That the action cam market is constantly expanding is an objective fact, looking at the proposals on the various online shops, able to meet all budgets. Personally, then, I asked myself the question: if it was worth buying an action cam and, eventually, what an investment to make.

Precisely for this reason, I felt that a valid alternative could be to move towards a well-equipped low cost product, to begin to become familiar with the vehicle and to understand whether to move towards high-end models later on.

Today we analyze more specifically theAndoer 4K Sports that, besides being able to boast of the registration in 4K a 30 fps, offers a truly complete range of accessories. However, if you are among those who want to approach the world of action cams, you have no choice but to follow us in our full review!

The action cam Andoer 4K Sports is available a 48.87 € su Camfere with shipping from Europe, further removable of 6% with the coupon HOTCAM6.

Andoer 4k Sports

Sales package and accessories

The packaging ofAndoer 4K Sports it is very similar to the boxes already seen on other action cameras. Present a transparent plastic in the upper part, from which it is possible to see the cam, already inserted inside the waterproof houses.

Andoer 4k Sports

On the back of the package are all the technical specifications of the device, while inside, in addition to the action cam inserted in the waterproof case, there are all the accessories and various attacks, including two brackets and double sided to connect the action cam to a helmet, a second counter for the waterproof houses equipped with two holes to not choke the sound, a little User Manual, a USB-Micro USB cable and many other standard connectors.

Andoer 4k Sports

A complete equipment therefore, which will allow you to start taking advantage of the action cam right away, given the large number of essential accessories (such as, for example, the waterproof case).


THEAndoer 4K Sports uses a processor Allwinner V3, unlike other companies that rely on Ambarella and Novatek solutions.

THEAllwinner V3 it is based on a processor ARM Cortex-A7 and allows theAndoer 4K Sports to record at a maximum resolution of 3840 2160 pixels x (4K) to 30 FPS, 2688 1520 pixels x (2.7K) to 30 FPSin  Full HD to 60 FPS and HD a 1280 720 pixels x to a maximum of 90 FPS (Slow Motion).

The sensor installed is the Sony IMX179 which allows you to take pictures at a resolution of 2, 5, 8, 12 16 mega-pixels.

The dimensions of the product are really limited, as it is a measure 5.7 x 3.9 x 2.7 cm for a total weight, battery from 900 mAh Removable included, of only 58 grams.

Present, then, a 2 inch TFT LCD display diagonal with a resolution of 320 240 pixels x, able to allow you to view the frame and adjust the various settings.

Also present the Wi-Fi to 2.4GHz, useful for interacting with the cam from your smartphone via the appropriate App, while the installed lens has a field of view of 170°, consequently there is the"fish eye" effect.

Design and construction

The design is similar to that of many action cameras in this segment and this suggests the possibility that you are facing a rebrand. On the front we find the lens and the wide-angle lens, accompanied by the button for switching on the camera itself and for selecting the operating mode. Below the lens there is also a white LED, to aid in shooting in low light conditions. There is also the manufacturer's logo and initials 4K Ultra HD.

Andoer 4k Sports

At the bottom we find the removable battery door from 900 mAh, while the typical thread from ¼ of an inch, present on many other cameras and cameras.

Andoer 4k Sports

In the upper part, however, we have the OK button, for an Red activation LED, while in the back we find the 2-inch display with resolution of 320 240 pixels x flanked, left, from two LEDs, one of color Blue and one Red.

Finally, on the left profile we find the slot for the Micro SD, the door micro USB, That Mini HDMI and the system microphone, while on the right one are the two interaction keys and for the activation of the Wi-Fi, in addition to the system speaker.

The waterproof case is well made and has an excellent locking system, which makes accidental opening practically impossible, as it is equipped with a safety release. This is able to guarantee water resistance up to a maximum depth of 30 meters and, thanks to the special drilled alternative door, it can also be used outside the water to ensure greater protection of the cam without sacrificing the sound.

The construction turns out to be very solid and well done, thanks to the goodness of the plastics used to make the body and the waterproof case.


The software interface, really made with care and complete (also available in Italian language), it is easy to use even for those who are new to this type of device. Through the various buttons, installed on the action-cam, it will be possible to select the different operating modes and options relating to the resolution of the videos and images, as well as activating the Wi-Fi and to set all manual settings.

It is also possible to correct theexposure and white balance, both in photos and videos, a good thing that will allow you to improve the final rendering of shots and shots.

