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T95K Pro

In today's review we will try one of many Cheap 4K Android TV Box, in this case characterized by an interesting and nice design. We are talking about T95K Pro, Manufactured by Sunvell and twin brother - for hardware and software - del T95Z Plus, tried a few weeks ago.

T95K Pro

Il T95K Pro is available from GearBest at a price of approx 53 €, with shipping from China.

Packaging and accessories

The sales package is made of black cardboard, on which we find little information about the product and limited to some technical specifications.

Inside we find the TV Box, thepower pack with European outlet, remote control (without batteries), a HDMI cable about a meter and a short user manual in English.


The technical specifications of the T95K Pro they include a processor AmLogic S912, based on eight Cortex-A53 core a 64 bit operating at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. The installed GPU is the Mali-T820MP3 and is able to support the resolution 4K a 60 FPS with codecs H.265 also to 10 bit.

T95K Pro

Present, then, 2 GB of memory RAM DDR3 e 16 GB internal storage eMMC, expandable through microSD. Connectivity is guaranteed by the Wi-Fi Dual Band, a door Gigabit Ethernet e two 2.0 USB ports full-size. An Optical Audio output is not missing (SPDIF) and the Bluetooth 4.0.

T95K Pro

The dimensions of the box, square in shape, are 130 x 130 x 30 mm, while the weight is around 250 grams. Finally, we find a connector for the mini-jack from 3.5 mm AV, a receiver IR, a door HDMI 2.0 and the operating system Android 6.0 marshmallow.

To signal the presence of a small front LCD display that will indicate the time.

Construction and design

La shell of T95K Pro certainly attracts attention, given the vivid colors of the plastics used. The construction is still quite solid in every part, as I have not encountered creaking or bending at any point. Simple design and shape, typical of the many TV Boxes in circulation, the particularity resides definitely in the color.

At the top of the T95K Pro we find the logo Sunvell and four colored rectangles. Like on the brother T95Z Plus miss the tasto Power. On the front profile we find the IR receiver and the backlit LCD display which, unfortunately, does not seem to work in our sample. In the right one, however, we have a door USB 2.0 and the slot for the microSD.

At the back there is the exit HDMI, the audio one, the catch for thesupply, the door RJ45 Ethernet GigaBit and a 2.0 USB port.

T95K Pro

Compact and simplepower pack, which boasts an output from 5V to 2A and which is therefore able to deliver poco more than 10 Watt.

Performance, temperature and consumption

Le performance offers from SoC AmLogic S912 I'm from middle band, also considering the values ​​returned by benchmarking. However, the power Computational of the SoC turned out to be mostly appropriate to guarantee a good one user experience and reactivity of the system.

Il  work it has proven itself almost always ready to use, I say almost because with different apps in the background I noticed some uncertainty and slowdown. Web browsing performance is also good, in line with competitors in this price range. Mediocre the Wi-Fi, which allowed me to carry out the classic streaming test from NAS without problemsAlso the average performance della porta GigaBit Ethernet installed.

Moving to the graphic department, the GPU Mali 820MP3 it performed quite well in the main games, allowing you to play a bit of all the latest titles without any particular sacrifices. I tried Real Racing 3, because I could not install it Asphalt 8 Airborne from the PlayStore. The game, rendered at a full HD resolution a average graphic details, has returned an acceptable frame rate, thus resulting more than playable.
Low, instead, the performance offers from eMMC memory installed, which proved to be far from the best performing models and aligned to the most economical solutions.
T95K Pro
On the thermal front, after running the entire suite of benchmarks the body has reached temperatures between 40 and 45 ° C, widely acceptable values. Finally, consumption is also contained, equal to approx 2 Watt in idle, between the 4 and 5 Watt in activity and next to 7-8 Watt during gaming. Values ​​in the average, therefore.

Multimedia and video playback

As always, also on the T95K Pro we find the main pre-installed multimedia applications, among which Kodi 16.1 Jarvis e Netflix, Besides YouTube and other multimedia clients. The software front is virtually identical to the "different" twin T95Z Plus.

Even the problems, however, are practically the same: some plugins of Kodi they do not work or cause the application to crash, Netflix is limited to the format SD, while YouTube it reaches its maximum at 1080P.

Turning to the classic video playback tests, I found no problem with playback, either in 4K and Full HD, with H.265 and H.264 codecs also a 60 FPS and with high bitrates. No problem with videos a 10-bit while there is no hardware support to those in HDR.

Present theHDMI CEC, a technology that regulates the frame rate output according to media specifications reproduced, followed byHDR and from Real Time Clock functionality (RTC).


THEgraphic interface has been revised and is highly personalized by a launcher proprietario, even if the settings panel resumes the style of Android TV. Obviously, we can change the launcher but already the default one does its job well, making it usable system also with the remote control bundled.

Present, as always, the classic menu of Advanced settings Android, suitable for the most demanding users. There are then different shortcuts most used apps, collected according to the type of application. Not missing the drawer, located on the right.

Also on this device we find Android 6.0 Marshmallow, even if honestly you don't notice too many differences with other devices based on Lollipop.


In conclusion the T95K Pro has positively passed our test, and, like his brother T95Z Plus, strikes for the pleasant colors and for the full support for all tested video samples, except HDR ones.

T95K Pro

Il SoC AmLogic S912 installed loses a little 'performance in single core, for the slightly more content frequency (1.5 GHz vs 2.0 GHz), however, the results recorded in the benchmarks have nevertheless proved more than good, as well as the fluidity and reactivity general, good and more than acceptable for this price range.

Il T95K Pro is available from GearBest at a price of approx 53 € with shipping from China.

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