Xiaomi presents a modular and motorized toy robot, in Lego style

Xiaomi modular toy robot

This morning Xiaomi presented a new one modular robot. This curious toy is made up of 978 parts, can be controlled remotely from the smartphone and built on the basis of designs made on the smartphone.

Xiaomi modular toy robot

Xiaomi presents a Lego-style robot

The robot shows up, disassembled of course, in a nice compact pack from 38 x 32 x 9 centimeters, which includes i 978 pieces. Among the various components are found engines, of the chains, an transmission shaft and so much more. All the pieces are however produced with eco-sustainable materials and made with an error of 0,005 millimeters, which makes us understand how much the Chinese manufacturer has kept us at constructive quality.

It is possible to control the modular robot from several meters away thanks to asmartphone app. This integrates a joystick, the gyroscope and three different modes of remote control, for beginners and experts.

Xiaomi has created an interesting graphic programming software, which allows the robot to dance, bring food and also other actions.


Thanks to a pendulum internal, which serves to balance the weights, the Xiaomi robot manages to maintain one erect posture in a very natural way and can also bring loads from 3 kilograms walking.

The robot integrates the two small brushless motors, ie at whose rotor windings no current is sent, and therefore there is no need to introduce sliding electrical contacts. These scooters have a maximum speed of 133 turns per minute and a rotational pair of 24 N / cm. In this way it is possible to control the speed and direction of the robot.


Xiaomi's new toy robot presented

When the robot is not used it automatically goes into standby mode, protecting the engines and saving energy. In fact, a battery is mounted from 1700 mAh, which does not allow a very long use of the robot, even if it is arranged for the quick charging.

The official sale of the Xiaomi robot will start the11 November, at a price of 499 yuan, about 66 € at the current exchange rate.

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