REVIEW - No.1 F1 | Improved smartband

- SmartWatch produced by the company No.1 they have always stood out for their excellent relationship quality price. Recently the Chinese brand has decided to present its first too smartband No.1 F1. The launch campaign was marked by the publication of some video showing the F1 competing with the Mi Band 2, produced by Xiaomi, highlighting its superiority in some areas. We will not compare the two directly products but the question we ask ourselves is: the F1 will really be able to check it out competition? Let's find out in ours Full review!

No.1 F1 - Sales Package

The smartband will arrive at home in one package of black cardboard, with the logo and the model in silver characters, inside which we find:

  • The No.1 F1;
  • il manual of fast instructions in two languages, Chinese and English;
  • the cable for the recharge, with magnetic pin.

No.1 F1 - Design and Materials

I materials in which the smartband is made are mainly plastic and silicone. The first used to protect the central body while the second to achieve the strap.


Once worn, one has the feeling of owning a product light and comfortable in everyday use. The dimensions, compared to those of the 2 Mi Band, are more generous, settling on 42.5 mm x 21 mm x 10.5 mm, for a weight of 30 grams.


Il strap silicone has a softness average, with the merit of having such a number of holes to satisfy any wrist.


Il front glassslightly curved, protects a small display oled da 0.91 inches. The brightness it is excellent indoors while it yields some points in outdoor environments, under direct sunlight, while remaining anyway appropriate.


Later we find connectors pine for charging and sensor heart rate. Frontally, this No.1 F1 presents a physical button, useful forpower on and shutdown of the device, as well as for waking up the screen.

This also awakens thanks to 2 points of control, places on the sides of the screen, which mainly allow you to scroll through the 4 information screens present in the system.

No.1 F1 - Operation

The smartband is based on the platform German Dialog DA14580. You interface with your smartphone using the Bluetooth 4.0 which allows, among other things, the reception of notifications of any kind: SMS, WhatsApp, mail, calls, etc.


On our smartphone you will need to download, from Play Store, the recommended application in the instruction manual, available through QR code.

On the screen OLED we will be able to constantly monitor, in addition to Now, date, day of the week, battery levelBluetooth connection status and also the pedometer, the kilometres paths and the beat cardiac.

Il pedometer it proved to be quite accurate during the walking sessions, with a very slight overestimation. The kilometers traveled could be reported more precisely by activating the GPS on the smartphone and monitoring the map through the application of the smartband but, unfortunately, this operation does not seem to work in ours paese.

The sensor of the heartbeat è dynamic and it should monitor continuously, even if that doesn't always work. About the precision, we can not give full enough to this sensor, as two consecutive measurements can also differ a lot.


Lastly, we must report that the application allows you to record some give which enrich the user experience, such as the sleep monitoring which, incidentally, appears rather plausible.

There is also one inside the settings function that will allow you to shoot remotely Photos with our smartphone, simply by rotating the wrist.

No.1 F1 - Bluetooth and Waterproofing

The connection Bluetooth it is excellent, with reception of the notifications timely e coverage enough. With only one smartphone I initially had connectivity problems, which was a lot unstable, but it turned out to be a telephone problem and, to solve it, it was enough to block the application in the multitasking to solve the problem.


As for theimpermeability, the product is certified IP68, which certifies the possibility of submerging it to a depth equal to 50 meters. I could not test it in an extreme way but I can assure you that you will have no problem wearing it during a normal shower.

No.1 F1 - Autonomy

The battery is a unit from 230 mAh, which left me very satisfied. Unfortunately I can not give precise data on what the real is autonomy of this smartband. Keeping it always on and connected away Bluetooth to the smartphone for one settimana, has not yet downloaded and the 4 notches that appear on the OLED are all still present. I therefore rely on what is certified by the company, that is a use of 100 days in standby.

No.1 F1 - Conclusions

Le colors of the strap in which it is sold are three: black, blue and orange. The smartband can be purchased on GearBest a 21,30 €. I do not think I can still compete with a product like the Mi Band 2, with whom it was often compared, which remains clearly top. The design it is not captivating, the construction general is excellent and just enough sensoristics.

What in my opinion makes the difference in this range of products is theapplication with which we interface day after day. Indeed, it is essential that this be more complete possible while in this case it leaves enough to be desired, both in the graphics that in the offered features.

REVIEW - No.1 F1 | Improved smartband