OPPO could enter the US market later this year


With the aim of increasing shipments abroad of his smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer OPPO seems to be ready to enter the smartphone market in United States downtown the end of this year, according to the latest information from the web.

However, there is still no exact details about when theChinese company will start selling its phones in the US market. Since there are only a couple of weeks left end of December, OPPO could make an official announcement very soon on this initiative.

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OPPO: ready to enter the US smartphone market?

As many of you will surely know, OPPO it is not entirely extraneous to the presence in other markets outside the Asian one. For example, in the United States the Chinese company sells Blu-ray players.

The company managed to ship a total of over 25 millions of smartphones in third quarter of this year, thus becoming the fourth largest phone manufacturer in the world after Samsung, Apple e Huawei.

Another milestone reached by the company is positioning in the first place in the smartphone market among Chinese companies for the Q3 2016, standing in front of Vivo.

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