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JJRC Elfie Drone

As with the world of smartphones, many companies in China have moved to try to to steal a slice of market to the now undisputed colossus producer of Dji drones.

This is also the case with JJRC which, having already presented many drones, has expanded the fleet introducing Elfie. This it's a small one drone resealable which, as the name suggests, aims to represent the new frontier of selfie. We can in fact shoot funny Photos "air"In security e without no difficulties.


Let's not expect performance miracles, this being a drone and tip much more on the transportability that on another.

Let's find out together in ours Full review!

JJRC Elfie, the Review of

JJRC Elfie - Unboxing

La package turns out to be decidedly gaunt and contains:

  • USB adapter for battery charging;
  • Replacement Propellers;
  • Drone;
  • Instructions rapids.

Is not presentas you can see, some radio, because it will come piloted through ours smartphone.

JJRC Elfie - Design and build quality

Il JJRC Elfie, as you will have understood, is a small and handy drone, which makes of the compactness and versatility its key points.


I materials used, however, highlight a character cheap and a qualitative level and assembly in line with the price to which it is proposed. In fact it is entirely made of plastic material, In a black coloring, having a finish between polished el 'opaque.


Sul right edge and on left there are two recesses, designed to accommodate the four children arms of the drone, in transport position. Take them out it also appears easy, it will be enough pull them outwards, up to hear a small click once the position of use has been reached.

L'orientation of this little one quadricottero is reported by 4 small LEDs shaped eyes, places later e aboveobviously with different coloration (white behind and red in front). There frontal he also sees the presence of one camera can record videos up to 480P with live streaming via WI-FI app JJRC.

On the top is present power button and of logos of the producer, while inferiorly the compartment containing the is observable battery Li-Po da 500 mAh .

JJRC Elfie - Performance and Flight

Once we will approach the flight part they will be immediately clear limitations of this little one JJRC Elfie.

Let's start with the saying that it will come commanded means smartphone, through a special application available on the Play Store, and that the mode flight non Sara settable. Yes, because we will find ourselves in a position to fly solo in 2 mode, big limitation for those like me who have been flying for a long time in 1 mode.

La stabilization of the quadricottero is entrusted to a gyroscope a 6 axis, which should guarantee good stability in flight. In reality the optimal conditions of use of this drone are the interior or external in total no wind. Although the speed of the engines can be set to 100%, I noticed that one is enough slight breeze to put it in crisis, necessitating an emergency landing and creating a substantial one Battery drain.


start fly è easy. It will be enough connect lo smartphone, through Wi-Fi, to the drone ed open l'Whatsapp previously downloaded.


Within the application, we will be able to handle in an intuitive way the parameters concerning the drone, like the speed some engines, or check the Scatti and registration of the video in real time. The two are obviously present Simulated joysticks for piloting and i commands for the take off el 'automatic landing.

Lo JJRC Elfie in fact, it will be able to take off independently e position itself at a height of approx 1 mt from the ground maintaining l'altitudesimply touching il key di take off and joystick di left, through the function "Altitude Hold".

There are also two other interesting ones functions, one to accomplish Flip in the air and a named one Headless Mode. As you may have guessed from the name, this function will allow you to consider the drone as a material point, no longer taking care of the real positioning with respect to us.

Le performance, as anticipated, they are definitely scarce, for a product that allows us to make fun Selfie in mobility sectors.

JJRC Elfie - Photo and Video Section

I would not want to say too much about it quality shooting video and photos is incommentabile. The adjustable camera, placed in front of the drone, is not able to guarantee satisfactory shots in almost no light conditions.


However, he promises one video streaming to the resolution 480P and photos of equal quality.

Given the character and use of the drone, we can only be satisfied.

Judge for yourself:

JJRC Elfie - Autonomy

Poco to say about it, the produttore guarantees that the built-in battery Li-Po 1S da 500 mAh be able to offer from 8 ai 15 min di autonomy but in reality I did not manage to go beyond 5 / 6 minutes with a fairly quiet use and without stressing it too much.


Once it is exhausted, the battery will put it around 20 min a recharge connecting it to a quick wall charger.

JJRC Elfie - Conclusions

Surely this drone reaches one primacy for the dimensions but definitely non for the performance. The JJRC Elfie it can however be considered a playful gift to do to yours amico or to your own amica very lover of the Selfie.

Anyone interested in buying, can do it on TomTop a 39,47 € with free shipping from China.


And what do you think?

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