REVIEW - OPPO R9S | The mid-range you don't expect


OPPO is certainly not new in the panorama of Chinese smartphones, always managing to associate his name with quality e refinement. In a technological landscape in which we are almost no longer surprised by the new models presented, the Chinese company delights us with a mid-range from the extra gearOr l 'OPPO R9S!

Il design will surely remind you of something and indeed theinspiration somewhere has been taken, however it is a device that on many aspects is still able to surprise. So let's discover it together in ours Full review!


OPPO R9S, the Review of

OPPO R9S - Unboxing

La package sales externally does not let us predict the quality and care of what we will find inside. Made of white hardcover with printed references and characteristics of the smartphone, it includes:

  • OPPO R9S;
  • silicone case;
  • VOOC 5V 4A charger with Chinese plug;
  • micro USB charging cable;
  • headphones of good (but not excellent) invoice;
  • Chinese manuals.


OPPO R9S - Design and construction quality

As anticipated, the similarities with other Apple and Meizu branded devices are present, while boasting one construction worthy of note and level, not at all a "clone".

The body entirely made of aluminum di excellent workmanship and limited thickness (153 x 74.3 x 6.58 mm for 145 g) return to the end user a touch & feel true top of the range.

Although resulting a lot slippery on side edges, a little has been inserted step that helps in the pinch (made with three fingers), especially in one-handed use.

Side edges where the volume rocker is inserted on the left and the Power button on the right together with the hybrid slot dual Nano SIM / micro SD.

Below, a door is unfortunately present Micro USB at the expense of a newer Type-C, system speaker, main microphone and 3.5mm mini-jack input. Above, however, only the second microphone for the suppression of the rustles.

Frontally housed the brightness and proximity sensors, the ear capsule and the front camera from 16 mega-pixels. Although it is difficult to identify a small one LED  notification.

Below the display we find a excellent fingerprint reader, identical to the one present on Oneplus 3T, also as release speed.

The back side consists of a monocoque in aluminum that, especially in this light Gold coloring, gives your device an extra touch. Above e inferiorly we find the plastic bands for the antennas, which have a particular texture tri-band. Here we notice the camera from 16 mega-pixels with relative LED flash.

OPPO R9S - Display

This OPPO R9S boasts a panel 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD and density of PPI 401. Noteworthy is the fact that, after the departure of the Samsung Galaxy Note, currently this terminal is the only one to enjoy Corning protection Gorilla Glass 5.

Thanks to technology AMOLED i contrasts are high and brightness è sufficient not to create problems under direct sunlight. THE colors I'm obviously saturated like on all the panels in this category, but anyway pleasant e reproduced without any color cast. The viewing angles are extreme, even if on white screens I noticed a very slight color change to blue.

OPPO R9S - Hardware and Performance

Although until now it might seem like this OPPO R9S is in effect a top di gamma, looking at the data sheet we notice that this is not the case. In fact, we find Qualcomm on board Snapdragon 625, including a processor octa-core da 2.02 GHz and the GPU Adreno 506. The amount of RAM instead available is of 4 GB LPDDR3-933 single channel.


Thanks to fantastic optimization of OPPO, everything on this device turns perfectly.

L'aperture some games ed Whatsapp è lightning and also heavy games like Real Racing 3 they do not suffer in the least from frame drops, even with details al maximum.


OPPO R9S - Benchmark

OPPO R9S - Photographic sector

One of the flagships of this OPPO R9S it's definitely the photo gallery. The brand new sensor has been adopted for the first time on this device Sony IMX398 da 16 mega-pixels, with a'focal opening of well- f / 1.7, 1 / 2.8 "dimensions and pixels from 1.12 μm.

It is flanked by a front camera, always from 16 mega-pixels, with f / 2.0 opening.


According to the company it would be able to capture around the 34% more light respect to a sensor with f / 2.4, guaranteeing an unprecedented nighttime yield.

Another fundamental aspect is the presence of a system of mass On fire innovative, developed by itself OPPO, Or the Dual Core Autofocus, able to reduce the focusing times compared to the canon PDAF. The system looks a lot like the one introduced by Samsung on his S7 and it must be admitted that indeed it works perfectly.


La quality of the shots returned by R9S is impeccable. He has shown to do not suffer minimally of difficult situations of light and shadow and not even in against light. THE colors are very natural and of details are tools.

remarkablealso sfocato produced by the opening f / 1.7, which also bears fruit in night shots. Promoted certainly almost with full marks.

OPPO R9S - 4K / Full HD video recording test

OPPO R9S - Software

The device is designed to flawlessly move this device ColorOS 3.0 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, proprietary interface of the Chinese brand that I personally appreciated.

However, the absence of the Play Store (can be easily installed on first start) and the "tweaking" for activate the permissions for the various Whatsapp di messaging in order to avoid notifications, it does not make it completely usable for an immature public.


While resembling a lot iOS, this interface is characterized by its own completezza e care for details. The range of is wide customizations that ranges from status bar al and again i wallpaper and the comfortable ones gestures both on and off screen.

Being a device Dual SIM there is the convenient functionality for duplicate messaging apps and use them on both SIM cards. One is also present store some themes, even if completely in Chinese.

OPPO R9S - Connectivity and reception

La reception of this OPPO R9S è al top. Despite having the lacuna area of 20 band for theLTE, has proven to take where many of his challengers have failed.

Fastest il change of cell and very fast to reacquire the signal, which always results excellent be under it data network and Wi-Fi. The reagent is in fact present Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n Dual Band, in addition to the 4.0 Bluetooth.

Il GPS results precise and fast in the fix and is equipped with support GPS /A-GPS.



OPPO R9S - Audio quality

L'audio of the device appears to be high e well balanced, generally reproducing the medium frequencies and sacrificing a little the extremes both on the high and low frequencies, while performing better than the competitors in the same price range. The capsule sound is almost a reference.


OPPO R9S - Autonomy

L'autonomy it's unfortunately one of the Achilles' heels of this R9S. Unfortunately i 3100 mAh available they do not allow to the device to do Miracles.

La stress day is concluded with approx 4 hours of active screen, having however the advantage of the very fast VOOC recharge very similar to the Dash Charge di OnePlus, that recharge the smartphone completely in poco more than 1 hours.


OPPO R9S - Conclusions

There is nothing to say, this OPPO R9S, with only a few hesitations regarding the price. They will indeed be necessary more than 400 euro to take the device home.

We are still talking about a device complete, with top performance, good materials and a very high-performance camera, but the purchase of which is suitable for a passionate user range and looking for an "exotic" smartphone, given the competition present in the same price range.

And what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

L'OPPO R9S It is available on the Italian store TopResellerStore at a price of 449 €, including shipment from Italy e 24 months warranty.