Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD: simply Hybrid 2.0 | The review of GizChina.it

xiaomi mi hybrid pro hd

About one year ago Xiaomi he launched them Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, code name: Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers (found Thu our review).

Today, at almost 365 days away, we return to talk about Xiaomi, which launches the market Mi In-Ead Headphones Pro HD, in an attempt to continue that sort of path of "low-cost innovation"Started last year.

It will therefore be a duty to sort of comparison between the 2 models to really understand what has changed, and then dissect the details that Xiaomi knew how to cleverly hide under the aluminum body, iron and zircon of these "Pro HD"Or, more simply, Hybrid 2.0.

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

The packaging

Also this time, as in the previous model, we are faced with a very simple and no frills packaging.

Once the outer casing has been removed, we will find the real box divided into two compartments, the first containing the "casket"In plastic containing earphones and spare tires (In 3 sizes: XS, S and L) and the second, in which there will be a small cardboard box containing a fabric bag for transport.

Design and materials

The collaboration between Xiaomi 1MOREin fact, the peculiar inclination a is present 45% of the output audio channel for a greater comfort it's a propagation of the most appropriate sound in the auricle.

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD 45 degrees 1More

The two acoustic chambers, on the other hand, are produced starting from one aluminum and iron alloy and finish with a CNC cutting with diamond with an accuracy of 0,01 mm.

On the back we find again, instead microincisions which form the pattern "a cd".

As a further refinement (and here is the first real difference with the previous model) the Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD receive one sandblasting in zircon, which not only increases its resistance but also makes it more "smooth"To the sight and to the touch.

The outer layer of the earphones then receives a anodizing treatment to be even more resistant to scratches.

The other differences between the two models concern the cable, which this time is entirely in TPE (class of plastic materials very resistant to heat and deformation) and control buttons, which this time are made of metal.

No difference in terms of the built-in microphone and the gold-coated 3,5 mm audio jack.


Let's start immediately by saying that the Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD they own the dual technology (in fact, hybrid) of the balanced armature driver and two drivers magneto-dynamic, to obtain an optimal balance between the frequencies.

Il dynamic driver bigger is responsible for the low frequencies while the smaller one takes care of the higher frequencies.

The resulting sound is therefore the result of combining these 3 driver, the two dynamic ones and the one with balanced armor.

xiaomi hybrid pro hd specs

An important novelty is then presented by the diaphragm in graphene, which manages not only to give greater softness and details at medium-low frequencies but, thanks to its ductility, it also responds very well to the higher frequencies, reproducing a "sharp" and crystalline sound.

xiaomi hybrid pro hd diaphragm

Successively managing about 100% of the electrical signals passing through it, guarantees avery high fidelity of sound.

Finally, the multi-award-winning record producer is again directing the work Luca Bignardi.

Now let's move on to the classic list of technical specifications:

  • Product name: Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD;
  • Transducers: double magneto-dynamic, single with balanced armature;
  • Frequency response: 20 - 40,000 Hz;
  • SPL (Acoustic pressure): 98 db;
  • Impedance: 32 Ω;
  • Potenza: 5 mW; 
  • Cable length: 1,25 meters;
  • Weight/size: 17 grams;
  • Standards: Q / WMSX004-2016

Unfortunately I could not find detailed information on the degree of total harmonic distortion and on the 'attenuation of environmental noise.

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

The sound

The first thing I can say is that these earphones definitely have personality, a way of reproducing sound recognizable and this, for me, is an immense value.

Le low frequencies are full-bodied and well definite,  old I'm really a lot crystal clear ed emphasized, so as to be sometimes annoying (with tips of slight distortion to maximum volumes) in some musical genres (rock and metal on all).

The average frequencies are reproduced discretely reflecting a bit, perhaps, of the attention dedicated by the drivers to the other frequencies; they could be improved but let's talk about details.

La spatiality of the sound is good, a little less the depth general, but then again, we are looking for the hair in the egg.

Il volume is fairly high and, even if I have not found technical data on it, thereduction of environmental noise it's more than satisfying.

L'I look more like it of these earphones is the possibility of shaping the sound at our pleasure thanks to aexceptional interaction with the equalizers, with which we manage to obtain, on every occasion, the kind of sound we want.


Let's recap: excellent manufacturing, scratch resistance, heat resistant and deformation cable, triple driver with hybrid technology, graphene diaphragm, excellent sound output and a price that is maintained below the euro 30.

I feel like promote fully the work done by Xiaomi.

These earphones are a technology concentrate and they manage to give us listen above average, especially if we evaluate products in the same price range.

I recommend it especially to those, like me, looking for headphones that can be "manipulated" to get the sounds we want from time to time.

If you prefer instead of headphones anymore flat certainly these are not the earphones for you.

Hybrid Dual Vs Hybrid Pro HD: is the upgrade necessary?

In my humble opinion the new earphones are, on a purely sound level, superior to the previous ones.

I believe, however, that the choice between one or the other depends mainly on two factors:

What kind of headphones do you prefer? With a more neutral equalization (Hybrid Dual) and therefore usable in an instant or with a more emphasized but more "mouldable"(Hybrid Pro HD)?

The other factor is simply that economic. As some of you have pointed out to me Hybrid Dual they cost about half of the Hybrid Pro HD (even if there are already some excellent offers), a considerable price difference and that (obviously) could make us reach for the first ones.

La choice it is, therefore, purely personal.

What I can advise you is that if you are already owners of the Hybrid Dual, you could easily wait for prices to drop before proceeding to a possible upgrade.

If instead start from scratch and you have to choose I would say that with the offers that are around you could buy the Hybrid Pro HD to a price lower than the 25 euro or less, especially during the Christmas period, which is a price much lower than the intrinsic quality of these earphones.

In the hope of being useful (and above all exhaustive) I invite you to comment (as you already do) and let us know your impressions on these new earphones Xiaomi, which also this time managed to bring a remarkable product to the market, with a price-quality ratio of the best.

In case you are interested, you can buy the new ones Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD on the famous Chinese store GearBest a 23,54 euros.

Le Xiaomi Hybrid Dual you find them, instead, in promotion a 15,39 euro.

Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD