in settings there is also a voice within which we can optimize the sound by clicking on the indicated options, but I did not notice any differences acoustic after activation.

In the ear capsule feels good and the telephone quality è excellent. We will hear in a manner clear us and our interlocutor. There is also the FM radio.

Ulefone Armor - Connectivity

L'Ulefone Armor is equipped with a form Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, technology OTG e NFC. It also has a connection LTE, with 20 band included.

Regarding the latter I have to complain about a certain instability which often did not allow me to take advantage of the 4G from Vodafone. Even for the Wi-Fi I can not spend beautiful words, as the coverage it's a bit much limited.

Bluetooth has always remained active, connected to one Mi Band 2, without exposing problems. The GPS it was, instead, a total disappointment: on a device of this type I would have expected a better functioning, but under current conditions it is unusable, as it is absolutely slow ed inaccurate.

Ulefone Armor - Autonomy

THEautonomy is guaranteed by a battery Sony da 3500 mAh. I have always managed to end the day, with one more 20% to spend in evening, even after use intense. With a pushed use of the device I arrived at the 17 with still an 50% of remaining battery, counting almost 4 hours of active screen su 8 hours total.

To be reported a problem chronic that I have found regarding this sector. After each recharge, with battery al 35% approximately, the level of the charge it has not come down anymore for at least an hour: the percentage it remains so and nothing happens. Only afterwards the device returns to indicate the phase of descent of the autonomy, with the last one 15% that lasts poco more than 5 minutes. One could hypothesize that there is a basis for this problem busted sensor which marks one carica poco truthful, deluding ourselves not to download it smartphone.

La full recharge it happens in about 3 hours.

Ulefone Armor - Resistance

This smartphone places its strong point in the resistance to impacts. Before succeeding break lo screen it is due to fall off well 3 meters high, though the system has continued to work. Certification IP68 ensures a protection absolute against water and dust, also tested. nell 'immersione he had no problem in the short term.

On the same day of test however, one appeared gray screen on the screen that has been fixed for about ten minutes. Immediately after the system was automatically restarted and the device is back to work as before. I do not know if this malfunction was caused by contact with thewater, but the product has revealed this behavior only at this juncture.

Ulefone Armor - Conclusions

In conclusion I would like to promote it as one of the most resistant rugged phonesbut for the amount to which it is sold I would not recommend it for a normal purchase. For those who instead need more safety It is absolutely recommended.

Il devicedespite everything, it is enough stable and you will have no problem moving within one ecosystem well run in and poco customized.

L'Ulefone Armor It is available for purchase at the Asian store Myefox at a price of 149,90 €.