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Aukey it's a note Chinese company, which offers us more and more quality products, belonging to the more disparate categories.

Today we are talking about two accessories interesting that, personally, I consider fantastic both for enrich a work space or studio that, more simply, to create a dynamic environment e diverse from usual. Duty premise: non are sure one expert di keyboards mechanical and not even of lighting from the environment, while making one consistent use during mine reviews.


So let's go to see together this interesting and well done Backlit mechanical keyboard it's this one LED lamp Table dimmable! 

Aukey KM-G3 & LT-T6, the Review of

Aukey KM-G3 & LT-T6 - Unboxing

Le packs sales of both accessories turn out to be reduced al minimum essential. Both are made of hardcover abbastanza cheap and contain:


  • Mechanical Keyboard KM-G3;
  • tweezers remove keys;
  • manuals e warranty.

Led lamp :

  • RGB LED lamp 256 Colors;
  • battery charger wall;
  • manuals e warranty.

Aukey KM-G3 & LT-T6 - Design and Build Quality

I do not think we need to be experts to understand how much both of them are accessories are made in impeccable manner.

Il body area of Keyboard is completely built in rigid plastic and of good workmanship, with a beautiful layer di brushed aluminum at the under some keys, which gives a touch premium although it is not a very high-end product.

It is possible to easily notice the presence of various programs related to backlight, ranging from simple uniform lighting to profiles more specific and targeted to the side Gaming. In fact, we will have the possibility to choose alighting targeted individually a titles, to play online and not, such as Call Of Duty o League of Legends.

While presenting a comfortable backlighting for both play that for working, this results insufficient if our work situation is not completely in the dark. In fact, we will no longer be able to see the color we have chosen well.


La mechanical of this keyboard are one copy of the Cherry MX Blue, mechanical need and from full-bodied feeds, but we'll talk about it in poco.

La lamp LED is, instead, realized in metal on its base, where it also sees the presence of the soft touch button for the control of the same, and in rigid plastic in the part lit. And of cylindrical shape, very pleasant to the eye, and emits one always visible light in all situations.


Aukey KM-G3 & LT-T6 - “Performance” and Daily use

As anticipated, the mechanical of this keyboard Aukey are the clones of the Cherry MX Blue, mechanics that return a precise and satisfying feed. In fact it will suffice to press the button about a half to hear a click that will confirm the event pressure. Personally, I noticed one noisiness slightly annoying and a return of the button non just immediate.

However once we get used to punctuation according to the American layout e adjusted l'different height:, thanks to feet placed on the underside of the keyboard, to write with this KM-G3 Sara simple and precise.


La light a Led LT-T6 we have already abundantly seen it in my videos and will allow enrich Our ambienti with beautiful games of light. There White light è adjustable su 3 intensity to use it as a normal light, otherwise with one prolonged pressure the mode will be activated color rotation.

I colors available are well 256, between primary colors and shades of the various shades. Touching gently the soft touch button it will be possible block il colore desired.

Personally I found thelighting of this lamp a lot relaxing, pity only that there is no possibility to adjust the color by remote control or smartphone.

Aukey KM-G3 & LT-T6 - Conclusions

They are two objects which, together or separate, will be able to give a value added to the room where we will use them. In short, in my opinion of the Must Have not too expensive.

They can also represent ainteresting gift idea e different from the usual. It will be possible to buy both products on The Amazon, Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard a 69,99 € for the environment, and the Aukey LT-T6 LED lamp is sold to 26,99 €.


And what do you think ??

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