About the smartphone app, both on Android that of iOS, you can rely on XDV, recommended in the instruction manual, or in the owner's manual Andoer that I found and installed without any problem directly from the Play Store Google.

The App has no special features, except changing the settings of the action cam (including video resolution and image resolution), as well as some items always related to the photo mode. In addition, you can also view and download photos and videos on the Micro SD inserted in the room, a very convenient function that will allow you to share your shots on the fly with friends.

Also excellent live of the frame on the smartphone that seems to work very well and with gods good latency times, although sometimes there is a short lag of the image, but overall the preview function has proved well done.

Audio and video quality

The quality of the recorded videos is quite good, especially with good lighting, the colors are much more saturated than reality, even if on average there is a predominance of cold tones. Good definition of videos, both in Full HD in that 2K, While in 4K I noticed a lower sharpness.

Recording videos in 4K reaches i 30 fps, better value than other cheap action cameras; despite this they result poco usable for shooting on the move due to the absence of stabilization. It is also possible to register a 2.7K, or a 2688 1520 pixels x, 30 fps. Quite good the fluidity of the videos a 60 FPS, videos in HD to 90 fps, ideal to achieve slow-motion, even if there is a noticeable loss of image quality.

As already mentioned for other economic Chinese action cams, the video stabilization it's enough poor, given the absence of an optical stabilizer. Therefore, even the smallest movements are perceived abruptly, resulting in a deterioration of the final video quality.

The audio is poor, which appears to be in the average of the products in this category, which in any case often in this type of product is not to be considered fundamental. Precisely for this reason in the video review, shot with this action camera, I recorded the audio with an external source.

Try recording video

Here are some videos made in various ways.

YouTube player

YouTube player

Photographic quality

The sensor supplied is, as already said, the Sony IMX179, thanks to which it will be possible to take pictures at a resolution of 2, 5, 8, 12 16 mega-pixels. This sensor is the same as in the SJCAM 8000 and, going to comb through the specifications on the official website of Sony, we find that in reality the maximum real resolution is of 8 mega-pixels.

The quality of the shots turns out to be more than good, obviously going to enlarge the images realized is evident the loss of detail and quality; all this confirms that the declared resolution of 16 mega-pixels is achieved through software interpolation, as already seen on many other action cams.

Being the wide-angle lens installed, you will hardly miss framing, since the field of view is quite wide, a bit like it happens with all action cameras. Consequently, the effect "fish eye”, Especially when framing nearby objects, even if the curvature is not as pronounced as on other products. Unfortunately, the option to disable this optical deformation is missing and, moreover, the type of lens installed does not allow you to take macro or very close photos, which will often be blurry and poco defined.

The color rendering is quite faithful to reality, despite a very accentuated color saturation. The shots obtained are able to return a good quality in daytime and in well-lit contexts, while in low light the digital noise greatly degrades the final result of the photos and videos.

The interpolation of the image causes that, increasing the resolution of the shot, there is no increase in the graphic detail, since the sensor has a resolution of the array of 3264 x 2448 pixels, For a total of 8 million pixels, or 8 mega-pixels.


Continuously recording at the highest resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) to 30 FPS I managed to get to almost 1 now and 30 minutes of recording while recording in Full HD 60 FPS autonomy drops by a few minutes, all with Wi-Fi turned off. Activating the Wi-Fi the autonomy drops to poco less than an hour e 10 minutes.

The autonomy ofAndoer 4K Sports it is on the average of the action cams in this price range. Surely the removable battery is a strong point, considering that if you need it you can buy a secondary battery.


In fact, theAndoer 4K Sports it is a device from which miracles can not be expected. Despite this we are faced with an interesting product, especially for those who want to approach the world of action cams and do not want to spend a fortune. Leaving the registration in 4K e 2.7K, which is more a marketing device considering the low quality of the shoot, the format Full HD a 60 fps it is well usable and quite clear.

Of note, as previously mentioned, the possibility of video recording in SlowMotion in HD to 90 FPS and the remote control application, which is able to guarantee a preview in real time, with almost no delay. In addition to the purely technical aspect, we must take into account the very complete range of accessories that will allow you to use the room in any condition.

Overall, if you've never tried an action cam and want to get closer to this type of device, theAndoer 4K Sports it can be for you. Low price, excellent accessories and quality of registration in Full HD 60 fps usable without problems are the three strong points of this Andoer 4K Sports, available to 48.87 € su Camfere with shipping from Europe, further removable of 6% with the coupon HOTCAM6.

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