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Xiaomi Mi MIX. All you need is a name that brings a shiver on your back and tickles the curiosity of all smartphone enthusiasts and technology in general. How many smartphones have managed to amaze us in recent years? Few. Between design poco original and performance hardware lined, it is now a difficult task for a terminal to actually break through the common imagination, setting itself as a standard in the sector.

And it is precisely this that the Asian producer wanted to aim for. The Xiaomi Mi MIX is an emotional smartphone, able to go beyond the (more than good) technical card offering something new, fresh ed original. It is no coincidence that the company has defined a "Concept Phone": The representation of a common feeling, or the desire for change, made phone, in fact.

But what is actually behind this device? Once the effect is over "Wow" what does this device really have to offer? Who is this product for? We answer this and many other questions in ours Full review!

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX | The full review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Unboxing

For the first time here is that Xiaomi amazes us with a noteworthy packaging. The package opens magnetically and reveals inside the compartments of the sales box, all packaged from worthy of top of the range .. Or almost. Yes, because inside there is no headset, a choice that is not tragic but that could not be taken for granted by these figures. Who of us would rather not have paid a few euros more and find a nice pair of Xiaomi Hybrid?

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Design and construction quality

I will try not to be verbose but I see it hard, since this is the most "juicy" part of the whole review. As everyone knows, in fact, it is Xiaomi Mi MIX represents a kind of breaking point in the market of smartphones under various aspects.

The main aspect is linked to the design adopted. And yes, we know that Sharp he had already delighted us years ago with the series Aquos, but it is equally undoubted that Xiaomi has taken that "concept”Elevating it to a higher and more complete expression and offering it to a much wider audience. On the other hand it is the same Sharp to have produced the displays of the Mi MIX, which (but here we enter the speculation) may have decided to collaborate with Xiaomi entrusting this legacy.

xiaomi mi mix

Who has not been fascinated at the first glance at this device? In a world where more and more multimedia content is being enjoyed, having a display the largest possible in the smallest possible size it is becoming almost one need (someone said iPhone 6 Plus?).

And so here is the upper part is eliminated to get the the highest screen-to-body ratio ever of about83%. This implied the modification of some technical aspects of the device, and here we pass to the other 3 aspects of breaking present.

No headset capsule: in its place a piezoelectric transducer which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; we're probably talking about the same technology "Direct Wave Receiver"By Sharp used for the aforementioned Aquos series. In this way the audio is not conveyed by a speaker, but through vibration of the whole device. What is the result? You can put your ear anywhere along the phone (even on the back cover) to hear our interlocutor, but at the expense of quality, since theaudio results metallic and with a volume not always suitable if you are in particularly noisy situations.

xiaomi mi mix

And the proximity sensor? If the sensor had been directly eliminated on the Sharp, Xiaomi inserted a sensor ultrasound, also inside the body, which warns the approach of the face by turning off the display. Operation is almost always ok, except in some rare cases where the display is reactivated during some calls.

Last, but not least, the front camera, which was directly moved to the only one bordo useful present, that is that lower. Here the only difference in use is in having (but not necessarily) rotate the smartphone to have a classic and less "strange" shot. Clearly the interface will also rotate, allowing you to shoot like on a regular phone. Below we also find the RGB notification LEDs.

If all this were not enough to make Xiaomi Mi MIX unique, let's add that the whole shell It is made of ceramic. And no, not just the back as seen for example with OnePlus X, but also the whole side frame with annexes keys and fingerprint reader. This translates into a 'extreme elegance giving the feeling of actually holding something in your hand premium, thanks also to an impeccable assembly: in short, a real gem.

xiaomi mi mix

However, this Mi MIX lives of lights and shadows, and the latter are represented by theextreme slipperiness phone, almost unmanageable in one-handed use. This can be remedied by using the protective cover, which unfortunately goes to penalize the aesthetic aspect, key element of this terminal. On the other hand, unlike the more content Sharp and despite having edges reduced to almost the minimum possible, we find dimensions of 158.8 x 81.9 x 7.9 mm and a weight of well 209 g, not really a featherweight. Of course, there is the 1 hand mode with which to narrow the display, but still remains a difficult device to challenge.

