BlitzWolf BW-F4: the bluetooth speaker you do not expect! The review of

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

BlitzWolf is a young Chinese company that has as its goal, and I quote: "Deliver to our customers the product they need, at the price they expect and with the quality they deserve".

With these premises (anything but modest) we can only remain at least curious from the proposals of his catalog, which he proposes dozens of accessories, for smartphones and not.

Today our magnifying glass rests on the bluetooth speaker of the company: the BlitzWolf BW-F4.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker


Many brands usually adopt a "routine" packaging that we tend to define "elegant and minimal" but BlitzWolf go beyond, making simplicity his leitmotiv and proposing a package in simple rough cardboard with a small logo imprinted on the top and a small tab for opening: that's it!

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

Opening the box we will discover the two internal sections: a discovery containing the speaker and a cover that hides one micro-USB cable for recharging, a AUX cable and two small booklets, a small one User Manual and one with the various company contacts.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker


Il BlitzWolf BW-F4 it is, measuring 200x60x64 mm, a very speaker compact and easy to handle, despite his 638 grams of weight.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

Il design is very simple but not raw, with solid lines and rounded finishes, which give the speaker an appearance "professional".

As for the construction materials, the BW-F4 it is composed in the lower part by one hard rubber that increases it grip, the upper part instead has an outer layer in opaque metal where we also find the Status LED and an internal one hard plastic effect "brushed", Inside which the control panel is mounted.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

On the other hand, on the other hand, the speaker is surrounded by one plastic grid to protect the double speaker and central woofer.

Technical specifications, connectivity and autonomy

The speaker is supplied two drivers from 45 mm/10 W one and one mini-woofer for the control of low frequencies, which guarantee a SPL from 80 dl.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

Connectivity is ensured by the bluetooth CSR 4.0, which has always assured us one connection without disturbances up to 10 meters in open environments (poco less in closed environments separated by walls).blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker

The speaker then has a battery from 4000 mAh which guarantees according to the company up to 10 hours of playback at 70% of the volume.

Our tests have confirmed what we anticipated, in fact, we have never fallen below 8 / 9 hours before having to reload.

The audio

Describing the audio performance of this speaker is very simple: wow!

From the first listening, here in the editorial office, we were pleasantly impressed by the BlitzWolf BW-F4.

Le low frequencies are well controlled, pasty e well defined while the high frequencies are quite crystal clear and they do not distort at all.

The average frequencies are perhaps a bit 'penalized but are still discrete, for one sound general really impressive on every musical genre (maybe a tad less on metal and hard rock, where we lose something in clarity on the high frequencies, but let's talk about details).

Final conclusions

La BlitzWolf It was a word, proposing us a product of excellent workmanship with specifics practically unavailable on products of the same price range.

Il sound it is then the true strength of this speaker, who not only has a excellent volume but it really is nice to hear, guaranteeing us a sound full bodied and enveloping.

Not to be underestimated then 18 mesi di garanzia included.

In short, if you need a bluetooth speaker but you do not want to spend a blunder this is definitely the product for you.

BlitzWolf BW-F4 It is available on the well-known Chinese store Banggood a 47,43 €, to which you can subtract a further one 10% if, during the checkout, you will use the discount coupon 12blitzw.

blitzwolf bw-f4 bluetooth speaker