REVIEW - OnePlus 3T | The most powerful but not the best

OnePlus it's now aconsolidated company in the smartphone world panorama. A long way has been traveled by that start-up in that 2014 debut with his first model, the OnePlus One. The years go by, we improve and we arrive at the latest model, the Oneplus 3T, object of ours review today.

Choice widely discussed on the community, having seen the light only a few months after the debut of his almost twin OnePlus 3. The physiognomy remains in fact the same, however, gaining one T, a Snapdragon 821 and the new cut from 128 GB. Change also price, as it changes to Gun Metal the color of the back cover. But a 439 euro it will still be the right choice?


OnePlus 3T, the Review of

OnePlus 3T - Unboxing

La package results identical to that of OnePlus 3 and find the small T next to the device name as the only change. Inside we find:

  • OnePlus 3
  • Dash Charge 5V 4A charger
  • USB / USB Type-C cable
  • pin for removing the SIM slot
  • manuals e discount code da 5 € to be used on store di OnePlus


OnePlus 3T - Design and construction quality

Well crafted (albeit unchanged) design e premium materials they also make this happen OnePlus 3T a device nice to see and pleasant to use.

The rear body consists of a unibody design in aluminum interrupted only by the two bands for the antennas. In this coloring Gun Metal moreover, the glance is truly remarkable, making it a real one piece of design.

Despite being a device from dimensions definitely generous, L 'handle è easy from tapered shape towards the side edges. In fact, we find a wide front da 5.5 inches which guarantees an excellent use of any multimedia content.

Above it, under a glass Gorilla Glass 4 with curvature 2.5D, we find the camera from 16 mega-pixels and the classic sensors of brightness and proximity, in addition of course to the capsule and a small one LED notification RGB.

Below, as already seen for the OnePlus 3, the lightning fingerprint reader, inserted between the two configurable keys Back and Multitasking backlit.

Remains on the left edge theAlert Slider, along with the volume rocker, and on the right the Power button and the Dual Nano SIM slot. Below is the door USB Type-C with quick charging support Dash Charge, the microphone, the system speaker and the much-loved mini-jack input from 3.5 mm.

The back side, as already highlighted, is elegance e curate and sees the presence of a camera from 16 mega-pixels with LED flash and a microphone for the suppression of environmental noise.


OnePlus 3T - Display

As anticipated, frontally there is a unit from 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD and technology Optic Amoled. It is therefore characterized by deep blacks and a pixel density of PPI 401. Although it is a matrix Pentile, it is characterized by vibrant colors e saturated.

Put your multimedia content are reproduced very well and there are no color changes, even at fairly extreme angles of view. There brightness in external it turns out to be decidedly good and sensor of brightness is enough fast and precise in calibration.

Thanks to the panel technology, there is also the function Ambient Display to view the notifications also to screen off. As you may have noticed, the device comes with one film already applied but non particolarmente oleophobic and resistant to scratches.

Oneplus 3T - Hardware and Performance

To guarantee the performance true top of the range a hardware department will take care of lovers of technical data sheets. A processor quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, operating at the frequency of 2.35 GHz, with relative GPU Adreno 530 and well 6 GB of LPDDR4-1866 dual channel RAM.

In short, it is almost useless to add more, but to complete it all there is a memory from 128 GB of type UFS 2.0, Unfortunately not expandable.


As planned, we have top performance in all situations. This OnePlus 3T flies in any task he is entrusted with, from simple use social al GamingI look greatly improved with the recent update ad Android 7.0 Nougat.

Thanks to the GPU Adreno 530 la gameplay is ai maximum levels thanks to high details and a constant frame rate while maintaining temperature Operating below the 40°C.


OnePlus 3T - Benchmark

OnePlus 3T - Photographic Section

As anticipated, on the back there is a camera from 16 mega-pixels with LED flash. The sensor is the Sony IMX298 Exmor RS with opening f / 2.0, the same one on OnePlus 3, but which has shown on many occasions to be slightly more performing.


The presence of theOIS but it is also enriched by digital stabilization ICE CREAM which is also exploited in videos in 4K as already seen in the new ones Google Pixel.

La quality of the shots is very good in almost all situations, with aexcellent color range e light / shadow management. Also in night the shots are good and almost without noise, especially using the appropriate HQ mode.

OnePlus 3T - 4K / Full HD video recording test

OnePlus 3T - Software

Until a few days ago I would have said that the software of this Oneplus 3T it was definitely not up to the top of the range as it is, but to date it has changed slightly.

We have indeed finally the Oxygen 4.0.1 finally based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Browsing for the menus, always with one fluidity impressive, we realize the excellent work of optimization carried out by the Chinese brand. The update came in compliance with the promises made by Carl Pei, vice president of OnePlus, just the 31th December and that brings with it some news.


Few are the bloatware and customizations are reduced to a minimum, making theas a user fulfilling and how much more similar to Android Stock, in direct competition with the aforementioned Google Pixel.

Among the customizations we note the possibility of change at will functions of the keys and activate some interesting gestures both on and off screen.

Finally the possibility of the Multiscreen to fully exploit the full potential of a display of this size. Inside the menu related to it's possible winnower i colors o change little things related to theme. In short, a complete software e well optimized which is not yet in step with the software releases that we find on Google devices but that is very close.

OnePlus 3T - Connectivity and reception

The device has full support for 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band, who holds definitely good, even if it turns out slightly slow compared to other devices of the same price range.

With regard to the data / voice network general I did not notice differences from OnePlus 3, although I must admit that the last one OTA 4.0.1 ha improved further, even if of poco, reception. The change of cell è fast, only in the norm the passage between data network e Wi-Fi.

Il GPS it works good although it is very much affected by the presence of buildings in population centers. The fixed and in any case fast e accurate thanks to the presence of the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou.


Oneplus 3T - Audio quality

The compartment audio results average: it feels good but sacrifices slightly the frequencies old and those basse. In headset the situation Migliora much thanks to the implementation of a new one equalizer in the last update.

In capsule the quality is from reference, even when the signal is not at maximum.


OnePlus 3T - Autonomy

Accomplice the better energy management the Snapdragon 821 and of 400 mAh more of battery compared to OnePlus 3, the results in this area are really good.

Despite its decidedly intensive and prolonged use, i 3400 mAh of this OnePlus 3T they always brought me in the evening with about 6 hours of active screen.

Once unloading then it will be enough 1 hourspoco more per reload completely thanks to the fast Dash Charge.


Oneplus 3T - Conclusions

Surely this OnePlus 3T confirmed its reputation as a device Android more powerful, but maybe it is not yet the top.

Qualche smear here and there and one software still not quite refined, they may not make many love it. 439 € e 479 € for the version of 64 / 128 GB they insert it in a context in which it faces the street prices of many devices of more prestigious or emblazoned brands. In short, this OnePlus 3T it's a best buy in half.

And what do you think?