From the point of view of hardness la ceramic enjoys a level 8 on the scale of Mohs, resulting more resistant to wear than Corning Gorilla Glass 4/5 (level 7). Again, not all that glitters is gold, as ceramic is very sensitive to sudden shocks: this means that at the first fall (facilitated by slipping) you will probably have to greet your Mi MIX. And theabsence of edges will not help, since theshock will be forwarded to , with probable damage also to the panel.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Fingerprint reader

Clearly positioned posteriorly, the Mi MIX's fingerprint reader is probably one of the less "tactile" sensors present on the market, as it is a bit small in diameter, not too much recessed and, being covered in ceramic, not very identifiable by the finger as it tends to get confused with the body.

Fortunately, the operation is very good and responsive, with a high speed of awakening and a discrete precision. Moreover, thanks to the presence of MIUI 8, it is possible block the start of the app and access the Child Mode.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Display

Going beyond the speeches already discussed in the previous paragraphs, the Xiaomi Mi MIX offers a huge screen from 6.4 inches in a 5.5 / 5.7 inch body. Given the particular construction, the form factor adopted is in 17:9 and this means that when watching standard 16: 9 content, small black bands will appear on the sides. Of note as the be it actually bent to the 4 corners.

Also the display resolution has been adapted and is of 2040 1080 pixels x, which is a normal Full HD with an extra portion of pixels to compensate for this form factor. Although in some ways a resolution 2K could have been more adequate for these dimensions, the density of PPI 362 guarantees a satisfactory vision, even if to a shrewd eye the pixels will be visible.

xiaomi mi mix

Probably the AMOLED technology could have helped with a greater contrast, but the panel IPS here used offers a discrete white balance (can be set via 3 presets) and one goodat brightness di 500 nits, resulting well readable even outdoors. Good treatment oleophobic, even if not a record.

But the best part is not in the technical data, but in theextreme immersion of this display, whose amplitude will wrap you during the viewing of multimedia contents and gaming sessions, offering you an experience that you will hardly find on other smartphones.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Hardware compartment

Given the huge discussions related to the topics just exposed, it can almost overshadow the heart of this Mi MIX, represented by the new and powerful SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, including CPU quad-core with Kryo architecture to 64 bit (2 x 2.35 GHz + 2 x 2.19 GHz).

Thanks to 4 GB of RAM L-1866 dual channel all operations are carried out in exquisite manner, never giving particular signs of slowing down even with the most complex operations and all while maintaining temperatures below average. As far as the MIUI is one of the most interfaces energivorous (1.9 GB of RAM occupied) no slow-downs or freeze are noticed even with heavy use.

Qualcomm snapdragon 821

The graphic part is entrusted to the equally excellent Qualcomm GPU Adreno 530 with a maximum clock of 652 MHz, Whose performance they are now known, that is excellent.

View the lack of expandability (now bad habit of Xiaomi in the high end), the internal memory starts from 128 GB (of which available approximately 114 GB), produced by SK Hynix and of type UFS 2.0, having a fast speed writing and reading.

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Photographic quality

  • Rear: 16 mega-pixels
    • OmniVision OV16880 PureCel - 1,029 μm - f / 2.0 - ICE CREAM - autofocus PDAF
  • Front: 5 mega-pixels
    • OmniVision OV5675 PureCel - 1,151 µm - f / 2.0

If the main cross and delight of the Xiaomi Mi MIX is the constructive aspect, the second major flaw is undoubtedly the photographic sector. Following the presentation, in fact, it was revealed that the photographic sensors implemented are produced by OmniVision, a company usually associated with brands of low end, and the doubts that arose in this regard have unfortunately been confirmed.

He photo immortalized in favorable situations and of good brightness are all in all enjoyable, the same can not be said in situations more "tip and snap", Since it will not be difficult to get micro-moves images (if not worse) or with colors not correctly reproduced.

Fortunately we find the well done interface by Xiaomi (how nice is the viewfinder on this display ?!) which can be activated quickly by double clicking the Volume button - and that, as much as it helps us with functions like theHDR Auto, fails to cover the defects of this sensor, which often also suffers from one over-exposure of the shot. For heaven's sake, if you use the phone's camera purely for social use it can also be fine, but otherwise the disappointment is around the corner.

The situation is getting worse further passing to front camera, Whose definition image short supply as well as the chromatic fidelity, except in situations of good environmental lighting.

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Video quality

Recordable in 4K / 30fps, 1080p / 30fps and 720p / 120fps, we note theassenza videos in format 1080p / 60fps. The color quality rises slightly compared to the photos, but the same cannot be said for the image definition. If stabilization ICE CREAM of Google Pixel is among the most effective currently available, so it is not for Xiaomi Mi MIX.

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Audio quality

Positioned inferiorly, the mono speaker he discreetly does his job, guaranteeing a good volume level and a modest reproduction of the whole frequency range.

As always, the situation improves significantly when listening to headphones, thanks to support Dirac HD Sound and to DAC Aqstic of Qualcomm a 192 kHz / 24-bit, whose technical data includes 115 dB di SNR e -105 dB di THD + N (for more information on the meaning of these nomenclatures take a look at this article).

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Connectivity

Although the microSD slot is missing, the Xiaomi Mi MIX offers a slot dual Nano SIM dual stand-by. The Cat.11 LTE modem offers a good connection speed but he suffers fromabsence of the 20 band, with annexed and possible problems for the 4G network. The dual SIM management is good but not impeccable, given the lack of diversified ringtones and 4G hot switch through quick toggles.

impeccableinstead, the connection Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n /ac Dual Band, with a quick hooking of the nets and a good coverage of the signal. Present and working Bluetooth 4.2 ed NFCwhile they are absent FM radio e IR sensor. Finally, the satellite navigation is guaranteed by GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou sensors, which offer a good signal fix thanks also to the presence of the electronic compass.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Software

On board the Xiaomi Mi MIX we find Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, as always enormously personalized by MIUI Although it does not differ in practically anything from what we have seen so far on the previous Xiaomi models, in this case it offers some useful functions to manage the device.

In addition to the aforementioned 1 hand mode, it's possible hide the dock from the Home Screen and expand even more the contents displayed on the screen, making everything even more "Crisp“, As they would say overseas. We can also eventually replace it with the Quick Ball, a button on the edge of the display that helps (more or less) the use with 1 hand, even if I strongly advise against it: do you remember the fragility of ceramic? Here.

For the rest the features present are the usual and always welcome: Temi, Carousel Wallpaper, Reading mode, double tap to wake, Second Space e Dual Apps.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Autonomy

While not exceeding particularly in thickness, the Xiaomi Mi MIX hides a good battery inside 4400 mAh, and from this point of view it represents almost one record of the category of top of the range, also exceeding the Huawei Mate 9 with its 4000 mAh.

This, combined with the "only" Full HD resolution, allows to obtain definitely satisfying results, bringing us quietly at the end of the day without incurring special sacrifices, guaranteeing approximately 6 hours of active display with a fairly intense use under 4G and Wi-Fi.

Present then the support Quick Charge 3.0, through the appropriate loader from 5 / 9 / 12V and 1.5 / 2 / 2.5A, with which to reach approximately 70% in 30 minutes and 100% in about 2 hours and minutes 25.

xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi MIX - Conclusions

I do not deny that you draw objective conclusions on this Xiaomi Mi MIX it wasn't all that easy. The aesthetic impact is incredible and this alone could be enough to affirm that it is actually the "smartphone of the future".

Reasoning more rationally, however, it is equally clear how this terminal present some fairly marked defects for the price range, ie a insufficient camera, A 'almost non-existent ergonomics and a telephone part not entirely convincing.

But the Xiaomi Mi MIX is beautiful, damn nice, and resisting it is really difficult. But it is also true that it is a product for a few enthusiasts willing to spend figures not within everyone's reach prefer the uniqueness rather than the practicality of use.

We are talking about a pioneering product and in the not too distant future we are almost certain that a variety of companies will replicate what was done by Xiaomi. Time will tell, they would say overseas.

If you were interested, you can buy it on TopResellerStore at a price of 779 € with 24 months warranty and shipping from Italy.